Truly Exotic Baby Girl Names

Exotic baby names combine tropical sounds with a tribal touch. Ethnic origins influence their strong natural style. Dive in an ocean of adventure with these exotic girl names! Their origin is from distant places, remote islands, and far away destinations.Hello! My Name Is Yara.

Explore the Wonders of Exotic Girl Names

You always wanted to take a year off and visit the heavenly view of a crystal clear beach. Why don’t you welcome the peace and tranquility of exotic baby names giving your baby girl the same concepts as a precious gift? She will be remembered as the cute girl with a unique name that meant something very cool and comes from an insanely beautiful place. Exotic baby names will travel you on a mind-blowing trip to places far from touristic. Their origin is hidden in the desert or remote islands that only the brave have managed to visit. Exotic baby names take a step further in searching for unique names that have nothing in common with the usual choices back home. We couldn’t settle with the likes of Aloha and other overused exotic baby names. We wanted something more. Deep inside, we knew that such rich cultural background cannot be limited to only a handful of names we keep hearing again and again in the US. So our team of baby name experts took some time off to think out of the box and present a rare collection of the crème de la crème of exotic baby names for girls.Hello! My Name Is Bastina.

The Best Exotic Baby Names for Girls with Meanings

  • Bastina: A rare exotic name with dual meanings. In Egypt, Bast or Bastet was the goddess of fertility and sun, pictured with a cat’s head. In France, Bastina is the feminine version of the name Sebastian, meaning “revered.”
  • Keona: if you are looking for a religious yet not necessarily Biblical girl name, Keona might be the answer to your prayers. The meaning of this rare name is God’s Gracious Gift, and its origin is from Polynesia. Exotic baby names associated with divine nature are common since the harsh conditions in which survival was the top priority lead people to build a closer relationship with God to find shelter and ask for protection. Keona is a sweet yet confident name that can bring prosperity to your baby girl.
  • Leilani: is a musical name from Hawaii and has a divine and natural meaning. Leilani stands for heavenly flower, and it belongs to the exotic baby names that appeal to eco-conscious parents close to mother Earth. It brings memories of tranquil island escapes and the most memorable holidays ever.
  • Maha: some parents think exotic baby names are too complicated or hard to pronounce. Maha is the living proof that’s not necessarily true. A no-nonsense girl name that haunts you from the first contact. The meaning of Maha is beautiful, and its origin is Arabic. The enigmatic sound of Maha can get you on a magical trip with a flying carpet. Are you prepared to take a leap of faith?
  • Nalani: another peaceful and lovely girl’s name that has its roots in the beautiful island of Hawaii. The meaning of Nalani is calm heavens. In fact, “-lani,” which means sky, is famous as an ending for exotic baby names, particularly with female ones. It has an immediate smoothing effect on everyone. Your daughter will win everyone’s attention when she introduces herself with such a unique baby name.
  • Quon: let’s take a quick trip to the far East and meet an illuminative Chinese girl name that means bright. Popular in China but rarely heard in Western countries, Quon has the potential to be a star in baby name charts. Short, rare, and unique, it combines all the success factors of a brilliant baby name that comes from far away.
  • Lyra: One of the more popular exotic baby girl names from the constellation Lyra, derived from the Greek for “lyre of Orpheus,” the God of dreams.

Hello! My Name Is Palila.

