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We’ve all heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know there’s a day to celebrate both? Parents are the most important people of our lives and Parents’ day gives us an opportunity to express your love, care and gratitude for your parents. Though Parents’ Day is not observed on the same day in every country, but majority of countries in the world including US celebrate it on fourth Sunday of July. The Parents' day has been celebrated in many societies in different ways such as organizing events or arranging activities for families. Even if your town or community does not make any special arrangement regarding this day, you can make your own celebrations at home for showing your love and appreciation for your parents. Send Parents' Day wishes and greetings to your parents and people who have been like a parent to you. Show your gratitude with our collection of parents' quotes and choose among these attractive indoor and outdoor activities which you can do to celebrate your Parents' day.

Top 10 inspiring quotes for parents

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes for Parents

Here are top ten inspiring quotes about parenting and life in general. There are days when parenting is a sweet, simple joy but there are some days when being a parent can be tough,...

Parents day wishes

Heartfelt Parents’ Day Wishes

Though you have different days to celebrate for your father and mother did you know there’s a day to celebrate both? Parent’s day comes on the fourth Sunday of July. This is a special...