Flower Names for Baby Girls (and Boys) That Can Blossom your Feelings

Flower names express the parents’ love for gardening and nature. These names are usually used for girls, but floral names for boys are interesting, whimsical, and meaningful. They have a cool factor and are well suited for any sweet baby boy. Discover dozens of flower names and make your own bouquet for your baby girl or boy! Even if you are an urban person living in a metropolitan city with no access to a garden, flowers might still attract you. This is because they are beautiful and help build a nice environment. Scientific research shows that flowers can even help people set a good mood every time they see them. After all, gardening can protect your physical and mental health, and it is the secret of longevity amongst some of the centenarians around the world! So why don’t you pass these nice attributes of beauty and kindness to your baby by giving one of the following amazingly fresh flower names?Hello! My Name is Flora.

Unique Flower Names for Baby Girls

  • Azami: if you thought we would start our flower names list with the usual “Rose,” we might disappoint you. Our research has gone far deeper than that, to the far East, where Azami means thistle flower in Japanese. Lively and a bit exotic, Azami revives the thistle’s image in the Eastern mythology and gives baby girls that carry this name a feeling of defiance. Flower names should not be boring; look for prickly alternatives that go out of the box, just like Azami does.
  • Bryony: a Latin flower name for a really strong and powerful climbing vine that can have green flowers. The meaning of Bryony is to sprout. The Br- combination of letters at the beginning of Bryony makes it one of the strongest flower names, best suited for girls that can handle their own business and are destined for great things in their lives. Bryone is ranked among the most popular flower names in the UK, but it’s getting trendy in the US.
  • Flora: if you prefer vintage girl names, Flora might be a great choice. Full of considerable charm, Flora is one of the gently old-fashioned names that are cute again. With Dora and Cora that sound more or less like it, Flora is destined for a landslide comeback. The name itself derives from a Roman Goddess of flowers and spring that was blessed to have eternal youth. It’s probably too early to think about aging when looking at a pretty baby girl, but time flies. Before you know it, your cute daughter will become an attractive woman who gives her own fight against the signs of age like the rest of us!
  • Gelsey: flower names from the East are more unusual and rare, yet we have some balletic suggestions from you. Take Gelsey, for example. This Persian baby name means flower and has a graceful image primarily thanks to famous American ballerina Gelsey Kirkland who runs her own Academy of classical ballet in New York.

Hello! My Name is Leilani.

  • Leilani: exotic choices of flower names are on the rise according to recent trends. Leilani is a prime example of a Hawaiian girl name that currently enjoys a steady rise in popularity. It can be found on the #224 spot on the official popular baby names chart by SSA. Leilani means heavenly flower, and it can be a great choice if you are a religious couple that loves gardening and surfing!
  • Marigold: one of the poshest flower names in Britain, Marigold is a unique and exclusive choice. Historically, the sunny name can be found in many aristocratic families and English novels that tell the intriguing stories of the rich and famous. The -gold ending gives this flower name a feeling of prosperity, and it can be linked with the shining stone that everyone loves: gold! Apart from the obvious material meaning, Marigold is also a religious symbol. The name was reserved for the Mother of Jesus Christ, one of the most important figures in Christianity, the Virgin Mary.
  • Orchid: flower names are usually innocent, but not this one. The orchid is definitely not for the shy as it can symbolize genitalia. However, the orchid signifies pure symbols like love and beauty in most cases. The Chinese use it as a sign of many children, which is generally considered a huge blessing if you add the giving-birth restriction of only 1 child that the government imposed as an extreme birth control measure. Orchids can be a costly gift as the price of such a magnificent flower can rise up to a few hundred dollars. Pink Orchids stand for affection, while the Cattleya species is reserved as a special gift for Mother’s day (check out the best Mother’s day wishes) since it represents mature charm. In other cultures, Orchids are lined with the 28th wedding anniversary for an unknown reason that has roots in ancient tradition. A bold choice among the flower names, orchid as a girl name will enjoy a higher status and be a valuable ally in a lady’s quest for glory.
  • Zahara: This flower names list has it all from A to Z. Rare girl names and popular choices like Zahara, thanks to the celebrity Brangelina couple. When Hollywood superstars Angelina Jolie and Bratt Pitt chose Zahara as the name of their Ethiopian-born adopted daughter, the name was instantly brought into the spotlight. With Hebrew roots, Zahara means “flower” and is a multi-cultural choice that is being reinforced with stardom dust.

