Vintage Boy Names that are Cool Again

Are you an old-fashioned parent still in love with the past and would like to consider giving one of the best vintage baby names around? Do you like vintage clothes and furniture and look back and reflect on the years gone by in every decision? Vintage is the new cool, and people worldwide are going completely nuts with this new fashion of going back to re-invent themselves. We have recently seen so much change in our lives that we are re-thinking how we want to raise our children in modern times. Well, I have news for you. Vintage baby names are now cool again! Any of these old-fashioned baby names for boys listed below will bring memories of the past, innocence, virtue, pride, and maybe a little bit of prejudice! They will not only make your grandmother happy but will make your son thank you in the future for giving him such a unique, selected, and classic name.Hello! My Name Is Stanley.

The Best Vintage Baby Names for Boys with Meanings

  • Atticus: a Latin name that reveals the origin of a person who comes from Attiki, the province of Athens. The name became popular because of a man who went down in history as the “publisher.” He got his nickname because his slaves, unlike other masters’ slaves, would copy important books of philosophy and history instead of working in the fields. We truly owe a lot to Atticus for what we know about the past. This male baby name is a tribute to all things that truly matter and deserve preservation!
  • Barney: a diminutive name for Barnabas, a Cypriot Jew among the early Christians. Together with Apostle Paul went on many journeys to preach the gospel of Jesus and is known as the cousin of another early Christian, Mark the Evangelist. The name has a deep, pure meaning. Barnabas got his name after he sold all his belongings and gave the money to the poor, thus changing his life forever and changing his birth-given name of Joseph to Barnabas. This vintage name is cool again because of the “How I met your Mother” fictional character Barney who is the epitome of awesome. We love you, Barney!
  • Casper: a name of Persian (i.e., today’s Iran) origin that means treasurer. It’s cool because Casper is the name of the friendly ghost cartoon TV series particularly popular with parents aged 25-40.
  • Chester: means the fortress, a camp, and a British city located in Cheshire, England. It’s old-fashioned because it is a city founded by the Romans in 70 AD, and it’s known for its importance during medieval times. However, it has a unique gravity because of Chester Arthur. After the assassination of president Jame Garfield, he was the 21st President of the United States.
  • Clem: means merciful, and it’s a diminutive name of Clement, Latin origin. The name is cool again because the street meaning of clem refers back to the guy who is a bit clumsy but is always a good friend. Even though he might make stupid decisions sometimes, everyone loves him!
  • Curtis: means polite and courteous, and it was given as a nickname to brave people during the middle ages. While historians argue whether the name is of English or French origin, rappers agree that the name Curtis belongs to 50 Cent, which makes it way too cool!
  • Dexter: have you heard the joke that every word derives from Greek? It might be over-exaggerated, but in this case, it’s probably true as Dexter comes from the Greek word “dexi,” which means right. So, Dexter became the symbol of the fortunate guy as right was always the lucky, the privileged (think of the King’s right hand). Do we even need to explain why such a vintage name is cool again, or do you want us to spare the details of Dexter, the TV hero. He has been incredibly hot since its debut on Showtime!

Hello! My Name Is Harvey.

  • Duane: means dark and swarthy, which was given to Gaels because their skin was darker than the pale-skinned Scandinavians. And what’s cooler than sexy sun-tanned skin these days?
  • Duke: a noble title that reminds the old ages, it’s still cool mainly due to the high popularity of the Royal Family.
  • Elmer: during the American Revolution, two activists left their mark forever and are now known as legends. Ebenezer and Jonathan Elmer made this name popular in the 19th century as a symbol of revolution, which is now more than ever.
  • Gill: a diminutive name of Gilbert which means bright pledge. Irish people had a different interpretation and gave this baby name to servants. Gilly Hicks has become incredibly hot underwear by Abercombie & Fitch designers (if you haven’t tried them yet, I suggest you browse their online shop right away, and you will be blown away by the hundreds of cute bras  they have), which makes an instant win for this baby name!
  • Harvey: another form of the French name Harve, which means strong and worthy. I’m sure you will agree that Harvey Nichols, the no.1 luxury fashion department store, makes it cool by itself!
  • Luke: a bit of sci-fi, a bit of nostalgia so truly vintage because of the link with Luke Skywalker, the ultimate Jedi and hero of the original Star Wars saga.
  • Mitchell: is a very popular name for boys, especially in Australia.
  • Monty: short for Mont. Vintage because it relates to Monty Python, the hilarious British black comedy team behind great classic comedies such as The Life of Brian.
  • Mort: short for Mortimer, which is French. Mort was the sound that people would use when a dead deer was fallen after hunting.
  • Myron: another name of Greek origin that has the meaning of great aromatic oil.
  • Ned: short for Edward, vintage because it reminds Kings and royalty, and cool because it was recently linked to the honest King of the North, Ned Stark, from the Game of Thrones TV series.
  • Norm: a diminutive name for the old German name Norman which means the person from the north.
  • Oscar: elegant, classic name, ’nuff said!
  • Stanley: it sounds vintage doesn’t it? However, it’s oh-so-cool because of Stan, the famous song by Eminem featuring British singer Dido, from the multi platinum album  The Marshall Mathers LP released in 1999. Lately, Stan is uber cool because of a new kid on the block!
  • Wilbur: a different form of the old German name Wilbur
  • Wyatt: means strength, a baby name for boys which has seen an increase in popularity in the past few years.

