Classic but Uncommon Girl Names with Lasting Charm

Rich in historical references, these classic baby names for girls remain a hidden gem that awaits to be found by curious parents. Maybe you never heard of them before, but you can’t let this opportunity go away without giving them a chance. We guarantee that you will find our unique choices of classic baby names elegant with a touch of vintage cool. You might think that classic refers only to old-fashioned, but if you go through our list, you will be amazed by the fresh air these classic baby names bring.Hello! My Name is Amoret.

The Best Uncommon Classic Baby Names for Girls

  • Amoret: We picked Amoret as one of the classic baby names you should consider. It has a lovely sound and a romantic aura. Thanks to Edmund Spenser’s victorian era novel The Faerie Queene, the name is truly classic. You will be surprised by this influential poem as Spenser glorifies the Virgin Queen and shows his commitment to Elizabeth I. Spenser introduces Amoret as a child of a character who represents the virtue of married love.
  • Circe: the mythical daughter of mighty God Helios, was a renounced sorceress that Homer introduced in his epic Odyssey. The Greeks believed that she lived by herself on Aeaea’s mysterious island. Circe had the magic ability to turn men into swine. Tell me where I can find a magic wand that does that, and I’ll pay you a fortune! Back to reality, your beautiful baby girl will not transform all boys around her into animals as Circe did to Odysseus. Still, she will be able to turn heads and get all the attention she needs, thanks to her unusual name. The actual meaning of Circe is a bird, which makes sense as she is the offspring of Helios which means sun.
  • Corin: you will find dozens of classic baby names of Latin origin but not as unique as Corin. The meaning of this fierce name is a spear, which symbolizes confidence and power. Parents looking for alternative choices for Colin can look at this unusual name just like Shakespeare did in one in the pastoral comedy As You Like It. Corin was an elderly shepherd back then, but British actor Corin Redgrave became a political activist involved in the Gaza Strip drama more recently.

Hello! My Name is Elaine.

  • Keturah: most people heard of Sarah as the wife of Abraham in Sunday school, but few know that Keturah was actually his second wife. The patriarch of the Israelites married Keturah after Sarah died, and she gave him six more sons. Some historians believe that Keturah’s real name was Hagar. She later changed it to symbolize her grief during exile. The meaning of Keturah is incense, so it can be used as a fresh alternative that brings a tantalizing aroma to her surroundings.
  • Phyllida: a simple twist can transform classic baby names for girls into unique choices. The meaning of Phyllida is green bough, and it derives from the Greek name Phyllis. Why is it classic? Phyllida was a darling for 16th-century poets, and that’s because it’s such a melodic option. A highly artistic choice perfect for theatre-loving parents!
  • Susannah: last but not least, you will find a Hebrew girl name that takes the lead from tired choices like Suzanne. Meet the fashionable alternative of the most stylish classic baby names of them all, Susannah! The meaning of this amazing girl’s name is lily, but her roots can be found in much more things than the garden. Apart from being a beautiful flower, Susannah is operatic and melodic to the core. There is even an opera under the name Susannah by American composer Floyd. It tells the apocryphal story of Susannah and the Elders, and it is known for its irresistible, flowing rhythm. As Susie and Susan retire, Susannah is getting trendy, and it’s ready for a huge jump. Unfortunately, it’s currently off the radar, so hurry up and get in front of the trends by picking one of the most adorable cute girl names ever!

Hello! My Name is Adalia.

