Sorry Messages for Friends

From time to time, it is only human nature to screw up. Our actions generally have a tendency to hurt the ones we adore the most, our friends. But truth is, you cannot avoid hurting the people you care most about, but what you can avoid, is making mistakes while trying to apologize to them. You see, before asking for forgiveness, you have to make sure that the other person knows you actually feel sorry for your actions. Otherwise, you seeking forgiveness will not sound as convincing as you think, because the person you seek forgiveness from will think you don’t really care but you just want to get over with it. If you are looking for the perfect sorry message for your friends browse our collection of inspirational and sincere apology messages that will melt your friend’s heart and for sure make them forgive you.Say you are Sorry to a Friend: Please forgive me.

Sincere Messages to Say you are Sorry to a Friend

  • You have to know that I appreciate our friendship like nothing else in this world, and I would do anything to make it up to you. I truly am sorry.
  • I know I have not acted the way a friend should do, and for that I am sorry. I promise to make it up to you when I have the chance.
  • I want you to know that I am truly sorry for all I’ve done. I value our friendship way too much to go around doing stupid stuff to you, so I promise to make everything up to you as long as you let me.
  • I am painfully aware that the things I said were awful, but I regret every single word. Our friendship is one of the best things that has happened to me, and I do not want to see it end like that. I sincerely apologize.
  • I know I should have put more faith in you, yet I ended up acting in a way I should not, and for that, I am terribly sorry.


  • I know that it may have seemed like I did, but I did not mean to make a fool out of you like that. My actions were unintentional, and I feel terrible. I hope that one day you choose to forgive me.
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  • I know that because of what I did, I am a horrible person, that doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as you as a friend. But truth be told, I value our friendship too much to just let it end like this. I am truly sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.
  • I want you to know, that whatever I did, was not in a right state of mind, and that is why I sincerely apologize.
  • I can allow many things, but losing a friend like that is not one of them. I want you to know that I am terribly sorry, and I regret every single thing I’ve done that has made you sad. I hope that you can one day forgive me.
  • You cannot imagine how important you are to me. That is why I feel so stupid that I have caused so much pain and suffering to you. Everything I’ve done up to this point was not intended to hurt you, but it ended up doing so. And for that, I am terribly sorry.

Say you are Sorry to a Friend: I hope that you can one day forgive me.

Say you are Sorry to a Friend: I want you to know that I am truly sorry for all I've done. Say you are Sorry to a Friend: I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.

  • I know I said plenty of things while I was angry, but now that I am in a more clear state of mind, I realized that I believe nothing of those things, so I take everything back and ask you for forgiveness.
  • My actions may have caused our bodies to be separated, but our spirit will always be together, even if you have decided to be mad at me for whatever reason, which I am truly sorry for.
  • It feels like forever since the last time we spoke. I want you to know that my life has not felt the same ever since I lost you as a friend. I am terribly sorry for everything I’ve done. Please forgive me.
  • I know that you have always been the mature one between the two of us. So I truly hope that you will one day be able to forgive me for the horrible things I’ve done. I am sorry.
  • It is the toughest times in life that show you what is important to you. And losing you as a friend definitely proved me both. I am truly sorry for all I have done, and I hope you can forgive me.


  • All I am able to feel right now is shame. I am ashamed for acting the way I did. I know I was wrong, and I sincerely apologize.
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  • It is sad to see, how from being best friends, we ended up becoming complete strangers. I have to admit that I hate this situation I have put us in, and I am truly sorry. I hope you can one day forgive me, and accept me back as a friend.
  • You have to know, that I would not normally do this if I did not immensely care about you. And the thing I am about to do is to apologize. I know I have acted in a very stupid manner, that is not fitting for someone calling themselves your best friend, and yet, I ended up screwing up. I hope you can one day forgive me, so we can continue having a blast together!
  • If I can promise you one thing, is that I will not allow stupid things like these to get in the way of our friendship. I value you way too much to simply lose you like this. I hope you can one day forgive me.
  • Friends like you are not easy to come by, you are by far the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. That is why it is sad to see you go like this, especially over some stupid thing I did. I hope one day you can forgive me and we can continue being best friends for life!

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