Hello! My Name Is Wilbur.

150 Old Fashioned Boy Names that are Truly Timeless

BrunoMeaning: “Brown.” (German origin).
AmbroseMeaning: “Immortal.” (Greek origin).
FrankieMeaning: “Frenchman; free man.” (Latin origin).
WatsonMeaning: “Son of Walter.” (English origin).
RandallMeaning: “Wolf shield.” (German origin).
RussellMeaning: “Little red.” (English origin).
PeterMeaning: “Stone.” (Greek origin).
AbrahamMeaning: “Father of nations.” (Hebrew origin).
RhettMeaning: “Advice.” (English origin).
MiloMeaning: “Soldier.” (German origin).
BeauMeaning: “Handsome.” (French origin).
EzraMeaning: “Help.” (Hebrew origin).
GilbertMeaning: “Bright promise.” (French origin).
ConradMeaning: “Brave, bold ruler or counsel.” (German origin).
NewtonMeaning: “New town.” (English origin).

Hello! My Name Is Watson.

DeWittMeaning: “Blond.” (English origin).
MicahMeaning: “Who is Like God?.” (Hebrew origin).
WyattMeaning: “Brave in battle.” (English origin).
VernonMeaning: “Alder grove.” (French origin).
OllieMeaning: “Olive tree.” (Latin origin).
WallaceMeaning: “Welshman.” (French origin).
JonahMeaning: “Dove.” (Hebrew origin).
ErnestMeaning: “Serious; a battle to the death.” (German origin).
SaulMeaning: “Prayed for.” (Hebrew origin).
SolomonMeaning: “Peace.” (Hebrew origin).
WarrenMeaning: “Game preserve.” (English origin).
BernardMeaning: “Strong, brave bear.” (German origin).
HarleyMeaning: “Hare meadow; the long field.” (English origin).
BenjaminMeaning: “A favorite son.” (Hebrew origin).
RoyceMeaning: “”Roy’s son,” from Roy and ce, here regarded as “son.”.” (German origin).
TroyMeaning: “Foot soldier.” (Irish origin).
IsaacMeaning: “He will laugh.” (Hebrew origin).
AugustusMeaning: “Great, magnificent.” (Latin origin).
AlbertMeaning: “Noble, bright, famous.” (German origin).
DudleyMeaning: “People’s field.” (English origin).
HankMeaning: “Home ruler.” (German origin).


WilliamMeaning: “A willing protector.” (German origin).
RodneyMeaning: “Roda’s island; island near the clearing.” (German origin).
CecilMeaning: “Blind; sixth.” (Welsh origin).
EverettMeaning: “Brave boar.” (English origin).
LeonMeaning: “Lion.” (Greek origin).
FrankMeaning: “Frenchman.” (English origin).
MaxMeaning: “Greatest.” (English origin).
DonovanMeaning: “Darkened.” (Irish origin).
OdellMeaning: “Woad hill.” (English origin).
FloydMeaning: “Gray-haired.” (Welsh origin).
VaughnMeaning: “Little.” (Welsh origin).
MarshallMeaning: “Caretaker of horses.” (English origin).
RalphMeaning: “Wolf counsel.” (English origin).
DesmondMeaning: “From South Munster.” (Irish origin).
FrederickMeaning: “Peaceful ruler.” (German origin).
AugustMeaning: “To increase.” (Latin origin).
EdwinMeaning: “Wealthy friend.” (English origin).
ZachariahMeaning: “The Lord recalled.” (Hebrew origin).
ClarkMeaning: “Cleric.” (English origin).
CharlieMeaning: “Free man.” (English origin).
JacobMeaning: “Supplanter.” (Hebrew origin).
GregoryMeaning: “Watchful.” (Greek origin).
LeonardoMeaning: “brave lion.” (Italian origin).
TobiasMeaning: “God is good.” (Hebrew origin).
QuentinMeaning: “Fifth.” (Latin origin).
MalcolmMeaning: “Devotee of Saint Columba.” (Scottish origin).
ReginaldMeaning: “Ruler’s advisor.” (Latin origin).
SimonMeaning: “He has heard.” (Hebrew origin).
RobertoMeaning: “Bright fame.” (Italian origin).
SonnyMeaning: “Son.” (English origin).
TrevorMeaning: “Large settlement.” (Welsh origin).
OttoMeaning: “Wealth.” (German origin).
ClydeMeaning: “”The keeper of the keys,” from the Greek Meidion, a key..” (Scottish origin).
JeremiahMeaning: “God will exalt.” (Hebrew origin).
ColinMeaning: “Cub.” (English origin).


