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A Lost Art: Thank You Notes

One of the nicest and simplest ways to send a thank you is via a hand written note or letter. It does not take much effort, and the after effect is lasting. People who send out thank you notes are regarded as polite and gracious. If someone has done something nice for you and sent you a gift, then they deserve a thank you message for their trouble.

A thank you note does not have to be elaborate, but it should be personal. One should write as neatly as possible on cute stationary for the best effect. Begin the note with a simple "thank you for…" Next, expand on the thank you with more specifics to show that you really have enjoyed their help or the gift. As you can see, writing a thank you note does not have to be rocket scientist.

There are many reasons and situations where you will need to send off a thank you note. These include, but are not limited to: birthday wishes, wedding gifts, baby shower, hostesses, job interviews, and much more. People want to be acknowledged, and the best way to do is by sending them a note. If anything, people will be more apt to help and give to you in the future if you thank them now.