June Baby Names Inspired By Sun and Summer

June is the first summer month, the best time of the year, so why not associate your baby name with great positive vibes? Seasonality makes people never get bored, so monthly ideas for baby names are ideal for every parent! In June you start to make plans for holidays, people are more laid-back and relaxed. You have your first swimming and sun tanning sessions if you are close to the seaside. Children have more reasons to love June as it is the month they spend their well-deserved time off from school. It’s the month they think all year long, and they talk during class, eagerly waiting for the final ring bell! Don’t forget to check out our wonderful collection of summer quotes and cards!Hello! My Name is Eliana.

Top June-Inspired Baby Names for Girls

  • Baby names for girls inspired by June include the name Chasca who is the amazing Inca dawn goddess. Junia is all too obvious for us to explain, but it is also a choice for you! If you prefer something more European, you might want to consider Zelia, which meaning “sunshine” in Spanish. Finally, you can opt for Helios, the sun himself, for a bit of ancient Greek heritage! And since we are in Greek territory, there is also Nerida, a group of names connected to the sea, a perfect companion for the summer and the month of June.
  • Abigail: meaning a father’s joy (Hebrew origin).
  • Arjun: meaning bright, shining (Hindi origin).
  • Avira: meaning bright (Hindi/Tamil origin).
  • Eliana: meaning daughter of the sun (Greek origin).
  • Elidi: meaning gift of the sun, a perfect choice for your new bundle of joy (Greek origin).
  • Eloise: is a variant of the Old French name, Héloïse, possibly from the Greek Helios, meaning “sun.”
  • Kalinda: meaning sun (Hindi origin).

Hello! My Name is Juno.

  • Kyra: the female form of Cyrus, meaning the sun (Greek origin).
  • June: obviously!
  • Juna: a modern and pretty and version of name June.
  • Juno: the name of the Roman goddess who gives her name to June.
  • Marisol: a combination of Maria meaning beloved in Greek, and sol, the Spanish word for thed sun.
  • Metheven: meaning June (Cornish origin).
  • Pearl: is June’s birthstone.
  • Phaedra/Phedra: meaning bright (Greek origin).
  • Rhoswen: meaning white rose (Welsh origin).
  • Rose: is June’s birth flower.
  • Solana: meaning sunshine (Spanish origin).
  • Soleil: meaning sun (French origin).

Hello! My Name is Nikko.


Top June-Inspired Baby Names for Boys

  • The Summer Solstice on June 21st marks the official start of the summer. Its metaphoric meaning is the abundance of light and health. It’s an ancient symbol of life-giving power as the sun is considered the king of the universe. But please, don’t call your son “Sunny” unless you want his classmates to mock him 24/7! Instead, why don’t you consider something alternative, like Nikko, which meaning sunlight in Japan? If you are more traditional and would like to stay with a pure English name, Dayton is always a name that can be broken down to Day (bright and sunny) and Ton (town). Bay or Beach are also good choices, and they can be found in some top baby names list, particularly in the southern states.
  • Anshul: meaning sunbeam (Hindi origin).
  • Asis: meaning sun (African origin).
  • Cyrus: meaning sun (Persian origin).
  • Delbert: meaning bright like the day (English origin).
  • Eleodoro: meaning gift from the sun (Spanish origin).
  • Elio: a variation on the name Helios, the Greek god  of the sun (Italian/Spanish origin).
  • Galeno: meaning little bright one (Spanish origin).

Hello! My name is Asis.

  • Helios: is the name of the young Greek god of the sun who rides across the sky each day in a bright chariot pulled by four horses.
  • Jared: meaning rose, June’s birth flower (Hebrew origin).
  • Linden: is a flowering tree.
  • Nayer/Nayir: meaning sunshine (Egyptian origin).
  • Phoebus: meaning shining and brilliant. Also, an alternative name for the god Apollo (Greek origin).
  • Roshan: meaning light (Persian origin).
  • Samson: meaning of the sun (Hebrew origin).
  • Sharik: meaning one on whom the sun shines (Arabic origin).
  • Ziv: meaning very bright (Hebrew origin).


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