100 Classic but Uncommon Baby Girl Names


AlessiaMeaning: “Help, aid; man’s defender.” (Greek origin).
JudithMeaning: “From Judea; Jewish.” (Hebrew origin).
ArelyMeaning: “Golden.” (Latin origin).
FernleyMeaning: “Fern meadow.” (English origin).
AdaliaMeaning: “God is my refuge; noble one.” (Hebrew origin).
WendyMeaning: “Friend.” (English origin).
AdaleeMeaning: “God is my refuge; noble one.” (Hebrew origin).
GuinevereMeaning: “Fair one; white, smooth, soft.” (Welsh origin).
DamarisMeaning: “Calf; to tame; gentle.” (Latin origin).
LilithMeaning: “Belonging to the night.” (Ancient origin).
AmelieMeaning: “Industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager.” (Latin origin).
AninaMeaning: “Answer my prayer.” (Aramaic origin).
EsperanzaMeaning: “Hope.” (Spanish origin).
ShilohMeaning: “His gift.” (Hebrew origin).
RubinaMeaning: “See, a son; the red gemstone.” (Hebrew origin).
AriellaMeaning: “Lion of God.” (Hebrew origin).
QuincyMeaning: “Counsel; estate of the fifth son.” (Irish origin).
BonnieMeaning: “Fine, attractive, pretty.” (Scottish origin).
PalmerMeaning: “Palm tree.” (Latin origin).
ElaineMeaning: “Sunray, shining light.” (Greek origin).
YaraMeaning: “Water lady; small butterfly.” (Arabic origin).
ZunaMeaning: “To be sweet.” (African origin).
OakleyMeaning: “From the oak tree field.” (English origin).
RoxanaMeaning: “Dawn.” (Persian origin).
ZuriMeaning: “Beautiful.” (African origin).
PiaMeaning: “Pious, reverent.” (Latin origin).
UnaMeaning: “One.” (Latin origin).
CataleyaMeaning: “Orchid.” (Spanish origin).
BrennaMeaning: “Little drop of water; raven or black-haired.” (Gaelic origin).
XaviaMeaning: “Bright, splendid; new house.” (Spanish origin).
ZaniyahMeaning: “Forever, Always.” (Aztec (Nahuatl) origin).
HaisleyMeaning: “Hazel woods.” (Irish origin).
BeatriceMeaning: “Voyager (through life); blessed.” (Latin origin).
SandraMeaning: “A short form of Alexandra, which see..” (Italian origin).
VeronicaMeaning: “True image.” (Latin origin).
KylaMeaning: “Narrow strait.” (English origin).
KarinaMeaning: “Love.” (Scandinavian origin).
EstelleMeaning: “Star.” (Latin origin).
WaverlyMeaning: “Meadow of quivering aspens.” (English origin).
AmityMeaning: “Friendship, harmony.” (Latin origin).
MaisieMeaning: “”A little pearl.” A diminutive form of Margaret.” (Scottish origin).
CoralineMeaning: “A variant form of Coral.” (Latin origin).
EzraMeaning: “Help.” (Hebrew origin).
MercyMeaning: “Compassion, forbearance.” (English origin).
CaraMeaning: “Beloved; friend.” (Latin origin).
YunaMeaning: “Kindness.” (Japanese origin).
AmariMeaning: “Unknown.” (American origin).
MalloryMeaning: “Unlucky.” (French origin).


JetteMeaning: “Home ruler.” (Dutch origin).
HelenaMeaning: “Sunray, shining light.” (Greek origin).
FergieMeaning: “Strength of Man.” (English origin).
KennaMeaning: “Greatest champion.” (Welsh origin).
BelindaMeaning: “”The beautiful river,” from the Latin Bella (beautiful) and Indus (a river in Asia).” (German origin).
SkylaMeaning: “Fugitive.” (English origin).
AmaliaMeaning: “Industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager.” (Latin origin).
ViennaMeaning: “Forest stream.” (Latin origin).
MaeveMeaning: “Intoxicating.” (Irish origin).
OpalMeaning: “Gem, jewel.” (Indian (Sanskrit) origin).
LeiaMeaning: “Weary one.” (Hebrew origin).
CelineMeaning: “Heaven.” (Latin origin).
AlmaMeaning: “Nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned.” (Modern origin).
SalmaMeaning: “Peace; helmet of God; safe.” (Hebrew origin).
BriarMeaning: “Thorny bush of wild roses, brambles.” (English origin).
KimberMeaning: “Cyneburg’s field.” (English origin).
IvoryMeaning: “Creamy-white color; hard tusk used for carving fine art, jewelry.” (Latin origin).
NalaMeaning: “Successful.” (African origin).
AmayaMeaning: “Night rain or the end.” (Japanese, Spanish origin).
EnsleyMeaning: “Solitary clearing.” (Scottish origin).
LeslieMeaning: “Holly garden.” (Scottish origin).
ReignMeaning: “Rule, Sovereign.” (English origin).
ArdenMeaning: “Great forest.” (Latin origin).
TaliaMeaning: “Heaven’s dew.” (Hebrew origin).
ZolaMeaning: “Lump of earth.” (Italian origin).
EdithMeaning: “Strife for wealth.” (English origin).
MaxineMeaning: “Greatest.” (Latin origin).
VioletaMeaning: “Purple.” (Latin origin).
CamelliaMeaning: “Helper to the priest.” (Latin origin).
MavisMeaning: “Song thrush.” (French origin).
DavinaMeaning: “Beloved.” (Scottish origin).
AloraMeaning: “My Dream.” (African origin).
SaoirseMeaning: “Freedom.” (Irish origin).
MariellaMeaning: “Star of the sea.” (Latin origin).
LouiseMeaning: “Famous warrior.” (German origin).
AdaMeaning: “Noble one.” (German origin).
BerkleyMeaning: “Birch tree meadow.” (Scottish origin).
NerissaMeaning: “Black-haired.” (Italian origin).
BlakeleyMeaning: “Black, dark; pale.” (English origin).
SelahMeaning: “Rock.” (Hebrew origin).
QueenMeaning: “Queen.” (English origin).
PerlaMeaning: “Pearl.” (Latin origin).
AinsleyMeaning: “Solitary clearing.” (Scottish origin).
YelenaMeaning: “Sunray, shining light.” (Russian origin).
KensleyMeaning: “Created Name.” (American origin).
EvangelineMeaning: “Good news.” (English origin).
CynthiaMeaning: “From Mount Kynthos.” (Greek origin).
BexleyMeaning: “Woodland clearing.” (English origin).
NoemiMeaning: “Pleasant.” (Hebrew origin).
SuttonMeaning: “From the south town.” (English origin).