Hello! My Name is Rosen.

Unique Flower Names for Baby Boys

  • Ren: Meaning water lily, lotus. A very popular name for boys in Japan, most familiar in the West as the hero in “Footloose” and in the cartoon “Ren and Stimpy.”
  • Florian: A Latin floral name meaning “flowering” very popular in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Florian was the patron saint of those in danger from water and firefighters.
  • Rosen: A Bulgarian name meaning “rose; burning bush.” This floral name is the Bulgarian word for the dittany plant. It derives from the highly volatile oils produced by the plant, which in hot weather can actually catch fire. It is the name of a former President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev.
  • Aletris: A Greek name meaning “corn grinder.” The bell-shaped flower Aletris is known as Unicorn Root, Colic Root, and Stargrass. Its roots are used to aid muscle and digestive problems.
  • Basil: It has Greek origin, and it is a fragrant herb with little flowers.

Hello! My Name is Basil.

Offices and homes alike always have a lot of spots where flowers can be placed. People can choose from a wide range of flowers according to their personal tastes and mood. From the classic choices of roses and tulips to playful lilies and impressive orchids, flowers can set deep emotions and be a strong symbol of gratitude, affection, and love. Flower names are especially popular among parents as they feel they are part of everyday life, and they can’t think of a better name to give to their babies than a beautiful blossoming flower! Let’s find out what options you have on baby names inspired by flowers and what each name carries in its roots, name origin, and meaning.Hello! My Name is Yasmine.

50 Popular Flower Baby Names for Girls

LillyMeaning: “Lily flower.” (English origin).
BrionyMeaning: “Climbing plant.” (Greek origin).
FloraMeaning: “Flower.” (Latin origin).
LilyMeaning: “Lily flower.” (English origin).
MarigoldMeaning: “”Resplendent Mary,” from Mary (regarded as the Virgin Mary) and gold (here the symbol of splendor).” (English origin).
VioletMeaning: “Violet flower.” (English origin).
HazelMeaning: “Hazelnut tree.” (English origin).
LeilaniMeaning: “Heavenly flower.” (Polynesian origin).
LavenderMeaning: “Lavender flower.” (English origin).
AstridMeaning: “Fair, beautiful goddess.” (Scandinavian origin).
HollyMeaning: “The holly tree.” (English origin).
DahliaMeaning: “Dahlia flower.” (Scandinavian origin).
BryonyMeaning: “Climbing plant.” (Greek origin).
FernMeaning: “Fern.” (English origin).
VerbenaMeaning: “Holy plants.” (Latin origin).
YasmineMeaning: “Jasmine; jasmine flower.” (Persian origin).


BlossomMeaning: “Flower-like.” (English origin).
BlimahMeaning: “Blossom.” (Hebrew origin).
MyrtleMeaning: “”The exclusive,” in allusion to the plant of the same name regarded as sacred to Venus.” (Latin origin).
CarnationMeaning: “Flesh.” (Latin origin).
SusanMeaning: “Lily.” (Hebrew origin).
DaisyMeaning: “Daisy flower.” (English origin).
PeonyMeaning: “Praisegiving.” (Greek origin).
LillianMeaning: “Lily flower.” (English origin).
CloverMeaning: “”She who clings lovingly.” From a Germanic base meaning “to adhere.” An allusion to the adhesive property of clover sap.” (English origin).
NarcissaMeaning: “Daffodil.” (Greek origin).
HeatherMeaning: “”The maiden from the heath,” in allusion to the heather-covered wastelands in the British isles.” (English origin).
RosemaryMeaning: “Dew of the sea.” (Latin origin).
CamelliaMeaning: “Helper to the priest.” (Latin origin).
ShoshannahMeaning: “The Hebrew form, and original, of Susanna.” (Hebrew origin).
CallaMeaning: “Beautiful.” (Greek origin).
WillowMeaning: “Willow tree.” (English origin).
JuniperMeaning: “Juniper tree.” (English origin).
JasmineMeaning: “Jasmine flower.” (Persian origin).


