Classic and Uncommon Baby Names for Boys You May Never Hear Before

If you are looking for a name for your boy, that you don’t hear every day, check this list with classic and uncommon boy names.Hello! My Name is Nicasio.

The Best Uncommon Classic Baby Names for Boys

  • Eleazar: don’t be surprised if you find many Biblical names in our list of classic baby names. The Old Testament is full of classic choices; however, parents look only at the most popular ones like Noah and Messiah. Hence, they miss great classic baby names that may not be common but remain charming and vivid. Eleazar is one of them, with the jazzy “z” spicing things up! The meaning of this Hebrew origin name is God has helped. Eleazar was a high priest that succeeded his father, Aaron. He was also a nephew of one of the most prominent prophets of Israel, Moses. Eleazar can be pushed higher in the baby name charts thanks to the appeal of the shorter version of Eli, who breakthrough into the masses with the box office hit 2010 movie Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.
  • Nicasio: there are so many classic baby names that start with Nic, and there is a reason for that. Nicholas is an all-time favorite but a bit overused these days. So how about a Spanish version that can be a unique alternative you don’t hear too often? Nicasio is perfect for Latino parents or those who aspire to see their baby boy become a famous athlete one day. Nicasio derives from the Greek word Nike which means triumph. Just do it!
  • Paladin: From Spain, we travel a bit north to France, which has given birth to so many classic baby names during the centuries. Paladin is a choice you probably haven’t heard of before unless you are a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. The fantasy role-playing game was inspired by the fierce 12 warriors of Charlemagne’s court, also known as the Matter of France. The meaning of Paladin is the person who comes from the palace. Thus, it can be immediately associated with high society and royal families without using a more common choice like Louis. This haunting classic baby name will inspire your little boy’s imagination as he plays with his toy sword all day long!

Hello! My Name is Caspian.

100+ Rare & Unique Classic Boy Names

JaredMeaning: “Descent.” (Hebrew origin).
OakleyMeaning: “Meadow of oak trees.” (English origin).
OrlandoMeaning: “”The fame of the land,” an Italian variant of Roland, which see. (Spanish origin).
JeffreyMeaning: “Peaceful territory.” (German origin).
RexMeaning: “King.” (Latin origin).
BrunoMeaning: “Brown.” (German origin).
GiorgioMeaning: “Farmer.” (Greek origin).
AugustusMeaning: “Great, magnificent.” (Latin origin).
LedgerMeaning: “Speared tribe.” (English origin).
TannerMeaning: “Leather maker.” (English origin).
AmbroseMeaning: “Immortal.” (Greek origin).
JesseMeaning: “Gift.” (Hebrew origin).
LeonidasMeaning: “Lion strength.” (German origin).
LeandroMeaning: “Lion Man.” (Greek origin).
EnriqueMeaning: “Home ruler.” (Spanish origin).
ZeppelinMeaning: “Airship.” (English origin).
CarmichaelMeaning: “Follower of Michael.” (Scottish origin).
HenrikMeaning: “Home ruler.” (German origin).
RussellMeaning: “Little red.” (English origin).
HendrixMeaning: “Son of Hendrick.” (English origin).
MaddenMeaning: “Little Dog.” (Irish origin).
AlbertMeaning: “Noble, bright, famous.” (German origin).
FinneganMeaning: “Fair.” (Irish origin).
JordanMeaning: “To descend.” (Hebrew origin).
AndersonMeaning: “Son of Andrew.” (English origin).
DesmondMeaning: “From South Munster.” (Irish origin).
AlexanderMeaning: “Defender of man.” (Greek origin).
JasonMeaning: “To heal.” (Greek origin).
WadeMeaning: “To ford.” (English origin).
VincenzoMeaning: “Prevailing.” (Latin origin).
CaspianMeaning: “White.” (English origin).
CreedMeaning: “Belief; guiding principle; I believe.” (Latin origin).
SpencerMeaning: “Dispenser of provisions.” (English origin).
SullivanMeaning: “Dark-eyed.” (Irish origin).
PedroMeaning: “Stone.” (Spanish origin).
BaronMeaning: “Young warrior.” (Hebrew origin).
CairoMeaning: “Victorious.” (Arabic origin).
CallumMeaning: “Dove.” (Scottish origin).
AdamMeaning: “Man.” (Hebrew origin).
BishopMeaning: “Bishop.” (English origin).
LandryMeaning: “”The ruler of the land,” from the Germanic land (land) and rihhi (ruler). (English origin).
QuincyMeaning: “Estate of the fifth son.” (French origin).
JonasMeaning: “Dove.” (Hebrew origin).
JenningsMeaning: “Little John.” (English origin).
CanyonMeaning: “Footpath.” (Spanish origin).
JoaquinMeaning: “Lifted by God.” (Spanish origin).
DemetriusMeaning: “Follower of Demeter.” (Greek origin).
SamsonMeaning: “Sun.” (Hebrew origin).
ClarkMeaning: “Cleric.” (English origin).
CruzMeaning: “Holy cross.” (Spanish origin).

Hello! My Name is Matthias.

