Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names for Boys in the Spotlight

When it comes to naming their little ones, many parents seek inspiration from various sources, and one of the most influential ones is the world of movies and celebrities. The allure of naming boys after popular movie stars and celebrities has been a longstanding trend. From the timeless charm of classic movie icons to the contemporary appeal of A-list celebrities, these influential figures capture our imagination and leave a lasting impact. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of baby names for boys inspired by the hottest movie stars and celebrities, exploring the reasons behind their appeal and the unique connection they forge between a child and pop culture.Hello! My Name is Benedict.

Hollywood Heroes: Baby Names for Boys Inspired by the Hottest Movie Stars

  • James (James Dean): Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, James means “supplanter.” It gained popularity through the legendary actor James Dean, known for his rebellious charm and raw talent.
  • Marlon (Marlon Brando): Meaning “falcon,” Marlon gained fame through the iconic actor Marlon Brando, who revolutionized the craft with his intense performances and magnetic presence.
  • Clark (Clark Gable): Originating from Old English, Clark means “scribe” or “clerk.” It became synonymous with the dashing Clark Gable, a leading man of the Golden Age known for his suave demeanor and powerful performances.
  • Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart): Derived from the Old English name Hunfrith, Humphrey means “peaceful warrior.” It became popular due to the legendary Humphrey Bogart, who captured hearts with his rugged charm and memorable portrayals.
  • Cary (Cary Grant): Originating from an Irish surname, Cary means “dark-haired.” It gained prominence through the suave and debonair Cary Grant, known for his impeccable style and timeless elegance.
  • Spencer (Spencer Tracy): Derived from the Middle English word “dispenser,” Spencer means “steward” or “administrator.” It gained recognition through the esteemed actor Spencer Tracy, known for his versatility and remarkable talent.
  • Paul (Paul Newman): Originating from the Roman family name Paulus, Paul means “small” or “humble.” It rose in popularity due to the iconic actor Paul Newman, renowned for his handsome looks, philanthropy, and acting prowess.
  • Leonardo (Leonardo DiCaprio): Derived from the Old German name Leonhard, Leonardo means “brave lion.” It gained popularity through the versatile actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his dedication to his craft and captivating performances.
  • Denzel (Denzel Washington): Originating from the Cornish surname Denzel, its meaning is uncertain. It became prominent through the esteemed actor Denzel Washington, celebrated for his powerful portrayals and commanding presence.
  • Tom (Tom Hanks): Derived from the Aramaic name Thomas, Tom means “twin.” It gained widespread recognition through the beloved actor Tom Hanks, known for his genuine charm, versatility, and relatable characters.
  • These Hollywood-inspired names carry the legacy of these extraordinary movie stars, encompassing their charisma, talent, and unforgettable contributions to the world of cinema. By bestowing one of these names upon your baby boy, you can celebrate the magic of the silver screen and inspire him with the qualities that made these Hollywood heroes legendary.

Hello! My Name is Liam.

