30 Great Athletic Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Sports Make Humans Better Persons

We all know that, and that’s why we try to keep a healthy lifestyle with a lot of exercise in our daily routine. Running, playing basketball, or tennis are great outdoor activities that any parent should teach their kids how to play. In addition, it’s a fantastic opportunity to come together as a family and build stronger relationships through sports. Some parents aspire for their babies to become professional athletes in the future. So what kind of name would they choose in this case? Here you will find 30 great baby names for athletes, inspired by top athletes worldwide who set new records and became famous for their hard work and outstanding results, each one in their own field. No matter which sport your baby will excel in, these athletic baby names will give them the pole position for a supercharged start and increase the probability of finishing first!Athletic Baby Names

30 Athletic Baby Names

  • Althea: means healer in Greek and is known after Althea Gibson, the professional tennis player who broke the color barrier in the sport. She was the first African American tennis player to win almost every tournament, including Wimbledon and US Open in the 50′s.
  • Arnold: famous golf player Arnold Palmer.
  • Babe: the legendary baseball player Baby Ruth also known as “the Sultan of Swat” or the “Bambino,” had a track record of 22 seasons in Major League Baseball on 3 different teams.
  • Ben: considered one of thr greatest golf players of all time, Ben Hogan (born 1912) helped the game with his revolutionary swing technique and excellent ball striking skills.
  • Billie Jean: top tennis player Billie Jean King with dozens of titles in his career.
  • Bo: even though we all know Bo Jackson as the only athlete named All-star in two American major sports, football and baseball, his real given name was Vincent.
  • Boris: famous German tennis player Boris Becker triumphed six times in the Grand slam and won a medal in the Olympics. He was also the youngest professional tennis player to ever win Wimbledon at the age of 17!
  • Carl: a champion of champions, Carl Lewis was the man with a habit of breaking world records in the track and field Olympics. He has now turned to acting and has played in many Hollywood movies since he retired from his sports career.
  • Cy: the well-known Major League Baseball pitcher Cy Youngs who is the man that continues to hold the unbeatable records, for most complete games (749), for most career games started (815), and for most career innings pitched (7,355).
  • Evander: let’s move on to boxing and meet Evander Holyfield, also known as “The Real Deal,” after being awarded the Undisputed World Champion in both heavyweight and the cruiserweight divisions.
  • Fatima: perhaps javelin throwing is not one of the most popular Olympic sports; however, British athlete Fatima Whitebread made her name as a multiple gold medal earner. Her heartbreaking story of never stopping fighting for her dreams saw the spotlight when Fatima told the press she was abandoned at three months and raped at the early age of 12.
  • Frankie: horse riding is considered a royal (and very expensive, if I may add) sport, and Italian athlete and celebrity Frankie Dettori was one hell of a rider! As a true businessman, he opened Frankie’s Bar and Grill in London’s upmarket Putney district, a top-notch Italian restaurant that bears his name
  • Gabriel: one of the best soccer players in the world, Gabriel Batistuta, got his nickname El Ángel Gabriel, which means Angel Gabriel in Spanish, after saving his team like an angel at the last minute of the game; so many times! His other nickname Batigol is linked with his sheer ability to score goals.

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  • Greg: diminutive form of Gregoris, the Greek American diver Greg Louganis who won two Olympic medals in the platform and springboard. According to his official website, Greg is now an actor as well as a Dog Trainer; what a peculiar turn of a career!
  • Hank: the American baseball player Hank Aaron (his last name is Hebrew and is also used as a first name) was nicknamed the Hammer; you can guess why!
  • Jesse: do you remember Doctor J? Yep, that’s him, Julius Erving,  the NBA star who brought in a new style of play that emphasized playing above the rim.
  • Kareem: another NBA star, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose signature reverse style and custom-made goggles made him famous as a LA Lakers player.
  • Lance: Are you a fan of cycling? You might want to consider Lance as one of the most representative baby names for athletes after Lance Armstrong, the professional road racing cyclist who had won the Tour De France seven times in a row
  • Larry: back to the NBA, and this time to Boston Celtics, Larry Bird was another top athlete. This baby name will bring memories of his amazing long shots.
  • Magic: He brought a real sense of magic to the NBA and was the central player of the first Dream Team, Magic Johnson, a great man who has won the fight against cancer and is a living example of never giving up.
  • Martina: if you are looking for an Eastern-European baby name, combined with an athletic background, Martina might be the one for you, after Martina Navratilova, who was a Chezh-American tennis player.
  • Muhammad: he changed his name from  Cassius Marcellus Clay to Muhammad after becoming a Muslim; Ali was the greatest boxer of all times and is considered more than just an athlete, an activist, and a social icon for fighting against power.
  • Paula: back to track and field sports, Paula Radcliffe is one of the best marathon runners that Great Britain has ever seen
  • Rio: the soccer player who plays for Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand has a Brazilian-like given name and a German-style surname; however, he is British!
  • Serena: the No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, Serena Williams net worth $20.5 according to Forbes and is among the world’s highest-paid athletes. Wouldn’t you like to see your daughter grow up to be like Serena?
  • Sugar Ray: if there was a guy who could dispute Muhammad Ali’s supremacy, that would be Sugar Ray Robinson. This tough and strong boxer created the “pound for pound.”
  • Tiger: ranked no.1 in gold; Tiger Woods is a true tiger and a symbol of a can-do attitude.
  • Venus: It might bring “beauty” in your mind, but it is actually one of the greatest baby names for athletes after Venus Williams, ranked no.1 in professional tennis.
  • Wilma: after Wilma Rudoplh
  • Wilt: after Wilt Chamberlain

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