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A good night message to people near and dear to you can make all the difference. Check out our cute collection of heartfelt, creative and inspirational good night wishes, messages, quotes and cards for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, family member or friend. Send them an unforgettable good night message that can serve as a peaceful wind down to a busy day and a motivational suggestion for jump starting a new day.

200+ Amazing Good Night Messages

200+ Amazing Good Night Messages

Check these fantastic good night messages for your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. When it’s time to say Good Night to your love or your special friends, you can help them end their evening...

Good night messages for boyfriend featured

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

A romantic relationship needs to be nurtured and tended like a garden filled with delicate blooms. That means doing the grand gestures of love such as special surprises on his birthday. But small meaningful...

Motivational good night quotes featured

Famous Good Night Quotes

Bedtime is a special ritual for everyone. It signals the end of the day, serving as an off switch for the past day and a restart button for the following day. Make sure to...

Good night messages for friends featured

Heartfelt Good Night Messages for Friends

Let your friends know how much they mean to you right before they drift off to sleep with these good night messages put them in a positive mood and inspire sweet dreams. If you need some ideas, here are some creative, clever, and heartfelt good night messages.

Good night messages for him featured

30 Good Night Messages and Images for Him

Check out our wonderful collection of romantic and flirty good night messages and quotes for your boyfriend or husband. Keeping the romance in your relationship requires significant dramatic moments as well as subtle touches....