9th Birthday Wishes

Browse through our awesome collection of 9th birthday wishes. Check out our amazing happy birthday messages and cards. Find the perfect way to send a 9-year-old birthday boy or girl the best birthday message. You are probably sitting here wondering how did another year slip past you. I mean, the photos from its last birthday party are still hanging on a wall somewhere in your office, and you tend to look at them every now and then when you want to slack off. But it’s true! It has gone through yet another year, full of experiences, laughter, happiness, sadness, hard times, but most importantly, love. Today, it is turning 9 years old, now in the middle of elementary school, having a hard grasp on how it works, ready to face the future and conquer the world. And it is your job to prepare it for the future. So here are some wishes to get the prep ball going, on the very first day of it being 9 years old!

  • Nine is the number of magic, only fitting to the most magical 9 years old there is! So never forget how magical you are, always keep moving forward. Happy birthday!
  • With nine being the number of fulfillment, I am here to show you that your existence in my life fulfills me, because of you my darling, are as of now, an amazing 9-year-old. Happy birthday!
  • It is finally time! Starting today your years are nine! So smile bright and shout out loud: “The world is mine!”. Happy birthday, kiddo!
  • People say that all children are special in their own way, but you my love are special in every kind of way, and that is why I love you till the end of the world. Happy birthday!
  • I would like to wish you the greatest birthday of them all because that is the only thing the greatest 9-year-old deserves!
  • My life before you was an endless night, and you came to brighten everything up, and that is why I am in endless debt to you, for making me the happiest parent in the world just by being born. Happy birthday my darling, I love you.
  • As I look up to the sky, I remember all the moments we’ve spent together ever since you were born, and I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to have you as a brother/sister. You being born is one of the best things that has happened to me. Happy birthday, I love you.
  • My love for you has doubled for every year you have lived so far. That means, today, I love you 18 times more than yesterday! And I will not stop loving you more until I can stop counting. Happy birthday!
  • To psychology, a happy person is someone who expresses happy emotions often, to me, is waking up every day and looking at your smile, and that is a gift I hope to have for many more years to come. Happy birthday!


Happy 9th Birthday Wishes Happy 9th Birthday Wishes Happy 9th Birthday Wishes

Happy 9th Birthday Wishes Happy 9th Birthday Wishes Happy 9th Birthday Wishes

  • Till my hair turns white and falls to the ground, till I draw my last breath and leave this world, I will always love and adore you, because you have made these past 9 years of my life special. Happy birthday!
  • Even when I’m going through the hardest of times, it is your smile that has made me strong enough to push forward these past 9 years, thus, I thank you for being into my life, making it better without even trying. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday my dear king/queen! My wish for you is for every of the 9 candles in your cake today to have a wish of yours come true. You are the best! Never forget that.
  • Isn’t this the little cutie I held into my hands 9 years ago? Wow, you’ve grown so much. You are pretty much a man/lady now. Probably going around conquering school as we speak. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and for all of your wishes to come true.
  • Most kids your age tend to become quite annoying, yet you stand out from the rest, not only by not being annoying but by being amazing. Happy birthday!
  • When you were born, the smile on your parents face showed me how wonderful it is to be a parent, but today, that smile is even larger, and it only comes to show how proud and happy you must make them feel. I hope you keep doing that for as long as you live and extend that feeling to everyone around you. Happy birthday!


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