Sweet Sorry Text Messages – I’m Sorry for Hurting You

Life is a minefield of unintentional mistakes. Sometimes, you hurt someone you care about with careless words or thoughtless actions. When the person you hurt is someone near and dear to you, make sure to offer sincere apologies as soon as you realize your error. It’s best to apologize in person if that’s possible, but if you can’t be with the person physically, don’t wait for the next opportunity to meet. Get on your smartphone, computer or other device and send a message apologizing for your error. Keep it short; keep it sweet and snazzy for maximum effect. You don’t need to sound smart or funny. What should matter most is that the message is clear, concise and heartfelt, or don’t even bother. Send the message on social media, if it’s not too personal, to increase the chances that your target audience will see your post immediately. You get bonus points for an apology text that goes viral because many others can relate to it.Apology Message: I am terribly sorry, and I wish that one day you can forgive me.

40 Sweet Sorry Text Messages – 40 Ways to Say You’re Sorry

  • I can’t find the right words to say I’m really sorry, but I’m sorry. Please forgive me.
  • I messed up. I hurt your feelings and made you cry. I apologize for being such a cad. Forgive me, please?
  • I am terribly sorry for all the things I’ve done, hurting you was even lower than the last thing on my To-Do list. Please forgive me.
  • When we first met, I promised myself to make you happy no matter what. Yet, my actions have seemed to hurt your feelings. And for that, I am terribly sorry.
  • The only thing I can think right now is how stupid I’ve been. I managed to hurt the feelings of the only person that I love more than everything else in this world. I am terribly sorry, and I wish that one day you can forgive me.
  • I know that I am a complete screw-up, but my love for you is too big for me to let you go. I am terribly sorry for hurting you, but I wish we can pick up things off from where we left, and continue living our lives together. I love you.
  • I know that it may be hard for you to understand it right now, but I love you more than humanly possible. You truly are the best thing that has happened to me, and I am terribly sorry for hurting your feelings. I love you.
  • As the tears come rushing down my cheeks, the only thing I can think of is how terrible of a person I have been towards you. Hurting your feelings was never intended, so please, forgive me. I am terribly sorry.
  • The only thing that is certain, is that you deserve the best. And what I gave you by hurting your feelings was the absolute worse. I am truly sorry for all I’ve done. I love you.
  • Right now, I feel like the world has split into two, and swallowed me whole because, without you, everything feels so dark and lonely. I am really sorry for hurting you. I love you.
  • If I could go back to yesterday, I would so that I can fix this. I know you’re hurting because I said something offensive. Please know that I am sincerely sorry. I won’t let it happen again.
  • You: Sweet, sensitive, saintly. Me: Thoughtless, thoughtless, thoughtless and truly sorry for it.
  • You are one of the few good things that hold me up. I am sorry for being inconsiderate. Please forgive me.


I’m Sorry For Hurting You Images Apology Message: Please give me a chance to prove that I can change.

Apology Message: I can't find the right words to say I'm really sorry, but I'm sorry. Please forgive me.   Sorry Message: Please bring back our days of sunshine and light. Forgive me, please. Sorry Message: I was wrong. Please help me make this right. Forgive me, and let's have a do-over.

Apology Love Message: Please forgive me.

Apology Text Messages

  • I can’t go on with my day knowing that I hurt you so. I apologize for not choosing my words more carefully.
  • I behaved like an oaf, and I deserve your anger. Please forgive my foolishness, and let me know how I can make it up to you.
  • Sorry Messages for Friends
  • Everyone deserves a chance at redemption especially me. I am sorry, sorry, sorry. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.
  • I’m clingy like cling wrap, but you’re charming as sin. I can’t help but see that everyone is drawn to you. But still, I was out of line with the possessiveness. Please forgive my childishness.
  • Sorry Messages for Boyfriend
  • Can you spare some mercy for a lost soul? I am lost without you and truly sorry that I hurt you.
  • I am lost without you. Please take me back. I am sorry for losing my patience the other day.
  • I behaved like a jerk and embarrassed you in front of our family and friends. You deserve better, and I promise to become that better person.
  • Please give me a chance to prove that I can change. I’m sorry, and I’ll take my punishment like a big boy.
  • Apology Letter to Boyfriend
  • Saying sorry isn’t enough. I really have to change my attitude and behave like a grownup. Please stand by me.
  • You are my sunshine. I can’t imagine my life without you, so please forgive me for acting out last week.
  • Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
  • I am really sorry. I love you. Let’s start over, please.
  • I am sure that this is the right love at the right time, and it’s worth fighting for. Please forgive me for hurting you.
  • I must be the world’s worst partner. I’m sorry for lashing out and hurting you. I’m sorry for being a class-A jerk.
  • Apology Letter to Girlfriend
  • I was wrong. Please help me make this right. Forgive me, and let’s have a do-over.
  • You are my Mr. Right. Please help me to be more like you. Forgive me for behaving like an immature teenager.
  • I can see the hurt in your eyes, and my heart aches to know that I caused you pain. I’m sorry, love.


  • If I think before I talk, I would not have said those hurtful things. I’m sorry that I hurt you.
  • Sorry Messages for Wife
  • You’re a keeper, and I’m miserable without you. Please forgive me.
  • I’m sorry for my bad behavior. Please help to become a better person. I am weak without you by my side.
  • Please bring back our days of sunshine and light. Forgive me, please.
  • I love you with everything I have. I’m sorry for my lack of self-control that led to a mortifying incident.
  • Sorry Messages for Husband
  • It’s never been easy for me to say “I’m sorry,” but I’m saying that now on my knees. Please give me another chance.
  • Waking up without having the sight of your beautiful eyes right beside me, is the most painful thing I’ve had to go through. And I know it is all my fault, so please my love, forgive me.
  • I am not sure if heaven exists, but if it does, it’s just a place with you, so please forgive me, and let us enjoy the rest of our lives together. I love you!
  • I regret everything I said and did the other day. You were right; I was wrong. Let’s start again, please.
  • You are most precious to me, and I hurt you. Please forgive me.
  • You are an angel who deserves the best. Please forgive my behavior, and help me work on myself.
  • We belong to each other in spite of our problems. Please give me another chance.

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