100 Creepy Addams Family Quotes From Wednesday Series On Netflix

Have you watched the Netflix original Wednesday? The Addams family returns in a new series directed by Tim Burton, starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is sent to Nevermore, an outcast boarding school, because she can never remain at any other school without getting into trouble. However, she is determined to unravel the mystery of what creature is killing innocent people while she is there. This binge-worthy series is packed with surprises and funny remarks. Jenna Ortega has a unique ability to deliver a line. Browse the best quotes by Wednesday Addams, Enid, Gomez, Morticia, Tyler, and others. (Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday. Netflix © 2022).Sometimes I act like I don’t care if people like me. Deep down, I secretly enjoy it.

The Cast of Wednesday Series on Netflix

  • Jenna Ortega- Wednesday Addams
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Morticia Addams
  • Luis Guzmán- Gomez Addams
  • Isaac Ordonez- Pugsley Addams
  • Christina Ricci
  • Gwendoline Christie- Larissa Weems
  • Victor Dorobantu – Thing
  • Emma Myers- Enid Sinclair
  • Joy Sunday- Bianca Barclay
The truth is, there are monsters everywhere. And sometimes, the monsters we least expect are the most dangerous.

Netflix © 2022

Netflix’s Wednesday: 100 Best Quotes

  • Sometimes I act like I don’t care if people like me. Deep down, I secretly enjoy it. – Wednesday
  • The truth is, there are monsters everywhere. And sometimes the monsters we least expect are the most dangerous.
  • Dead people are notoriously bad at returning calls.
  • Never bring a knife to a sword fight. Unless it’s concealed.
  • It looks like a rainbow vomited on your side.
  • As usual, you underestimate me, mother.
  • I could eat Girl Scouts for breakfast. Actually, I have an uncle who went to prison for that.
  • I like to win. Is that so wrong? – Bianca
  • Being your friend should come with a warning label. – Xavier
  • The most interesting plants grow in the shade. – Ms. Thornhill
  • Maybe you’ll even make some friends. – Morticia
  • Emotion isn’t exactly your strong suit. – Tyler
  • I’m not sure whose twisted idea it was to put hundreds of adolescents in underfunded schools run by people whose dreams were crushed years ago, but I admire the sadism. – Wednesday
  • It’s not my fault I can’t interpret your internal Morse code.
  • Pugsley, emotion equals weakness. – Wednesday
  • I never thought it was possible to be an outcast in a school full of outcasts.
  • I don’t believe I’m better than everyone else, just that I’m better than you.
  • Because trust and cooperation have always been the hallmarks of our relationship. – Wednesday
  • I do like stabbing; the social part, not so much.

Never bring a knife to a sword fight. Unless it’s concealed.

  • There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being proven right. – Wednesday
  • Wednesday’s child is full of woe.
  • Nevermore is like no other boarding school. It’s a magical place. – Gomez
  • They couldn’t even spring for real pigs’ blood. It’s only paint.
  • I’d recognize the patter of those fingertips anywhere.
  • Luckily, I’m not afraid of the dark.
  • Let’s see if you bleed in Black and White. – Bianca
  • Emotions are a gateway trait. They lead to emotions and tears. I don’t do tears.
  • The only person that gets to torture my brother is me.
  • It’s amateurs like you who give kidnapping a bad game. – Wednesday
  • Your face finally got that splash of color it so desperately needed.
  • I constantly stalk my parents.
  • Are you mansplaining my power? – Wednesday
  • If you die, I will kill you.
  • You have no idea what’s coming.
  • Enjoy your solitude, Wednesday. – Enid
  • I’ve read serial killer diaries with better punctuation.
  • Of course, I have a plan. It begins now. – Wednesday
  • This story’s about to take a dark turn. Usually I love dark turns, but not this one.
  • Getting expelled was just a bonus. – Wednesday Addams
  • You’re a brilliant girl, Wednesday, but sometimes you get in your own way. – Morticia
  • You are going to love Nevermore. It’s a magical place- where I met your mother- fell in love. – Gomez Addams
  • Secrets are like zombies. They never truly die.
  • I’m taking orders from a hand. This isn’t weird at all.
  • You have your own path to blaze.
  • A siren can never change her scales.

