Exotic Baby Names for Boys

Check out these exotic baby names for boys that carry a cool foreign passport in their luggage. Your son will thank you for the international heritage you have given him. These exotic baby names sound attractive, yet they are not a stranger to most Americans. They have multiple origins, including Indonesia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Europe, and India. Exotic baby names have unique stories behind them and are all about storied heroes, brightness, and royalty. Our exhilarating list will take you through an exciting journey to the unknown. In addition, it will give you some fantastic ideas for exotic baby names for your beloved son.Hello! My Name Is Alessandro.

The Best Exotic Baby Names for Boys

  • Arjun: the shining meaning of this exotic Hindu name makes it popular among Indo-Americans. Arjun means bright, and you will find it sitting comfortably on the top 500 baby names chart, thanks to its pleasing sound. Arjun comes from Arjuna, an epic Hindu warrior known as one of the finest archers in the world. In addition, Arjun was an undefeated hero, a powerful attribute that could boost any boy’s confidence.
  • Gauthier: a French variant of Walter which means army ruler in German. Rarely heard in the US, Gauthier can be an exotic fresh take on the old-fashioned Walter.
  • Jalmari: a unique Finnish form of the old Norse name Hjalmar. Much easier to spell than its predecessor, Jalmari stands for the protector of helmets. An even cooler nickname could be the short version Jari, perfect for confident, handsome boys that will grow up to be strong and dependable men.
  • Keanu: celebrities sometimes give exotic names to their children. Other celebrities have exotic baby names themselves. Keanu Reeves is one of them. The Hollywood actor who played Neo in the mega-hit Matrix saga brought the cool Hawaiian name into the spotlight. The actual meaning of Keanu is a cool mountain breeze.
  • Kumar: you will find dozens of Sanskrit exotic baby names, but none as good as Kumar. First of all, it starts with the popular K- letter, a trend that we have identified as the most important for 2014. Second, the name is straightforward and sounds familiar to American parents without being strange or too hard to spell. Third, the meaning of Kumar is man or boy, and it is common in some parts of India. Finally, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was a 2004 movie that tells the life-changing story of an investment banker and a med-school student.
  • Lars: are you traveling a lot and considering yourself a world citizen? Then Lars might be the name you were looking for! Heard across multiple cultures; it’s not weird at all but has an exotic aura. In fact, it comes from a Scandinavian form of the Latin name Laurentius which would be too classic for this list. The meaning of Lars is crowned with laurel.
  • Laszlo: impossible to spell? You got that right! Laszlo can be difficult to write, but it’s easier to pronounce (laz-lo). In fact, you can lose the “s” and choose the more straightforward option, Lazlo. Exotic baby names from Hungary are often associated with kings. Laszlo follows this trend as it stands for the glorious ruler. Hipster parents will love the -o ending and appreciate the jazzy “Z” in the middle. You can find Laszlo in the Doctor Who series and other popular TV series, but you won’t find many in a school class!
  • Manu: Balinese people are one of the most skilled artists in the world. They are famous for their handcraft batik texture, a unique method of creating fine clothes. Manu is associated with the Indonesian island of Bali and brings to mind their fine art. The meaning of Manu is the bird of the night, and it can be used by parents who appreciate the handmade craft. Suppose you are a mom working from home and selling your creative stuff via Etsy. In that case, Manu is a name you need to seriously consider!

Hello! My Name Is Manu.