MaximMeaning: “Greatest.” (Latin origin).
FlandersMeaning: “Person from Finland.” (Scandinavian origin).
JensonMeaning: “Son of Jan; God is gracious.” (Scandinavian origin).
DarrellMeaning: “Open; from Airelle.” (French origin).
BernardMeaning: “Strong, brave bear.” (German origin).
WarrenMeaning: “Game preserve.” (English origin).
ArchieMeaning: “A diminutive form of Archibald.” (English origin).
FlynnMeaning: “Ruddy-complected.” (Irish origin).
JettMeaning: “Black.” (English origin).
AlexMeaning: “Defender of man.” (Greek origin).
AntonioMeaning: “Unknown meaning.” (Italian origin).
JosephMeaning: “Jehovah will increase.” (Hebrew origin).
CliffordMeaning: “Cliff-side ford.” (English origin).
DrakeMeaning: “Dragon.” (English origin).
LucianoMeaning: “Light.” (Latin origin).
JorgeMeaning: “Farmer.” (Spanish origin).
WatsonMeaning: “Son of Walter.” (English origin).
AmosMeaning: “To carry; borne by God.” (Hebrew origin).
BeauMeaning: “Handsome.” (French origin).
SergioMeaning: “Servant.” (Italian origin).
AllenMeaning: “Little rock.” (English origin).
HeathMeaning: “Heath.” (English origin).
EmerichMeaning: “Home strength.” (English origin).
BrightonMeaning: “Bridge settlement.” (English origin).
JuliusMeaning: “Youthful and downy.” (Greek origin).
JonathanMeaning: “God has given.” (Hebrew origin).
KingsleyMeaning: “King’s meadow.” (English origin).
AltonMeaning: “Old town.” (English origin).
CassiusMeaning: “The helmeted warrior,” based on the Latin cassis, a helmet. (Latin origin).
AsherMeaning: “Happy and blessed.” (Hebrew origin).
TitusMeaning: “The avenger.” (Greek origin).
AlfredMeaning: “Elf or magical counsel.” (English origin).
AaronMeaning: “High mountain.” (Hebrew origin).
MemphisMeaning: “Established and beautiful.” (Greek origin).
LachlanMeaning: “From the land of lakes.” (Irish origin).
CraigMeaning: “Rock, rocky.” (Scottish origin).
DorianMeaning: “Descendant of Dorus; from Doris.” (Greek origin).
WoodrowMeaning: “Row of houses by the wood.” (English origin).
BeckhamMeaning: “Beck’s homestead.” (English origin).
RicardoMeaning: “Brave ruler.” (Spanish origin).
AlaricMeaning: “Noble, regal ruler.” (German origin).
RamseyMeaning: “Garlic island.” (English origin).
BrennanMeaning: “Teardrop.” (Irish origin).
JeremyMeaning: “God will exalt.” (English origin).
EphraimMeaning: “Fruitful.” (Hebrew origin).
IbrahimMeaning: “Father of nations.” (Arabic origin).
HarlanMeaning: “Army land.” (English origin).
AlanMeaning: “Little rock.” (English origin).
KeanuMeaning: “The breeze.” (Polynesian origin).
JeremiahMeaning: “God will exalt.” (Hebrew origin).
DanteMeaning: “Enduring.” (Latin origin).
LuciusMeaning: “From Lucanus.” (Greek origin).
BowenMeaning: “Son of Owen; son of the young one.” (Welsh origin).
CyrusMeaning: “Lord.” (Persian origin).