Star-Studded Selection: Celebrity-Inspired Baby Boy Names for Trendy Parents

  • Beckham (David Beckham): Derived from Old English, Beckham means “homestead by the stream.” It gained popularity due to the iconic soccer player David Beckham, known for his athleticism, fashion sense, and philanthropy.
  • Jude (Jude Law): Derived from the Hebrew name Judah, Jude means “praised.” It gained recognition through the talented actor Jude Law, known for his versatile performances and captivating charm.
  • Ryan (Ryan Gosling): Derived from the Irish surname O’Riain, Ryan means “little king.” It rose to prominence through the charismatic actor Ryan Gosling, acclaimed for his compelling roles and irresistible charisma.
  • Liam (Liam Hemsworth): Derived from the Irish name Uilliam, Liam means “resolute protection.” It became popular due to the talented actor Liam Hemsworth, known for his roles in blockbuster films and his rugged appeal.
  • Ezra (Ezra Miller): Derived from the Hebrew name Azariah, Ezra means “help” or “helper.” It gained popularity through the versatile actor Ezra Miller, celebrated for his unique style and captivating performances.
  • Finn (Finn Wolfhard): Derived from Irish and Norse origins, Finn means “fair” or “white.” It gained prominence through the talented actor Finn Wolfhard, known for his roles in popular TV shows and movies.
  • Ashton (Ashton Kutcher): Derived from an English surname, Ashton means “ash tree town.” It became well-known through the charismatic actor Ashton Kutcher, recognized for his roles in comedies and his entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Noah (Noah Centineo): Derived from the Hebrew name Noach, Noah means “rest” or “comfort.” It gained popularity through the talented actor Noah Centineo, known for his roles in romantic comedies and his charming personality.
  • Keanu (Keanu Reeves): Derived from Hawaiian and English origins, Keanu means “cool breeze over the mountains.” It rose to prominence through the beloved actor Keanu Reeves, celebrated for his iconic roles and his down-to-earth nature.
  • Zayn (Zayn Malik): Derived from Arabic origins, Zayn means “beauty” or “grace.” It gained recognition through the talented singer Zayn Malik, known for his soulful voice and his unique sense of style.
  • These celebrity-inspired names capture the spirit and influence of contemporary stars, reflecting modern trends and style. By choosing one of these names for your baby boy, you can celebrate the talent and impact of these celebrities while giving your child a name that exudes charm and individuality.

Hello! My name is Zachary.

A-List Admirers: Naming Your Baby Boy after the Hottest Celebrities

  • Leonardo (Leonardo DiCaprio): Derived from the Old Germanic name Leonhard, Leonardo means “brave lion.” It gained popularity through the renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his exceptional talent, environmental activism, and philanthropy.
  • Chris (Chris Hemsworth): Derived from the Greek name Christophoros, Chris means “bearer of Christ.” It rose to prominence through the charismatic actor Chris Hemsworth, acclaimed for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his striking physique.
  • Tom (Tom Hardy): Derived from the Aramaic name Thomas, Tom means “twin.” It gained recognition through the versatile actor Tom Hardy, celebrated for his intense performances and physical transformations in various films.
  • Michael (Michael B. Jordan): Derived from the Hebrew name Mikha’el, Michael means “who is like God.” It became popular due to the talented actor Michael B. Jordan, known for his captivating presence, powerful performances, and advocacy for social justice.
  • Henry (Henry Cavill): Derived from the Germanic name Heinrich, Henry means “ruler of the home” or “estate ruler.” It gained popularity through the British actor Henry Cavill, recognized for his portrayal of Superman and his suave charm.
  • Chadwick (Chadwick Boseman): Derived from Old English origins, Chadwick means “warrior” or “battlefield.” It gained prominence through the late actor Chadwick Boseman, revered for his inspiring portrayal of Black Panther and his commitment to representation in Hollywood.
  • Oscar (Oscar Isaac): Derived from Irish and English origins, Oscar means “deer lover” or “God’s spear.” It became well-known through the talented actor Oscar Isaac, known for his versatile performances and his ability to embody complex characters.
  • Samuel (Samuel L. Jackson): Derived from the Hebrew name Shemu’el, Samuel means “heard by God” or “God has heard.” It rose to prominence through the acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson, celebrated for his iconic roles, commanding presence, and powerful voice.
  • Daniel (Daniel Kaluuya): Derived from the Hebrew name Daniyyel, Daniel means “God is my judge.” It gained recognition through the talented actor Daniel Kaluuya, known for his exceptional performances and his ability to bring depth to his characters.
  • Robert (Robert Downey Jr.): Derived from the Germanic name Hrodebert, Robert means “bright fame” or “famous one.” It gained popularity through the beloved actor Robert Downey Jr., recognized for his portrayal of Iron Man and his charismatic personality.
  • By naming your baby boy after one of these A-list celebrities, you pay homage to their talent, influence, and success. These names are not only fashionable and unique but also carry the aura of fame and individuality, giving your child a name that sets him apart and inspires greatness.


