Baby Names With Highest Earning Potential

The online job matching site The Ladders found out that the shorter the name, the higher the salary. This came out as a result of analyzing 6 million profiles registered on their career website to help them conclude which names can boost your salary and give better possibilities for someone to climb the career ladder. The finding was revealing. Read on to find out how to add 1 million dollars into your bank account by implementing one simple name trick.Baby Names With Highest Earning Potential

  • Bob, Lawrence, Bill, Marc, andMartin were the top 5 male baby names that reached the Executive level in the US.
  • Christine, Denise, Cindy, Shannon, andSarah topped the chart of the female baby names that got board positions or even reached CEO status.


The top 5 of the highest-earner names, Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne, received a lavish salary. Do you spot a trend here? Tom, Rob, and Bob are short names. The shorter the name, the higher the salary! Believe it or not, evidence shows that names longer than 5 characters miss around $3,600 in salary annually. Yep, you read it, per letter! Already started thinking of short names? If you factor that the usual person works around 40 years before they retire, that’s almost $150,000 per letter. Go on and do the math, poor Maximilian! At least you can find a diminutive form and use Max instead, boosting your salary by more than $1,000,000!

The research confirms this trick to be absolutely true. For example, findings show that Steve earns more money than Stephen, Chris usually has a better-paid job than Christopher, and so on. Unfortunately, if you are a woman, even if you implement this simple technique, it won’t help you match the salary of your male colleagues. The salary gap reaches 22% in all data tables. A shameful finding that we wish one day will change as fair and equal compensation must finally take place in the workplace. So, no matter what you might think, it seems that the first name makes a difference in your pay grade and is now based on hard data!

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