ArthurMeaning: “Bear.” (Celtic origin).
GarrettMeaning: “Spear rule.” (English origin).
MitchellMeaning: “A variant spelling of Mitchel..” (English origin).
ClarenceMeaning: “One who lives near the River Clare.” (Latin origin).
EdgarMeaning: “Wealthy spear.” (English origin).
EstebanMeaning: “A Spanish form of Stephen..” (Spanish origin).
ForrestMeaning: “Woodsman; woods.” (French origin).
BradleyMeaning: “Broad meadow.” (English origin).
SamuelMeaning: “Name of God.” (Hebrew origin).
FergusMeaning: “Supreme man; highest choice.” (Scottish origin).
IraMeaning: “Full-grown; watchful.” (Hebrew origin).
JosiahMeaning: “God supports.” (Hebrew origin).
MarcoMeaning: “Warlike.” (Italian origin).
AmosMeaning: “To carry; borne by God.” (Hebrew origin).
HenryMeaning: “Home ruler.” (English origin).
VincentMeaning: “Conquer.” (Latin origin).
FranklinMeaning: “Free landholder.” (English origin).
HarryMeaning: “Home ruler.” (German origin).
WalterMeaning: “Commander of the army.” (German origin).
GradyMeaning: “Descendant of nobility.” (Irish origin).
EmmettMeaning: “Universal.” (English origin).


Check baby name meanings or explore the best baby names, including famous names,

unusual names, cool names, names by ethnic groups, and many more!

Baby Names
HudsonMeaning: “Son of Hudd.” (English origin).
GeorgeMeaning: “Farmer.” (Greek origin).
PhillipMeaning: “Horse lover.” (Greek origin).
EzekielMeaning: “God will strengthen.” (Hebrew origin).
BruceMeaning: “”The man from the brushwood,” ultimately from the Latin bruscia, brush wood..” (Ancient origin).
SheldonMeaning: “Steep valley.” (English origin).
FelixMeaning: “Happy and lucky.” (Latin origin).
RexMeaning: “King.” (Latin origin).
OliverMeaning: “Olive tree.” (English origin).
JasperMeaning: “Treasurer.” (English origin).
CalebMeaning: “Whole heart.” (Hebrew origin).
MilesMeaning: “Soldier.” (Latin origin).
ElliotMeaning: “My God is Yahweh.” (English origin).


RicardoMeaning: “Brave ruler.” (Spanish origin).
TimothyMeaning: “Honoring God.” (Greek origin).
ElliottMeaning: “My God is Yahweh.” (English origin).
KirkMeaning: “Church.” (Scandinavian origin).
VictorMeaning: “Champion.” (Latin origin).
FrancisMeaning: “Frenchman; free man.” (Latin origin).
TheodoreMeaning: “God’s gift.” (Greek origin).
CharlesMeaning: “Free man.” (German origin).
AngeloMeaning: “Messenger of God.” (Italian origin).
SullivanMeaning: “Dark-eyed.” (Irish origin).
TheronMeaning: “Hunter.” (Greek origin).
SilasMeaning: “Man of the forest.” (Latin origin).
ElijahMeaning: “My God is Yahweh.” (Hebrew origin).
LeoMeaning: “Lion.” (Latin origin).
MartinMeaning: “Of Mars.” (Latin origin).
NormanMeaning: “Northerner.” (German origin).
TrentonMeaning: “Trent’s town.” (English origin).
PrestonMeaning: “Priest’s town.” (English origin).
LorenzoMeaning: “Laurel.” (Italian origin).
BenedictMeaning: “Blessed.” (Latin origin).
HugoMeaning: “”An intellectual,” from the Germanic hugu, the mind..” (Latin origin).
MosesMeaning: “Saviour.” (Hebrew origin).
WaylonMeaning: “Land by the road.” (English origin).
WinstonMeaning: “Joyful stone.” (English origin).
HarlandMeaning: “Army land.” (English origin).
ThomasMeaning: “Twin.” (Greek origin).
LouisMeaning: “Famous warrior.” (French origin).
EdwardMeaning: “Wealthy guard.” (English origin).
HaroldMeaning: “Army ruler.” (Scandinavian origin).
OscarMeaning: “Friend of deer.” (Gaelic origin).
ReubenMeaning: “Behold, a son.” (Hebrew origin).
SpencerMeaning: “Dispenser of provisions.” (English origin).
LyleMeaning: “The island.” (French origin).
LucasMeaning: “From Lucania.” (Latin origin).
DennisMeaning: “Follower of Dionysius.” (Greek origin).
ByronMeaning: “At the byres or barn.” (English origin).
DuaneMeaning: “Dark, swarthy.” (Scandinavian origin).
StanleyMeaning: “Stony meadow.” (English origin).
OtisMeaning: “Wealth; son of Otto.” (German origin).
KeithMeaning: “Woodland, forest.” (Scottish origin).
JackMeaning: “God is gracious.” (English origin).
RolandoMeaning: “Renowned land.” (Spanish origin).
JohnnyMeaning: “God is gracious.” (Hebrew origin).


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