Blooming April-Themed Baby Names

April baby names are dedicated to all the baby girls and boys born in the second month of the Spring. See our impressive list of cool ideas! We have colors, birthstones, and astrological signs associated with April. We decided not to include Easter baby names in this post, as we think they deserve a special feature. The other reason is that Easter can also be celebrated in May, so we didn’t want to link it only with April. April baby names are more unusual than the rest of the baby names inspired by months. Even though there is no apparent reason for that, one will notice that so many great April baby names deserve more attention. Read on and discover the most exciting ways to associate your girl or boy born in April with these unique names.Hello April

April Baby Names You’ll Love

  • April: the most popular month baby name of them all, April is a cute girl name that can be found on the top 400 baby names. But what does the name really mean besides the obvious month? The meaning of April is open in Latin. And there is a good reason for that. During April, nature is blooming. Flowers open their stems, and the most beautiful colors come into play. Even though April is the second month of Spring, it is the second rainiest month of the year. In case you wonder, July is the first. Many baby name researchers associate April with water-related names, some of which we will explore below. The Romans used to call this name Aprilis, which comes from the Latin verb aperire, which means to open. It’s not a coincidence that the Greeks also use a word that means “opening” for Spring, which is Anixis. Celebrity baby name for actress April Bowlby, born 1980, known from her role as Stacy in the comedy TV series, Drop Dead Diva.
  • Asa: inspired by Asa Butterfield, the young English actor who became an international star after scoring some amazing roles like Hugo. The talented boy was born on April 1st, and he has three middle names: Maxwell Thornton Farr. Perfect, you can even mix and match according to your own taste! Going back to the original name, Asa, it has a mysterious aura that can be haunting. The meaning of Asa is a physician, and it can be used for either a baby boy or a baby girl. Other baby name experts suggest that the name Asa was used in the past for babies born in the morning. It is one of the short April baby names that are both strong and religious since it has deep roots in the Bible. According to the Old Testament, Asa was a mighty king in Judah. Asa can be an excellent alternative to the more popular Asher, which is becoming too common for some parents. If you are looking for celebrity endorsement, you can rest assured that Asa ticks all the boxes since Radiohead’s bassist, Colin Greenwood, named his son Asa.
  • Daisy: an all-time classic that should be featured in every April baby names list, as Daisy is this month’s birth flower. Bellis perennis, as it is known in botanic gardens, Daisy is one of the most loved flowers primarily because it is simple. Naming your daughter Daisy might create an image of the sweet girl next door, approachable and friendly, without being posh. In addition, Daisy is a flower used in homeopathy to treat wounds. It is believed to have specific attributes that qualify the flower as herbal medicine to help skin restructure, especially after surgery. Even if you don’t believe in homeopathy, you can try Daisy as a delicious base for tea and help with stomach disorders. Moving away from alternative medicine territory, you can also find Daisy in typical kid games like daisy chains. Daisy is one of the coziest and most natural choices among April’s baby names for all these reasons.

My Name Is Daisy

  • Diamond: we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s only natural that the name would make an exclusive and unique choice for exquisite baby girls whose parents have an appetite for luxury. This unique gem name is the crown of all precious stones, and it was super popular during the 90s. Diamond climbed all the way to the 150th spot, marking a new era for baby names inspired by gems. We have included Diamond in the April baby names because it’s April’s birthstone. The meaning of Diamond is unalterable and proper as it comes from the Greek word Adamaswhich means unbreakable. The most sought-after stone in the world will make your beautiful daughter one of the most popular girls in school as it will bring to mind the sparkle of the engagement ring that every woman is dreaming of. As the cut and clarity of diamonds define their value, so will honor and trust characterize your baby girl. Diamond is also a popular surname. Neil Diamond is the most famous celebrity named after the most precious of all April baby names.
  • Genie is a smart idea to name your baby girl if she was born on April 1st, also known worldwide as April Fools Day.
  • Kristen: April baby names can be inspired by celebrities born this month. Actress Kristen Stewart happens to have her birthday on April 9th. Since her appearance in the famous Twilight saga, Kristen has borrowed her name in new waves of cool fame. It is the Norwegian variation of Christine, which means Christian.
  • Loire: you are going to love this one! As April baby names are often linked with rain, we thought it would be appropriate to choose an unusual yet sophisticated name associated with water. Meet the Loire, the longest river in France! The French river can be found in a lush valley full of picturesque chateaux. The Loire is a distinctive place name with a lovely sound that makes a captivating choice for parents looking into April baby names with a twist. Extra kudos if you are a wine enthusiast who appreciates exquisite vineyards and the fine aroma of a rare bottle of Sauvignon blanc.
  • Sweet Pea: modern parents might think this is a dated choice for April’s baby names. You can argue as much as you want about how cool all the vintage baby names are, but one thing is sure. Sweet Pea is the typical flower name for April. It might sound more like a nickname, but it can be also be used as a first name inspired by nature. If it’s too hippie for you, look in our list of April baby names, and we are sure you’ll find great inspiration for a baby name that suits you just right.
  • Taurus: the astrological sign that starts from April 21st onwards. Taurus means bull in Greek. Thus it probably would make a burdensome baby name for your baby boy. So even though we try to keep a totally open mind, we wouldn’t recommend Taurus for a baby name. It’s just too quirky, and brave parents looking for strange names should think twice before naming their name Taurus.

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