RalphMeaning: “Wolf counsel.” (English origin).
AustinMeaning: “Great.” (English origin).
SolomonMeaning: “Peace.” (Hebrew origin).
JohnMeaning: “God is gracious.” (Hebrew origin).
AmariMeaning: “Unknown.” (African origin).
HarveyMeaning: “Battle ready.” (English origin).
CedricMeaning: “Kindly, loved.” (English origin).
MarlonMeaning: “Unknown.” (Modern origin).
AriMeaning: “Lion.” (Hebrew origin).
IndigoMeaning: “Blue-purple color.” (English origin).
EllisonMeaning: “Son of Ellis.” (English origin).
ForrestMeaning: “Woodsman; woods.” (French origin).
AdrianMeaning: “From Hadria.” (Latin origin).
PrinceMeaning: “Prince.” (English origin).
MaximillianMeaning: “Greatest.” (Latin origin).
JoseMeaning: “Jehovah will increase.” (Spanish origin).
BarrettMeaning: “Quarrelsome.” (English origin).
JoelMeaning: “Yahweh is God.” (Hebrew origin).
CarlisleMeaning: “Fort at Luguvalium.” (English origin).
AlvinMeaning: “Elf or magical being, friend.” (English origin).
FranciscoMeaning: “From France.” (Spanish origin).
KenzoMeaning: “Healthy and wise.” (Japanese origin).
EdgarMeaning: “Wealthy spear.” (English origin).
DonovanMeaning: “Darkened.” (Irish origin).
RoccoMeaning: “Rest.” (Italian origin).
ArthurMeaning: “Bear.” (Celtic origin).
SalemMeaning: “Peace.” (Hebrew origin).
SaintMeaning: “Holy.” (Latin origin).
OttoMeaning: “Wealth.” (German origin).
BlakeMeaning: “Black or pale.” (English origin).
MarshallMeaning: “Caretaker of horses.” (English origin).
EmoryMeaning: “Home strength.” (German origin).
CesarMeaning: “Thick head of hair.” (Latin origin).
KaneMeaning: “Battle.” (Irish origin).
LexMeaning: “Man’s defender, warrior.” (Greek origin).
DeckerMeaning: “Piercing.” (Hebrew origin).
HuxleyMeaning: “Hugh’s meadow.” (English origin).
KitMeaning: “Bearing Christ.” (Greek origin).
JuanMeaning: “God is gracious.” (Spanish origin).
DashiellMeaning: “Unknown.” (English origin).
ReedMeaning: “Red.” (English origin).
MerrickMeaning: “A serving ruler,” from the Latin mereri (to serve) and the hypothetical root rik (ruler).” (Welsh origin).
ByronMeaning: “At the byres or barn.” (English origin).
MalikMeaning: “King.” (Arabic origin).
WallaceMeaning: “Welshman.” (French origin).
MatthiasMeaning: “Gift of God.” (Welsh origin).
SantinoMeaning: “The saints.” (Spanish origin).
GentryMeaning: “Of gentle, good breeding, or high social position.” (English origin).
EmbryMeaning: “Work Rule.” (English origin).
MarcoMeaning: “Warlike.” (Italian origin).
OnyxMeaning: “Precious gemstone.” (Latin origin).
JamalMeaning: “Handsome.” (Arabic origin).
BradleyMeaning: “Broad meadow.” (English origin).
BrockMeaning: “Badger-like.” (English origin).
HayesMeaning: “Hedged area.” (English origin).
KhalilMeaning: “Friend.” (Arabic origin).


BenjaminMeaning: “A favorite son.” (Hebrew origin).
AtticusMeaning: “From Attica.” (Latin origin).
SterlingMeaning: “Genuine, of high quality.” (English origin).
CarmeloMeaning: “Orchard;, garden.” (Italian origin).
WinstonMeaning: “Joyful stone.” (English origin).
JerichoMeaning: “City of the moon.” (Arabic origin).
DestinMeaning: “Destiny.” (French origin).
RylanMeaning: “Rye land.” (English origin).
BensonMeaning: “Son of Ben.” ( origin).
AbramMeaning: “High father.” (Hebrew origin).
LyricMeaning: “Words of a Song.” (English origin).
ClydeMeaning: “The keeper of the keys,” from the Greek Meidion, a key. (Scottish origin).
DariusMeaning: “Maintains possessions well.” (Persian origin).
ShaneMeaning: “God is gracious.” (Irish origin).
AnthonyMeaning: “Unknown meaning.” (Latin origin).
CecilMeaning: “Blind; sixth.” (Welsh origin).
AndrewMeaning: “Manly and powerful.” (Greek origin).
TorinMeaning: “Chief.” (Gaelic origin).
DarwinMeaning: “Dear friend.” (English origin).
AngeloMeaning: “Messenger of God.” (Italian origin).
BruceMeaning: “The man from the brushwood,” ultimately from the Latin bruscia, brushwood, (Ancient origin).
OdinMeaning: “Frenzy.” (Scandinavian origin).
NehemiahMeaning: “God comforts.” (Hebrew origin).
CristianoMeaning: “Follower of Christ.” (Latin origin).
NikoMeaning: “People of victory.” (Greek origin).
JoshuaMeaning: “God is salvation.” (Hebrew origin).
AdonisMeaning: “Lord.” (Greek origin).
EvangeloMeaning: “Good news.” (Greek origin).
EnochMeaning: “Trained, vowed, dedicated; profound.” (Hebrew origin).
LennoxMeaning: “With many elm trees.” (Scottish origin).
AriesMeaning: “Ram.” (Latin origin).
RomeoMeaning: “Man from Rome.” (Italian origin).
EverMeaning: “Always.” (American origin).
BenedictMeaning: “Blessed.” (Latin origin).
AugustMeaning: “To increase.” (Latin origin).
LangstonMeaning: “Long stone.” (English origin).
AldoMeaning: “Old one, elder.” (Spanish origin).
AbrahamMeaning: “Father of nations.” (Hebrew origin).
EamonMeaning: “Wealthy protector.” (Irish origin).
BoazMeaning: “Strength.” (Hebrew origin).
BodhiMeaning: “Awakening.” (Indian (Sanskrit) origin).
PierceMeaning: “A variant form of Peter.” (Greek origin).
RidleyMeaning: “Reed meadow.” (English origin).
FrancoMeaning: “Frenchman; free man.” (Latin origin).
GideonMeaning: “Tree cutter.” (Hebrew origin).
MarioMeaning: “Manly.” (Italian origin).
KellanMeaning: “Slender.” (Gaelic origin).
FabianMeaning: “Bean farmer.” (Latin origin).
HugoMeaning: “”An intellectual,” from the Germanic hugu, the mind.” (Latin origin).
BridgerMeaning: “Lives near the bridge; bridge-worker.” (English origin).


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