  • Palila: as you can observe, it’s not uncommon for exotic baby names to be associated with the sky. This can probably be linked with the deep desire of remote island inhabitants to be able to fly away and discover new land. Palila is yet another example of this trend, as the meaning of this vibrant girl’s name is a bird. However, Lila is a cute short name that can be used in its own right, reminding the pretty Leila baby name family.
  • Paloma: Spain has a rich history of explorers and adventurers. These brave men set sail to the most remote destinations of the world. This culture helped Spanish families to welcome exotic baby names into their homes. Paloma is a striking name that stands again for a bird, this time for dove. The symbol of peace and friendship, Paloma will be a girl that will undoubtedly make many friends in school and grow a reputation as a dependable person. Paloma Picasso, the talented Tiffany designer, is the most famous celebrity kid (daughter of internationally renowned painter Pablo Picasso) that bears this unique girl name. Browse her impressive jewelry collection at Tiffany’s and learn more about Paloma’s sophisticated style.
  • Saskia: a Dutch name that means Saxon, immortalized by Rembrandt’s wife. Even though her real name was Saakje van Uylenburgh, Saskia appeared in one of the great painter’s masterpieces as a lovely nickname. Since then, it has become a favorite for art devotees worldwide. British parents fell in love with the exotic name Saskia as data reveal. The name currently enjoys a wave of popularity in the UK, holding #392 in the baby names league. Saskia’s artistic aura fascinated scientists, that named Asteroid 461 after her name. Two in one, can it get better? A winning combo for a thriving girl name!
  • Tamsin: exotic baby names don’t necessarily come from far away destinations that you have never visited before. They could also be associated with more familiar places like Britain. Such is the case for Tamsin, an English baby name that means twins. We included Tamsin in our list of exotic baby names for girls because it has an elusive sound that hands you a one-way ticket to Neverland. This exquisite name is actually a short form of Thomasina which means twin in Aramaic. The cute nickname Tammy is an added bonus!
  • Ulani: exotic baby names that start with U are often described as happy and carefree. Ulani falls perfectly in this kind of description with its joyous meaning. It is a Hawaiian girl name that means cheerful.
  • Yara: do you ever wish you had wings and could fly? Up in the sky and away from everyday life? I know you do; sooner or later, we all get this feeling at least once in our life. Yara belongs to these exotic names associated with flying, as it means small butterfly in Arabic. However, some baby name researchers suggest that Yara could also be an Aborigine name with a different meaning than “seagull.” In any case, it’s an airy name that can take you higher than any other earth-associated name.


200+ Most Popular Exotic Girl Names

ObaraMeaning:Small plainOrigin:Japanese
HerminaMeaning:Messenger; earthlyOrigin:Spanish
NuriaMeaning:Luminous, brightOrigin:Arabic
KananiMeaning:The beautiful oneOrigin:Polynesian
ImanMeaning:Belief, faithOrigin:Arabic
AkosiaMeaning:Born on SundayOrigin:African
NaraMeaning:Place nameOrigin:Japanese
KissaMeaning:First Born DaughterOrigin:African
TesaneeMeaning:Beautiful RoseOrigin:Asian
ElaxiMeaning:Woman with Bright EyesOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
OneidaMeaning:Long awaitedOrigin:Native American
CantaraMeaning:Little bridgeOrigin:Arabic
SadiraMeaning:Lotus treeOrigin:Persian
GiuseppaMeaning:The Lord addsOrigin:Italian
NerolieMeaning:Orange flowerOrigin:Italian
ParadisaMeaning:Garden, orchardOrigin:Greek
NireidaMeaning:Sea nymphOrigin:Spanish
ElandraMeaning:Home by the SeaOrigin:Aboriginal
KerensaMeaning:LoveOrigin:English, Welsh
ZandraMeaning:A variant form of Sandra, which is a short form of Alexandra.Origin:Spanish
LatoriaMeaning:Victorious oneOrigin:Spanish
IanthiaMeaning:Violet flowerOrigin:Greek
WenonahMeaning:First-born daughterOrigin:Native American


