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Before You Quit, Try

Before you Quit, Try

“Before you Quit, Try” Is a quote by William Arthur Wand, one with an everlasting meaning, traversing throughout the ages. This quote gives me a reason to ask: How many times have you quit...

Before You Write Think Featured

Before you Write, Think

“Before you write, think” is a quote by William Arthur Ward, one that has taken a different meaning in our current time than the one it initially used to have back in the time...

Before You Speak Listen Featured

Before you Speak, Listen

A great man in the name of William Arthur Ward once said: “Before you speak, listen.” Though it may sound simplistic at the start, there haven’t been many times in my life where I...

Before You Spend Earn Featured

Before You Spend, Earn

Continuing on the famous quote by William Arthur Ward, I firmly believe the meaning of this phrase can be perfectly seen in the image of modern society. It is common knowledge that we live...