AzariahMeaning: “Helped by God.” (Hebrew origin).
NinaMeaning: “Little girl.” (Spanish origin).
LuciaMeaning: “Of the light.” (Italian origin).
KeeleyMeaning: “Slender, pretty.” (Gaelic origin).
TeresaMeaning: “Late summer.” (Greek origin).
HallieMeaning: “A variant spelling of Hally..” (Scandinavian origin).
ClaudiaMeaning: “Lame.” (Latin origin).
PromiseMeaning: “One’s word.” (English origin).
IsabeauMeaning: “God’s promise.” (Hebrew origin).
MeadowMeaning: “Clearing.” (English origin).
CarysMeaning: “Love.” (Welsh origin).
KehlaniMeaning: “Sea heavens.” (Polynesian origin).
HollandMeaning: “Land on the Ridge.” (American origin).
ChiaraMeaning: “Bright, famous.” (Latin origin).
TinsleyMeaning: “Tynni’s hill.” (English origin).
RheaMeaning: “Flowing.” (Greek origin).
VivianaMeaning: “Alive.” (Italian origin).
EvieMeaning: “Life.” (English origin).
JewelMeaning: “Plaything, delight.” (French origin).
BellamyMeaning: “Beautiful friend.” (French origin).
CleoMeaning: “”The celebrated one,” from the Greek kleo, make known or famous.” (Greek origin).
DreamMeaning: “Unconscious vision or thought.” (English origin).
CordeliaMeaning: “Heart.” (Latin origin).
XanthiaMeaning: “Yellow, blonde.” (Greek origin).
RamonaMeaning: “Protecting hands.” (Spanish origin).
AspenMeaning: “Aspen tree.” (English origin).
AmiraMeaning: “Ruling princess.” (Arabic origin).
CalliopeMeaning: “Beautiful voice.” (Greek origin).
MarissaMeaning: “Of the sea.” (Latin origin).
NalaniMeaning: “Serenity of the skies.” (Polynesian origin).
GalileeMeaning: “Country of Gentiles.” (English origin).
AdelinaMeaning: “Noble kind; small winged one.” (Latin origin).
KamilahMeaning: “Perfect.” (Arabic origin).
ValoraMeaning: “Brave, courageous.” (Latin origin).
LibertyMeaning: “Freedom.” (English origin).
FelicityMeaning: “Happiness.” (Latin origin).
LuellaMeaning: “A variant form of Louella..” (English origin).
ClementineMeaning: “Merciful.” (Latin origin).
DahliaMeaning: “Dahlia flower.” (Scandinavian origin).
UnityMeaning: “Oneness.” (English origin).
CherryMeaning: “Cherry fruit.” (Modern origin).
PearlMeaning: “Pearl.” (Latin origin).
MarianaMeaning: “Of the sea.” (Spanish origin).
CelesteMeaning: “Heavenly.” (Latin origin).
VedaMeaning: “Knowledge, wisdom.” (Indian (Sanskrit) origin).
MiraMeaning: “Wonderful; peace; prosperous.” (Spanish origin).
EmberlyMeaning: “Created name.” (American origin).
OlennaMeaning: “Torch.” (Slavic origin).
SelyseMeaning: “Created name.” (American origin).
HarlowMeaning: “Rock Hill.” (English origin).
AlexiaMeaning: “Man’s defender; defender, protector.” (Greek origin).
AdelaideMeaning: “Noble one.” (German origin).
HavenMeaning: “Safe place.” (English origin).
SylviaMeaning: “Woods, forest.” (Latin origin).
PalomaMeaning: “Dove.” (Latin origin).
OlympiaMeaning: “From Mount Olympus.” (Greek origin).
LennonMeaning: “Dear one.” (Irish origin).
GiselleMeaning: “Pledge.” (French origin).
NayeliMeaning: “I love you.” (Native American origin).
LeightonMeaning: “From the town by the Meadow.” (English origin).
AzaleaMeaning: “Dry.” (Greek origin).


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