Silver Screen Stars: Baby Boy Names that Channel the Charm of Movie Icons

  • Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart): Derived from Old Germanic origins, Humphrey means “peaceful warrior.” It gained popularity through the iconic actor Humphrey Bogart, known for his charismatic portrayals of tough yet sensitive characters in films like “Casablanca.”
  • Cary (Cary Grant): Derived from Old English origins, Cary means “from the fortress.” It rose to prominence through the dashing actor Cary Grant, celebrated for his sophisticated charm, impeccable style, and memorable performances.
  • Marlon (Marlon Brando): Derived from Old French origins, Marlon means “little falcon.” It gained recognition through the legendary actor Marlon Brando, renowned for his intense method acting and influential roles in films like “The Godfather.”
  • Clark (Clark Gable): Derived from Old English origins, Clark means “scribe” or “cleric.” It became well-known through the iconic actor Clark Gable, known for his striking good looks, debonair demeanor, and unforgettable performance in “Gone with the Wind.”
  • James (James Dean): Derived from Hebrew origins, James means “supplanter” or “one who follows.” It became popular due to the enigmatic actor James Dean, recognized for his rebel image, raw intensity, and his tragic status as a Hollywood legend.
  • Gregory (Gregory Peck): Derived from Greek origins, Gregory means “watchful” or “vigilant.” It gained prominence through the distinguished actor Gregory Peck, renowned for his commanding presence, noble portrayals, and iconic role in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • Charlie (Charlie Chaplin): Derived from Old English origins, Charlie means “free man” or “manly.” It rose to popularity through the comedic genius Charlie Chaplin, known for his timeless silent films, iconic bowler hat, and distinctive tramp character.
  • Spencer (Spencer Tracy): Derived from Old French and Middle English origins, Spencer means “keeper of provisions” or “steward.” It became well-known through the acclaimed actor Spencer Tracy, celebrated for his versatility, powerful performances, and numerous Academy Award wins.
  • Sidney (Sidney Poitier): Derived from Old English origins, Sidney means “wide island.” It gained recognition through the groundbreaking actor Sidney Poitier, known for his trailblazing achievements as the first Black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor.
  • Laurence (Laurence Olivier): Derived from Latin origins, Laurence means “crowned with laurels” or “victorious.” It became popular due to the esteemed actor Laurence Olivier, celebrated for his exceptional talent, theatrical prowess, and influential contributions to stage and screen.
  • By choosing one of these names for your baby boy, you honor the enduring legacy of classic movie icons. These names carry the charm, sophistication, and cultural significance of the silver screen, allowing your child to embody the timeless allure of Hollywood’s golden era.


Red Carpet Cool: Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names for Boys in the Spotlight

  • Beckham – Inspired by the football legend David Beckham, this name means “home by the stream” and represents strength and athleticism.
  • Cruz – This name, popularized by singer and actor Tom Cruise, means “cross” and symbolizes determination and ambition.
  • Zayn – A name made famous by singer Zayn Malik, it means “beauty” or “grace” and embodies style and charisma.
  • Jude – Inspired by the talented actor Jude Law, this name means “praised” and represents charm and sophistication.
  • Ashton – Popularized by actor Ashton Kutcher, this name means “ash tree town” and exudes a modern and edgy vibe.
  • Ezra – Inspired by actor Ezra Miller, this name means “helper” or “helper of God” and carries a sense of uniqueness and artistic flair.
  • Keanu – This name, associated with actor Keanu Reeves, means “cool breeze over the mountains” and represents calmness and strength.
  • Levi – Popularized by actor Levi Miller, this name means “joined” or “attached” and portrays a sense of modernity and style.
  • Finn – Inspired by actor Finn Wolfhard, this name means “fair” or “white” and conveys a sense of adventure and youthful energy.
  • Hudson – This name, often associated with actor Hudson Yang, means “son of Hudd” and embodies a combination of strength and sophistication.
  • Choosing a celebrity-inspired name for your baby boy can add a touch of glamour and contemporary appeal. These names not only pay homage to the influential celebrities but also bring a sense of coolness and confidence to your little one’s identity.


