Writing Post-Interview Thank You Email Messages

After meeting with a hiring officer, sending a thank-you note may be the secret strategy you need to land that coveted job. A brief message expressing sincere thanks for the meeting provides the job candidate with an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression.Job Interview

Why do You Need to Send a Thank You Email After a Job Interview?

Applying for a job means making the commitment to put your best self forward and tapping every strategy available to stand out in the crowd of equally qualified candidates. You did your research about the company and the job, you dressed for the part, and you maintained a professional and engaging persona throughout the interview. When the interview is over, it is time to clinch your front-runner status by sending a reminder of who you are to the hiring officer.

A survey of Human Resource managers indicated that 80 percent are more likely to shortlist candidates who send thank you notes. However, a different survey shows that only about half of job candidates send a simple message of thanks after the interview. For HR managers, candidates who fail to send a post-interview note of thanks exhibit a weakness: lack of follow-through may foreshadow limited job success.Thank You Emails Messages after a Job Interview

How to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note

Writing a basic thank-you note gives you, the job candidate, the perfect opportunity to recap your take-away from the meeting while reiterating your interest in the position. It is also a chance to clarify information that may not have been presented effectively during the interview while communicating your continued interest. HR gatekeepers conduct many interviews during the hiring period, and sending that email will put you back in their awareness stream, helping you stand out in a crowded field of candidates. Needless to say, the right thank you message will demonstrate your communication skills while establishing your grasp of professional behavior and good manners.

To ensure that you can take advantage of this useful strategy to maximize your chances of landing the job you desire, here are some useful tips to help you prepare post-interview thank you messages quickly and painlessly.
Thank you notes are usually sent via email messages, so make sure you have that information either through research or by asking the front desk. The subject line of the email must be concise and direct. In most cases, you can use “Thank you for the opportunity to interview.”

The body of the message should refer to some of the salient points discussed during the interview, especially those that you found particularly interesting. At this point, tie in your credentials and what makes you the best candidate for the job, expressing enthusiasm for the possibility of joining the ranks. Next, bring up other points you may need to clarify and summarize any next-step pointers that you may have been given at the interview. Finally, tie it all up with another sincere thank you, and close with a courteous and professional sign-off.


Samples for the Body of your Thank You Email After an Interview

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview for the programmer position with your company.It was interesting to learn that your founders laid the groundwork for self-driving automobiles. I am both a motorhead and a computer geek, so this position will tap into my vast obsession with developing the car of the future. I look forward to sharing my vision of future technologies with your engineers and learning from them as well.

    Once again, thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I am writing to thank you for the eye-opening meeting we had this morning.Your company is at the forefront of providing micro-loans to women-owned businesses. I am amazed at how little it takes to make a significant impact on the lives of your stakeholders. After 10 years in accounting for various financial institutions, I am eager to be part of your corporate culture of socially conscious investing.

    I am grateful for the chance to see how the other side thrives, and I wish to be part of it.

  • Thank you for that spirited discussion we had today about innovative health protocols in a rapidly changing environment.It is clear to me that your corporate culture is one of inclusion, discussion, and collaboration. The openness with which everyone at the table embraced opposing points of view augurs well for the company. This is the ideal work setting for a crisis manager who knows the workings of small and big businesses alike.

    Please accept my sincere thanks for giving me this sneak look. I look forward to being part of this team.

  • I am sending this note to let you know that I enjoyed meeting you today. Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to the teaching staff and some of the children in the school. I am impressed with how clean and efficient your facilities are without stifling the sense of creativity in the place. I have taught primarily high school students in the U.S. and Asia. Your facility and your educational philosophy are top-tier. I look forward to contributing to your mission to educate young minds with special challenges.Once again, thank you for the meeting.
  • I appreciate the time you took to discuss the current opening in your marketing team.I like your truth-based approach in a world where misinformation seems to be the norm. I am sure my training in social media can be put to good use at your company.

    Please let me know if you need any information from my end to clinch this opportunity.