  • Per: the shorter the name, the sweeter it gets! Per is a tiny exotic boy’s name that derives from a Scandinavian variation of Peter. The meaning of Peter, by the way, is stone in Greek. A rare name that won’t go unnoticed.
  • Rai: we covered Kai in our popular baby names 2014 post, so we won’t come back to it here. Having said that, Rai is an awesome alternative for parents looking for exotic baby names that are not so common. This distinctive version of Ray is blessed with the illuminative association with the healing sun rays that make people smile and keep them warm. However, the actual meaning of Rai is wise protector since it derives from Raymond, a name of German origin.
  • Rajah: now that the royal baby name is known and the guessing frenzy has gone away, you can start to consider alternative ways to welcome a young King into your life. Enter Rajah, a Hindi name that means prince. It’s way more exotic than King and has a vivid sound. Definitely a must for parents with Indian roots.
  • Renato: exotic baby names of Italian origin are always cool and sexy. Renato is an elegant choice with a musical vibrato theme, fuelled by the hipster -o ending. The meaning of Renato is reborn and comes from Renatus, which has a Latin origin (re-natus, natus means born again). Perfect for religious parents who are looking for names outside the bible, Renato has a spiritual meaning. Being born again through baptism is one of the main pillars of the Christian faith. Thus, it was adopted massively by early Christians that wanted to highlight how crucial baptism was. Furthermore, saint Renatus, a 5th century Bishop that became a martyr, is celebrated on October 6, so it could also be considered among the October baby names.
  • Ulrich: If you are a metalhead, you already know Metallica’s lead guitar player, Lars Urlich. But what you probably don’t know is that this exotic baby name is a variation of Alaric, which means all-powerful ruler. As such, it was a common name for Ostrogoths kings (circa 4th century AD). Other baby name experts suggest that Ulrich comes from the quirky English name Ulric which has a similar meaning, wealthy.
  • Zesiro: are you expecting twins? Then stop anything else you are doing and note this name! Zesiro is among the exotic baby names that are both unusual and attractive at the same time. It means the older of the twins, and the origin of Zesiro is Luganda.

Hello! My Name Is Keanu.

Most Popular Exotic Names for your Baby Boy

TeoA Greek-origin word, Teo is a cool name you could give your kid. It means “gift from God.”
AlessandroItalian means “defending men” or “to defend, to help.”
UmbertoItalian means “bright warrior.”
NicolaiA Greek-origin name, Nicolai, means “the people of victory” and is definitely a rare and unique name for your boy.
KillianAn Irish-origin word that means “battle” or “Fair,” Killian is a popular choice among many parents worldwide.
HamishAn exotic-sounding Scottish name, Hamish means “supplant” and is believed to be of Latin Jarmocus origins. Boys named Hamish are believed to be good at leading people around them.
GrigorGrigor is a name of Russian origin. It means “vigilant” or “on the watch” and is an Eastern European sounding name you could consider for your boy.
VladimirVladimir is a famous Russian name and means “Universal Ruler.” You can shorten it to “Vlado” to make it easier
JettThis name comes from the semi-precious stone that’s known as Jade. It is an excellent name for your little boy and will stand out among the rest.
AmitA popular name in India and Israel, Amit is still relatively new in the world of English speakers. You could consider it a unique name
HarperA British-origin word that means Harpist, Harper, has been around for many years and is still a popular choice among many parents.
HansGerman, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish means “Yahweh is gracious.”
DaanA shortened version of the Scandinavian name, Daniel, Daan is one of the most famous names in Belgium and the Netherlands
FrancesoItalian means “French.”
MauroAnother great name to consider is Mauro, and it is an Italian name that means “dark.”
PavelA Slavic origin word that comes from Paul, Pavel comes from the Latin word “humble.”
EthanAnother Biblical reference for you to choose means “Gift of the island.”
MazinMazin is an Arabic name that is derived from “muzn.” The word means “rain” and is a unique sounding one you could give your son if he is born around the monsoon period.
LeonOne of the top names in Germany, Leon is a cool-sounding name that your son would appreciate growing up. It means “Lion” and is an exotic name for him.