The Best Hollywood-Inspired Baby Boy Names for your Little Star

  • Benedict: We start the list with probably the hottest movie star of 2013, Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict Timothy Carlton’s full name provides an array of interesting names for a handsome baby boy. We chose Benedict because it is the most distinctive of them all. First of all, the current Pope’s name is Benedict XVI, giving an elevated image of respect. Benedict Cumberbatch thought takes the name to a whole new level! Too clever and too cool, he plays characters that are uber-trendy and prestigious. He has an insane charisma that glorifies the name. Your son will be thankful!
  • Τom: perhaps you might expect to see Tom because of Tom Cruise. But in fact, the name made it to the list of baby names for boys inspired by the hottest movie stars, thanks to Tom Hiddleston. Eloquent and tall, Hiddleston is one of the most charming men in Hollywood. His stardom was so great that he beats all other Avenger characters for a good reason. A philosophical soul that radiates happy vibes and loves being with a crowd, Tom Hiddleston’s sexiest role was Loki as the twisted brother of Thor. So, ladies, pay attention to this one!
  • Henry:it might be a royal name, but it can be seen as the hottest 6-abs in Hollywood, thanks to Henry Cavill. Impossibly sculpted and buff, his role as Superman, generated frenzied lust for millions of female fans worldwide. If all ancient Greeks looked like him, as we saw him in the 2011 movie Immortals, I wouldn’t mind stepping into the time machine and traveling back in time! Your baby boy will be confident with this kind of body and name to accompany his every step!
  • Ryan: Seriously, can you get any sexier than Ryan Gosling? From the romantic Notebook to the mugger thwarting Driver character, Ryan knows what women want. He is the epitome of cool and steadfast. Ryan is an Irish name that means little king, and Ryan Gosling is the king of your heart. It can be one of the safest bets you can have for sexy baby names for boys.
  • Robert: I can think of some people who would even sell their lives to the devil to be like multi-billionaire genius Tony Stark, the alter ego of the Ironman. The same goes for Robert Downey Jr, the intelligent man behind the machine. Thanks to his sheer charisma, he is one of the hottest movie actors in Hollywood. He is a ludicrously good-looking man who can fly not because he has superpowers but because he invents stuff. So if you want to see your son becoming a creative genius, choose Robert and sleep with peace of mind!
  • Liam: Fans of Liam are in good company with actors Liam Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, and singer Liam Payne.


  • Chris: the name sounds familiar, and yes, it’s common. But if you think about Chris Hemsworth, there is nothing common about him! The hot actor who plays Thor, the mighty Norse God, is a romantic character who risks everything to come back for his human love. Strong and fierce with a hammer, Chris Hemsworth gives this name a godly aura that can smash his opponents in a blink of an eye. Perfect for parents looking for a name to go along with a career-oriented baby boy who needs to be tough in a business environment.
  • Sebastian: Sebastian Stan, The Winter Soldier from Captain America, will continue influencing parents looking for trendy boy names this year.
  • Michael: yes, you can forget about Mike when you have Michael Fassbender next! The Irish-German actor is on fire with his latest films: he plays Magneto in the superhero film X-Men: First Class. After that, he was Archie Hicox in the Inglourious Basterds, next to Brad Pitt (a bit overused name for a list like this, so don’t expect to find it here). And more recently, the Counselor and 12 years an enslaved person. A talented and sometimes cocky figure can boost your baby boy’s sex appeal!
  • Hugh: the anti-hero Wolverine Marvel comics character earned international fame for Hugh Jackman. Hugh became an instant hit rising in baby name charts across the world with him. The meaning of Hugh is mind and intellect, and if you add this to the frequently shirtless beast that can rip people to shreds with his claws, then you have a winning combo! Bonus: Hugh Jackman is known for being one of the nicest people in Hollywood, a person with an honestly good heart that cares for his friends. Aren’t these attributes that your son should have, right?
  • Nolan: Sound familiar? That’s likely because of renowned director Christopher Nolan (Tenet) and Modern Family actor Nolan Gould.
  • Bradley:does the surname Cooper sound any bells to you? Of course, it does! Silver Linings Playbook was one of the cutest movie films of the last couple of years. Bradley Cooper played an amazing role as the half-crazy guy trying to get over his ex by learning how to dance. Come on, admit it, you felt sorry for him too and wanted to just give him a hug. But Bradley is in great shape, and he can inspire your baby boy to get at least some of his mega-star image.
  • Idris: brace yourselves for an unusual name that became insanely popular thanks to hot actor Idris Elba. He is the only person on our list who is also a producer, singer, rapper, and DJ. All in one amazing package! Idris is, in fact, a baby name of Welsh origin that means Lord. However, some baby name researchers suggest that the name has Arabic roots with a different meaning, study and learn. It can also be considered a Muslim baby name since the name can be found twice in the holy book Koran as a prophet’s name. He also speaks French, so expect a multi-cultural and international heritage with this name.
  • Zachary: if you count the list right, this should be the 11th name, but who cares. When it comes to Quinto, you can’t resist the temptation. With his fiery Vulcan passion, he is one of the movie stars with hidden depths waiting to be discovered. Just like his name! A rare Hebrew choice that means the Lord has remembered. Zach or Zak can be short alternatives, though the full Zachary name brings in mind the powerful Sylar from Heroes that almost destroyed Earth (no spoilers!)