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Baby Names
FleurMeaning: “Flower.” (French origin).
AmaryllisMeaning: “Fresh, sparkling.” (Greek origin).
HyacinthMeaning: “A variant spelling of Hyacintha.” (Greek origin).
FiorellaMeaning: “Flower.” (Latin origin).
AlthedaMeaning: “Like a blossom.” (Greek origin).
JacintaMeaning: “Hyacinth.” (Spanish origin).
PrimroseMeaning: “First rose.” (English origin).
PosyMeaning: “Small Flower.” (English origin).
DaffodilMeaning: “A personal name derived from the plant of the same name, in allusion to its ornate flowers.” (French origin).
CherryMeaning: “Cherry fruit.” (Modern origin).
RoseMeaning: “Rose flower.” (English origin).
AsterMeaning: “Star.” (English origin).
AzaleaMeaning: “Dry.” (Greek origin).
MagnoliaMeaning: “Magnolia flower.” (English origin).
IrisMeaning: “Rainbow.” (Greek origin).
IolantheMeaning: “Violet flower.” (Greek origin).
AcaciaMeaning: “Thorny tree.” (Greek origin).
SennaMeaning: “The Senna Plant.” (English origin).
FlowerMeaning: “Blossom.” (French origin).
IvyMeaning: “Ivy plant.” (English origin).
KalinaMeaning: “Flower.” (Slavic origin).
PansyMeaning: “Flowering plant with velvety petals.” (French origin).
LotusMeaning: “Lotus flower.” (Greek origin).
ChlorisMeaning: “Green, greenish-yellow.” (Greek origin).
OrchidMeaning: “Flowering plant.” (Latin origin).

Hello! My Name is Florinio.

50 Popular Flower Baby Names for Boys

JaredMeaning: “Descent.” (Hebrew origin).
BlathmaMeaning: “Flower.” (Irish origin).
AcianoMeaning: “The blue bottle flower.” (Spanish origin).
CedarMeaning: “Type of Tree.” (American origin).
FlorentzMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
GilfordMeaning: “Ford with yellow flowers.” (English origin).
BasilMeaning: “Royal, kingly.” (Greek origin).
MossMeaning: “Saviour.” (English origin).
SageMeaning: “Healing herb.” (Latin origin).
AweinonMeaning: “Moving Flowers.” (Native American origin).
FlorentMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
FlorinoMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
FlorentinoMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).


ClemMeaning: “Merciful.” (Latin origin).
ZaharMeaning: “Shine, sparkle, bloom.” (Arabic origin).
CrisentoMeaning: “Gold flower.” (Spanish origin).
SorrelMeaning: “Red-brown.” (French origin).
RhodesMeaning: “Where roses grow.” (German origin).
AoiMeaning: “Hollyhock Flower.” (Japanese origin).
FiorelloMeaning: “Little flower.” (Italian origin).
FlorianMeaning: “Flower.” (Slavic origin).
GulzarMeaning: “In bloom, flourishing.” (Arabic origin).
PoppyMeaning: “From the Flower.” (Latin origin).
LotemMeaning: “Bush of Golden Flowers.” (Hebrew origin).
MallowMeaning: “Flower.” (American origin).
CresentoMeaning: “Gold flower.” (Spanish origin).
TalasiMeaning: “Cornflower.” (Native American origin).
FlorentinMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
GajijensMeaning: “Its Flowers Fall.” (Native American origin).
FlorienMeaning: “Flower.” (Slavic origin).


KamalMeaning: “Perfection, perfect.” (Arabic origin).
TsvetanMeaning: “Color, Flower.” (Bulgarian origin).
GardenerMeaning: “Keeper of the garden.” (English origin).
PoviyemoMeaning: “Flower Falling.” (Native American origin).
FlorinioMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
LavenderMeaning: “A Purple Flowering Plant.” (English origin).
CalixMeaning: “Very Handsome.” (Greek origin).
FlorentijnMeaning: “Flowering.” (Dutch origin).
ZahirMeaning: “Blossoming, flourishing.” (Arabic origin).
HawthorneMeaning: “Where hawthorn trees grow.” (English origin).
ThornMeaning: “Thorn bush.” (English origin).
PeregrineMeaning: “Traveler, wanderer.” (Latin origin).
PovitamunMeaning: “Morning Flower.” (Native American origin).
FlorusMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).
IndigoMeaning: “Blue-purple color.” (English origin).
RaananMeaning: “Fresh, green, flourishing.” (Hebrew origin).
HinataMeaning: “Sunflower, Facing The Sun.” (Japanese origin).
PahukumaaMeaning: “Edge of a Sunflower.” (Native American origin).
BudMeaning: “Brother.” (Gaelic origin).
RoselinMeaning: “Red-haired.” (French origin).
AlderMeaning: “From the alder tree.” (English origin).
FlorenzMeaning: “In flower.” (French origin).


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