ZepharinaMeaning:Gentle windOrigin:Spanish
ChabelaMeaning:God is My OathOrigin:Spanish
JamalaMeaning:Friendly, Well-manneredOrigin:African
RupettaMeaning:Bright fameOrigin:German
ZuriaMeaning:White and lovelyOrigin:French
OtzaraMeaning:Wealth, treasureOrigin:Hebrew
DaijaMeaning:Already, remembranceOrigin:Spanish
ShanteMeaning:Stone; peacefulOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
TarajiMeaning:Hope, FaithOrigin:African
CamellaMeaning:Helper to the priestOrigin:Latin
LieuMeaning:Willow treeOrigin:Vietnamese
VeledaMeaning:“The virgin prophetess,” in allusion to a Germanic maiden revered for her prophetic prowess.Origin:German
ZerlinaMeaning:Beautiful dawnOrigin:Spanish
UrselinaMeaning:Little she-bearOrigin:Scandinavian
NeliahMeaning:Storng willed and a vigrous spirit with a leveled mind.Origin:African
BellitaMeaning:Little beauty; God’s promiseOrigin:Spanish
IaraMeaning:Water lady; small butterflyOrigin:Arabic
AdelitaMeaning:Noble; small winged oneOrigin:Latin
BelliniMeaning:Little beautiful oneOrigin:Italian
LinneaMeaning:Lime or linden treeOrigin:Scandinavian
TajiaMeaning:CrownOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
SaskiaMeaning:The Saxon peopleOrigin:Slavic
YaraMeaning:Water lady; small butterflyOrigin:Arabic
NarikoMeaning:Gentle childOrigin:Japanese
NafunaMeaning:Delivered Feet-FirstOrigin:African
SolangeMeaning:Solemn, dignifiedOrigin:Latin


CambreeMeaning:The peopleOrigin:Welsh
ArceliaMeaning:Treasure chestOrigin:Spanish
ShamiraMeaning:He who defendsOrigin:Hebrew
CalliopeMeaning:Beautiful voiceOrigin:Greek
ImaraMeaning:Female version of ImreOrigin:Unknown
GaiaMeaning:The earthOrigin:Greek
VerinaMeaning:Faith; truth; trueOrigin:Slavic
ThuongMeaning:Love tenderlyOrigin:Vietnamese
SevillaMeaning:A Spanish equivalent of Sibyl.Origin:Spanish
YamiletMeaning:Beautiful, ElegantOrigin:Spanish
HuyenMeaning:Jet blackOrigin:Vietnamese
ZenaidaMeaning:Life of Zeus; belonging to ZeusOrigin:Russian
YeiraMeaning:To illuminateOrigin:Hebrew
GinaraMeaning:God is graciousOrigin:Italian
AzizeMeaning:Beloved precious; mightyOrigin:Hebrew
MelesaMeaning:Bee; honeyOrigin:Greek
RosalieMeaning:Rose flowerOrigin:French
FlorenziaMeaning:Flower; flowering, in bloomOrigin:Latin
AzminaMeaning:God ProtectorOrigin:Spanish
MulanMeaning:Wood orchidOrigin:Chinese
XantaraMeaning:Protector of the EarthOrigin:American
AzoraMeaning:Sky blueOrigin:Spanish
SafiyahMeaning:Friend; pureOrigin:African
AlvaraMeaning:Elf warriorOrigin:Italian
LorelMeaning:The bay, or laurel plantOrigin:Latin
KimeyaMeaning:Singing ThroatOrigin:Native American
JanitaMeaning:God is graciousOrigin:Spanish
DharianaMeaning:Maintains possessions wellOrigin:Persian
SaidahMeaning:Happy, FortunateOrigin:African
DevicaMeaning:Derived from godOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
XiomaraMeaning:Guest, strangerOrigin:Greek
KarasiMeaning:Life and WisdomOrigin:African
AlessandrineMeaning:Man’s defenderOrigin:Greek
MaylinMeaning:Beautiful jadeOrigin:Chinese
QuynhMeaning:Night blooming flowerOrigin:Vietnamese
FayettaMeaning:Little fairyOrigin:French
DaruMeaning:Of the Cedar TreeOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
KhariMeaning:Queenly: Joyful Song: Born to rule and bring joy.Origin:African
EligiaMeaning:Chosen OneOrigin:Spanish
NahuatlMeaning:Four WatersOrigin:Aztec (Nahuatl)
AllidiaMeaning:Small winged oneOrigin:Latin
IsleyMeaning:From the Hazel GroveOrigin:Aboriginal
NavitMeaning:Lovely; pleasantOrigin:Hebrew
TzephyraMeaning:West windOrigin:Greek