100 Glamorous Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names

JesseMeaning: “God exists,” Bob Dylan’s son. (English origin).
StrummerMeaning: “one who strums” is the baby name of Julia Stiles’ son. (Greek origin).
AaronMeaning: “mountain of strength,” the name for several actors, including Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad also famous screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. (Greek origin).
HughMeaning: “mind,” actors Hugh Laurie and Hugh Jackman. A very similar baby name is Hugo. (Hebrew origin).
BirdieMeaning: “little bird,” the name of Jessica Simpson’s third child. (Hebrew origin).
GerardMeaning: “spear-headed,” name of ‘300’ star Gerard Butler. (English origin).
TroyMeaning: “foot soldier.” Troy Garity is the son of celeb parents Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. (Greek origin).
GeorgeMeaning: “farmer.” George Clooney is a celebrated movie star. (German origin).
MatthewMeaning: “gift of Yahweh.” Matthew McConaughey is an actor starring ‘interstellar’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street. (Hebrew origin).
SeanMeaning: “God is gracious,” name of Sean Flynn, born to celeb parents Jane Seymour and David Flynn. (Hebrew origin).
ChristopherMeaning: “Christ-bearer,” name of the famous movie director Christopher Nolan. (Greek origin).
WilliamMeaning: “will” and “helm.” Actor William Shatner is an example. (English origin).
RonaldMeaning: “advice” and “ruler” name of Jerry Lewis’ son with Patti Palmer. (Hebrew origin).
EthanMeaning: “strong,” the celebrity son of actor John Wayne. (Latin origin).
KitMeaning: “follower of Christ,” Jodie Foster’s eldest son. (Arabic origin).
EnnioMeaning: “favored by God” is Erin McNaught’s son. (English origin).
OliverMeaning: “olive tree,” name of actor Oliver Hudson. (Latin origin).
HeathMeaning: “moor dweller,” name of the actor, Heath Ledger. (Hebrew origin).
DoddMeaning: “plump.” Dodd Mitchell Darin is the celebrity baby of Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. (Scottish origin).
FrankMeaning: “free man.” Frank Sinatra from the 20th Century. (German origin).
RaddixMeaning: “root” is actress Cameron Diaz’s son, the most unique baby celebrity name. (English origin).


