5th Birthday Wishes

The day has finally come. Five years old already. It’s grown so  much; it’s so close to its first year at school. It has become its own independent little thing, walking on its own, running around all day playing with its friends, getting bruised and barely even crying. But this is his/her last year of absolute childhood freedom, so you have to give him/her a great wish so this year starts off on the right foot. Although it may not remember a lot of things from now when it grows up, this is the age most kids start remembering things vividly, so you have to make sure its birthday becomes one of them am I right? And what the best way to start a good memory than a perfect wish, for your perfect – soon to be- 5 year old. So, here they are 15 cute wishes for your awesome 5-year-old! Oh and, don’t forget the gift, everyone loves gifts, especially 5year olds.

  • Even though 5 is the number of balance, you are the most unbalanced 5-year old I’ve ever met, but that’s what makes you cool and I love you for it. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!
  • Even the 5 senses can’t protect you from this kid who just turned 5! You never seize to amaze the world champ! Have a happy birthday and never stop being who you are, because that’s what makes you great.
  • Look at this amazing 5-year-old! High 5s for everyone, let’s celebrate by dancing and partying until late at night because a great child deserves a great party! Happy birthday.
  • When you look at your 5 birthday candles today, I want you to remember how awesome you are, and that you deserve the best of the best kiddo. Happy birthday!
  • Look at you! You are now one year older for every finger on your hand! So I want you to put these 5 fingers together, form a fist, and put it up in the air while singing and dancing at your birthday party today because it’s going to be the best day of your life! That I promise. Happy birthday.
  • I seriously can’t remember how it is being 5 years old, but If I judge from you, it must be amazing, so enjoy it now that you can. Happy birthday!
  • From the past 1826 days of my life, the 1825th and today must be my favorite, because it is the day you were born, and today, where you turn almighty 5! Happy Birthday
  • Whatever your goal is in life, even if it eating candy forever, you are now 5 years closer to succeeding it, so be happy, rejoice! It’s your birthday! And I truly wish that this day will be the best of your life.


Happy 5th Birthday Happy 5th Birthday

Happy 5th BirthdayHappy 5th Birthday Happy 5th Birthday Happy 5th Birthday Happy 5th Birthday

  • My beloved child, even though you wake me up at 7 am every Sunday morning to watch cartoons on my day off, I still adore you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you an amazing birthday, because that is what you deserve as an amazing child.
  • Be happy! Full of joy! Because this day is dedicated to you, the coolest 5-year-old in town, and the youngest while you’re at it. So try and stay this cool while you are growing up, and one day, you will be even cooler than your parents. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t even recognize you anymore! You’ve grown to become a full fledged man/lady. You can even tie your own shoe laces now. I bet you’re going to unwrap your presents by yourself tonight won’t you? No need for mommy’s or daddy’s help anymore. So I hope those presents are accompanied by a great party and an even better cake, to celebrate the birth of the greatest child in the universe.


  • Hey, nephew! I want to wish you the greatest of birthdays. Hope your cake is delicious and your presents will keep you up all night from the excitement. And I promise you I’m going to be at your birthday party tonight, to make sure your boring parents don’t screw anything up!
  • Even if you eat my food, even if you wear my clothes although they don’t fit you, even if you keep acting like superman around the house while I’m trying to do my homework. You are still the greatest brother there is. And for that, I thank you, because it would be really boring around the house without you. Happy birthday little bro.
  • I hope for each candle you blow out, a wish comes true. So you better start thinking, because there are 5 things for you to get, just a candle away, on top of your cake at the amazing party that is coming soon to celebrate the day our beloved grandchild was born. Happy birthday from grandpa/grandma
  • There is no cake sweeter than you, but if there is, my wish for you is to have it underneath the five candles burning for your birthday, holding wishes for the -soon to be- best adult in the world. Because the title of the best child was already yours from the day you were born. Happy birthday!


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