Dead people are notoriously bad at returning calls.

  • Oh, how we missed those accusing eyes and youthful sneer.
  • They don’t need teeth and claws to terrify. They hide in the shadows until no one is looking, and then they strike.
  • I can barely tolerate the living, why would I want to commune with the dead?
  • No smothering people in their sleep. Are we clear?
  • I swear on my late scorpion soul. My hands are clean.
  • Sometimes intentions melt in the face of unexpected opportunity.
  • Why am I sharing this apocalypse with a pilgrim? – Wednesday
  • Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. – Wednesday
  • Wednesday always looks half dead. – Gomez
  • I never thought I’d miss being water-boarded so much.
  • I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I do believe in revenge. – Wednesday
  • When I look at you, the following emojis come to mind: rope, shovel, hole.
  • There’s just something wrong about this place. And not just because it’s school.
  • I almost killed you. – Wednesday
  • And you must be the self-appointed queen bee. Interesting thing about bees. Pull out their stingers, they drop dead.
  • Want to take a stab at being social?
  • Look at you my little deathtrap. – Gomez
  • There is only one thing that Hyde understands, pain.
  • I will not stop until I have expunged this New World of every outcast.
  • This kitty has claws, and I’m not afraid to use them.
  • It’s not solitude if you’re still here. – Wednesday
  • Who doesn’t have a spooky built-in altar in their family library?
  • Looks like a rainbow vomited on your side. – Wednesday

It looks like a rainbow vomited on your side.

  • They’re just like you and me, until they rip your throat out.
  • That monster could be anyone.
  • Little did I know I would be stepping into a nightmare. Full of mystery, mayhem, and murder. I think I’m going to love it here. – Wednesday
  • Too odd for the normies, not odd enough for the outcasts. – Ms. Thornhill
  • Miss Addams, you certainly have had a very interesting educational journey. – Head Mistress
  • If you hear me scream for bloody murder, there’s a good chance I’m just enjoying myself.
  • Wednesday Addams is not the girl of your dreams. She’s the stuff of your nightmares. – Bianca
  • You’re in black and white. Like a living Instagram filter.
  • Hello, my little black cloud.
  • Beginner’s luck. – Wednesday
  • Use the words “little” and “girl” together again, and I can’t guarantee your safety.
  • Friends are a liability that can be exploited. That makes me weaknesses.
  • I merely meant, finally, you’ll be around peers who will understand you.
  • These are all traits of great writers. And serial killers. – Wednesday
  • No good deed never goes unpunished.
  • Wednesday, what are you gonna go? – Pugsley
  • She’s been smothering me with her hospitality. I’ve been hoping to return the favor. In her sleep. – Wednesday
  • Don’t you want to wolf out and finally be normal, honey?
  • I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation. – Wednesday
  • May your 16th be as sour and misery-filled as your desire.
  • Men like you have no idea what it feels like to not be believed.

As usual, you underestimate me, mother.

  • You used to love my killer instinct.
  • Grim reaper, Barbie. It makes perfect sense.
  • The whole snarky Goth girl thing might have worked at normie school, but here things are different.
  • Finally, a kind word for your mother. – Morticia
  • I don’t bury hatchets; I sharpen them.
  • A lefty would not have failed me.
  • I guess I have a type.
  • We all die alone, Enid.
  • Every day is all about me. This day just comes with a cake and a song.
  • My appetite eludes me, mother. That same way the truth eludes you.
  • Please excuse Wednesday, she’s allergic to color. – Morticia
  • Finally, you will be among peers who understand you. – Morticia Addams quotes from Wednesday series on Netflix
  • Lobotomies are kind of like tattoos, you can’t get just one.
  • There are many flavors of outcasts here, but the four main cliques are Fangs, Furs, Stoners and Scales. – Enid
  • Not hugging is kind of our thing.
  • What I do best. – Wednesday


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