DevinDevin means “helper” and has a romantic touch to it. It means “poet” or “fawn.”
RoccoItalian, Ancient Germanic, means “rest.”
FabianAn ancient saint named “the one who grows bean,” Fabian, has been around for many years.
MilanA modern name for your boy could easily be Milan. The name is popular in Rome and Belgium.
RenA popular unisex name and a nod to Kylo-Ren from Star Wars, Ren is a Japanese word that means water lily.
FlorianGerman, French, Romanian, and Polish means “flower.”
DanialA Hebrew name means, “God is my judge,” Danial is a great middle or first name you could give to your son.
HumphreyHumphrey’s exotic British name has Germanic origins and means “peaceful warrior.” It is a nice name for baby boys, and you could name your son this.
LautaroA Native American name by origin, Lautaro, means “daring and enterprising.” It is a rare name for a boy you should consider.
DimitriRussian, French, refers to the Greek goddess Demeter, goddess of the earth
AmmirasA slightly related name to Amira, Ammiras means “rich” or “prosperous.” It is a popular option for you to name your child something exotic.
AzaelSpanish, meaning unknown
ZinedineIf the boy’s father is a big football fan, then Zinedine is definitely a name to consider. It means “the beautiful one on the path” in Swahili and Kurdish.
LarsLars is a nice option for your son and is derived from the Roman name, “Laurentius,” which means “crowned with laurels.”
EnzoItalian means “home ruler.”
AxelA name that means “Father of Peace,” Axel has grown in popularity over the years. It is also the stage name of the frontman of the legendary band, Guns’ n Roses, “Axl Rose.”
EugeneEugene is a name with Greek roots and is also called “Well born.”
BranBran is an Irish name that means “raven” and is a popular choice among many parents. It is also a nod to “Brandon Stark” from Game of Thrones, who becomes the “Three-eyed Raven” in the show
ZenonAncient Greek, Polish, means “Zeus.”
FabioItalian, means “bean.”
SylvesterSylvester’s exotic name means “wild” or “wooded” and is a cool name for your little boy.


KevinA popular name, yet an exotic one, Kevin was the name of a 7th Century saint who had established a monastery in Ireland. It also means “handsome.”
JibriAn African name popular all over the Middle East, Jibri is the Arabic variation of Gabriel’s ancient Hebrew name, which means, “God is my strong man.”
OziasDefinitely one of the more extraordinary names on this list, Ozias is an ancient Biblical name and was one of the characters in the holy book
Alfie Alfie is a unique name for your baby boy. It means “Wise counselor” or “handsome.”
FitimA name of Albanian origins, Fitim means “profit,” and the belief is that boys named Fitim will achieve prosperity and success all through their lives
NateA word of Hebrew origin is a lovely name that means “God has given.” It is an option you could consider for your little boy.
EmilEmil is a name of Latin origin, a popular option among parents with various ethnic backgrounds.
AndersAn Old Country variation of Andrew, Anders is a Greek-origin word that means “strong and manly.”
IvanA different version of the name, “John,” Ivan is a popular Middle Eastern name. In addition, it is an ancient Biblical name that you could consider.
LucaA Latin word that means “brighter than light.” Luca means a “citizen from Lucania,” an ancient area in South Italy.
AmirAmir is of Arabic origin and means “prince.” It is a regal option you could think of naming your son
FlorianA popular name in Germany and Austria, Florian was inspired by the female name that’s Florence. It means flowering and is a unique name for a baby boy.
RaziA really exotic male name for your boy could be Razi, of Hebrew origin. It means “secret” and is definitely a name you should consider for your little one.
AdeAn ode to the African culture, Ade is an exotic name of Nigerian origin. It means “crown” or “king” and is also a short form for the name Adebola.
AsherAsher is an ancient Hebrew name, a cool option to name your baby boy. It means happy, and we’re sure your boy would love it.
Akio Akio is a wonderful sounding name for your baby boy. It means “bright man” and is a popular name in Japan.
AzraelThe name of a popular angel from Jewish and Islam, Azrael is a unique and exotic-sounding name you could give your son
FloroYou could give your baby boy a cute-sounding name is, “Floro.” It is a Latin word that means “flower.”
SemA Dutch name and a variation of the Biblical name “Shem,” Shem is an alternate version of the word Sam and was the son of Noah.
ZaneA unique name you can give your child, Zane, is the Hebrew version of the name “Gift of God.” It is an alternate way to use the name John.
PhoenixA bird that rose from the ashes and one that never dies, Phoenix is a cool name that can inspire idealism and hope in your child.
SantiSanti is a famous Hispanic as well as American name that you could give your baby boy
RasmusA variation of an ancient name called “Erasmus,” Rasmus gets its name from Greece. In Greek, it is called “beloved” and is a cute name for your baby boy
LinusA mythological name that’s been around since the ancient Greek era, Linus means “flax” or “blond.” It is a lovely name that sounds musical as well.
LazarA shortened version of the name “Elezar,” Lazar means “God Helps.” It is a popular Serbian name and has other forms, including Lazaro.


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