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Baby Names
CherinaMeaning:Dear, darlingOrigin:French
VasantaMeaning:SpringOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
LapisMeaning:Lapis Lazuli GemstoneOrigin:Egyptian
KeyaraMeaning:Beautiful river.Origin:African
ZaniyahMeaning:Forever, AlwaysOrigin:Aztec (Nahuatl)
ItzelMeaning:Star of the aurora skyOrigin:Spanish
RomildaMeaning:“Brave battle maiden,” from the Germanic.Origin:Italian
ElminaMeaning:Will helmet, protectionOrigin:German
QiaoMeaning:Pretty, HandsomeOrigin:Chinese
BrynMeaning:Hill, mountOrigin:Welsh
ZadaMeaning:Prosperous, fortunateOrigin:Arabic
RomoniaMeaning:Protecting handsOrigin:Spanish
TomokaMeaning:Brilliant friendOrigin:Japanese
GidjaMeaning:God of the MoonOrigin:Aboriginal
IvaniaMeaning:God is graciousOrigin:Slavic
LeanaMeaning:To twine aroundOrigin:French
KeilanaMeaning:Glory; calmnessOrigin:Polynesian
CharaMeaning:Free manOrigin:German
MekeaMeaning:Who resembles God?Origin:Hebrew
CarafMeaning:I loveOrigin:Welsh
VeloraMeaning:Strong, healthyOrigin:Latin
JovannaMeaning:God is graciousOrigin:Spanish
CascadeMeaning:To fall, waterfallOrigin:French
UttaraMeaning:Royal Daughter, StarOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
FrediaMeaning:Peaceful rulerOrigin:German
AltaMeaning:High, elevatedOrigin:Latin
DalilaMeaning:Delicate, gentleOrigin:African
AletheaMeaning:Verity, truthOrigin:Greek
NarissaraMeaning:Smart WomanOrigin:Asian
MyreneMeaning:Wonderful; peace; propserousOrigin:Slavic
EmanuellaMeaning:God is with usOrigin:Hebrew
KendriaMeaning:Greatest championOrigin:Welsh
IshaniMeaning:DesireOrigin:Indian (Sanskrit)
MiyandaMeaning:Of unknown meaningOrigin:African


SyprianaMeaning:From CyprusOrigin:Italian
KamikoMeaning:Little goddessOrigin:Japanese
NaimaMeaning:To be contentedOrigin:Arabic
HalinaMeaning:Sun ray, shining lightOrigin:Greek
RabiahMeaning:Gentle windOrigin:Arabic
OnaonaMeaning:Sweet SmellOrigin:Polynesian
NanamiMeaning:Seven SeasOrigin:Japanese
ValinaMeaning:Strong, healthyOrigin:Latin
SachikoMeaning:Child of joyOrigin:Japanese
MariquitaMeaning:Star of the seaOrigin:Latin
TimeaMeaning:Honoring GodOrigin:Hungarian
TeresiaMeaning:Late summerOrigin:Greek
KareemahMeaning:Generous, givingOrigin:Arabic
SatomiMeaning:Village, Wise, BeautifulOrigin:Japanese
AviellaMeaning:My father is GodOrigin:Hebrew
KabiraMeaning:Noble, greatOrigin:Arabic
PandoraMeaning:All giftsOrigin:Greek
XolaMeaning:Stay in PeaceOrigin:African
TandieMeaning:Eternal lifeOrigin:Greek
RhodiaMeaning:Rose; from RhodesOrigin:Latin
DamaraMeaning:Calf; to tame; gentleOrigin:Latin
KierstenMeaning:Follower of ChristOrigin:Scandinavian


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