HartMeaning: “stag” is the name of Miranda Kerr’s son. (Greek origin).
HansMeaning: “Yahweh is gracious.” Hans Zimmer is a well-known film score composer. (Scottish origin).
OrlandoMeaning: “from glorious lands,” renowned actor Orlando Bloom. (Hebrew origin).
IsaiahMeaning: “Yahweh is salvation.” Isaiah Washington is a  famous actor and an internet personality. (Scandinavian origin).
AlecMeaning: “defender,” the name of popular SNL star Alec Baldwin. (Italian origin).
RiverMeaning: “large stream of water,” actor Joaquim Phoenix’s son. (German origin).
MylesMeaning: “soldier,” Marlon Brando’s son. (Spanish origin).
EdMeaning: “rich” or “friend.” Ed Sheeran is a celebrity singer/songwriter. (Spanish origin).
SamuelMeaning: “God heard,” the name of Jessica Lange’s son. (Spanish origin).
TerryMeaning: “tribe power,” the celebrity baby of ’90s actress Doris Day. (English origin).
Adam Meaning: “the earth” (as in-ground). Adam Sandler is a  well-known celebrity actor in movies such as  ‘Uncut Gems’ and ’50 First Dates’. (Latin origin).
AnthonyMeaning: “of the Antonius family,” the name of Anthony Bourdain, a famous TV personality. (English origin).
LeonardoMeaning: “strong as a lion.” Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar-winning actor. (Hebrew origin).
HalMeaning: “house ruler” is Benedict Cumberbatch’s son. (English origin).
PsalmMeaning: “song,” Kim and Kanye West’s second child. (German origin).
CzarMeaning: “emperor” is the name of Indian celeb film producer/actress Farah Khan’s youngest son. (Welsh origin).
ChaceMeaning: “seize.” Chace Crawford is a famous actor (‘The Boys’). (Hebrew origin).
ReignMeaning: “rule,” Kourtney Kardashian’s infant son. (Irish origin).
OnyxMeaning: “black gem” is the unique name celeb parents Alanis Morisette, and Mario Treadway gave to their child. (Scottish origin).
BrianMeaning: “noble.” Both phonetically similar, Bryan Cranston is an actor, while Brian Adams is a popular musician. (Latin origin).
JakeMeaning: “holder of the heel,” actor Jake Gyllenhaal. (Latin origin).
IanMeaning: “God is gracious.” Actor Ian McKellen and ‘James Bond’ author Ian Fleming. (German origin).
JackieMeaning: “God is gracious.” Examples include actor Jackie Chan. (English origin).
FarrokhMeaning: “fortunate.” Farrokh Bulsara is the real name of iconic rock-star Freddie Mercury. (Latin origin).
UptonMeaning: “upper field,” famous author Upton Sinclair. (Italian origin).
GaryMeaning: “spear.” Gary Oldman is a famous actor. (French origin).
KendrickMeaning: “family ruler.” The biggest celeb example is hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar. (German origin).
AudioMeaning: “sound” is the name of actress Shannyn Sossamon’s son. (Irish origin).
DanielMeaning: “God is my strength.” Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his Harry Potter in the adapted film series. (Latin origin).
HenryMeaning: “homeland ruler.” Henry Cavill is a famous actor. (German origin).
BobMeaning: “bright fame.” Bob Marley and Bob Dylan are both celebrity singers/songwriters. (English origin).
JonahMeaning: “dove,” name of actor Jonah Hill. (Greek origin).
KieferMeaning: “pine tree.” Kiefer Sutherland is a famous movie producer. (English origin).
IdrisMeaning: interpreter”. ‘The Wire’ star Idris Alba is a celebrity example. (English origin).
JettMeaning: “jet black,” John Travolta’s son. (Hebrew origin).
DavidMeaning: “beloved.” David Bowie, a.k.a Ziggy, is a world-famous singer. (French origin).
EdwardMeaning: “prosperous,” Christopher Edward Wilding, son of celebrity parents Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Taylor. (Italian origin).
JasonMeaning: “healer,” Sean Connery’s only son. (English origin).
StormiMeaning: “stormy,” Kylie Jenner’s child. (English origin).
DonaldMeaning: “world ruler.” Donald Glover is the real name of actor/rapper Childish Gambino. (English origin).
CharlesMeaning: “free man” is a variation of Charles, both names of several famous movie stars such as Charlie Day and Charlie Chaplin. (Greek origin).


BodhiMeaning: “enlightenment” is the baby name of Megan Fox’s son. (Latin origin).
BenedictMeaning: blessed’ is the name of ‘Sherlock’s lead star Benedict Cumberbatch. (English origin).
MichaelMeaning: “who is like God.” Michael Jackson is a pop sensation of the last Century. (Greek origin).
LiamMeaning: “protector,” examples being Liam Gallagher, a former member of the band ‘Oasis,’ and actor Liam Neeson. (Latin origin).
JadenMeaning: “thankful.” Jaden Smith is a famous actor and son of Will Smith. (Scandinavian origin).
GordonMeaning: “spacious fort” is the name of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. (Hebrew origin).
AnacaMeaning: “sweet-faced” is the baby name of Candice Swanepoel’s son. (Hebrew origin).
AppleMeaning: referring to the fruit, is the unusual name of the baby of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (Hebrew origin).
ChadwickMeaning: “town of Chad.” Chadwick Bosman was a talented actor. (English origin).
PatrickMeaning: “nobleman,” popular theatre and movie actor Patrick Stewart. (Hebrew origin).
BradleyMeaning: “broad meadow” is the name of several Hollywood stars, including Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt. (Greek origin).
JordanMeaning: “descend” is the name of singer/songwriter Jordan Fisher. (French origin).
KeanuMeaning: “cold breeze.” Keanu Reeves is a  famous contemporary film star. (English origin).
BrendanMeaning: “prince.” Actor Brendan Fraser has this name. (Hebrew origin).
LeoneMeaning: lion’ is Italian hip-hop star Fedez’s child’s name. (Greek origin).
JohnMeaning: “YHWH has been gracious.” Author John Green and wrestler John Cena have this name. (Greek origin).
IveyMeaning: “ivy” is Jamie Watson’s son’s name. (Hebrew origin).
JamieMeaning: “heel” or “supplanter.” Actor Jamie Dornan is an example. (Latin origin).
SailorMeaning: boatman” Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner’s child. (Greek origin).
ScottMeaning: “Scottish” name of Paul Newman’s eldest son. (Latin origin).
HarryMeaning: “home-ruler.” Name of singer, Harry Styles. (English origin).
EvanMeaning: “youth.” Evan Ross, Diana Ross’s son. (Scottish origin).
CricketMeaning: “insect of the night” is the unique name Busy Phillip gave to her son. (German origin).
RonanMeaning: “little seal,” the name of Mia Farrow’s celebrity baby son. (English origin).
BanjoMeaning: “a stringed musical instrument” is Australian actress Rachel Griffiths’ son’s unique name. (Hebrew origin).
LarryMeaning: “man from Laurenam.” Larry King is an iconic talk show host. (German origin).
OtisMeaning: “prosperity,” Olivia Wilde’s child. (English origin).
EricMeaning: “eternal king” is the name of legendary singer/guitarist Eric Clapton. (English origin).
KultureMeaning: “culture” is Cardi B’s child, another eccentric celebrity baby name. (English origin).
KevinMeaning: “of noble birth.” Kevin Hart is a celebrated stand-up comic. (Hebrew origin).
GravityMeaning: “gravitas, ” American celebrity model Lucky Blue Smith’s son. (Latin origin).
TitanMeaning: “big powerful man,” Kelly Rowland’s child’s name. (Spanish origin).
HrithikMeaning: “from the heart.” Name of Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood star. (Spanish origin).
ChadMeaning: “warrior/leader,” the celebrity baby born to parents Steve McQueen and Nelie Adams. (Hebrew origin).
EliasMeaning: “Yahweh is with me” is Michael Bublé’s son. (Hebrew origin).
RayMeaning: “advisor,” name of Jack Nicholson’s son. (Spanish origin).
HarrisonMeaning: “son of Harry,” name of actor Harrison Ford. (Greek origin).
DexterMeaning: “dyer,” Diane Keaton’s son. (Hebrew origin).


More Names for Boys