Creative and Funny Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Here are some unique and clever ways to touch someone’s heart with a ‘Happy Birthday’ including your family, friends and co-workers. Writing something like “happy birthday, you are the light of our life” with a glow pen somewhere they can see it in the dark is a sure way of surprising your family especially your children. For friends and co workers, you can leave birthday wishes note in a bottle or balloon or tape it to the bottom of a glass. It will be exciting for them to find it and read it.

12 Creative Ways to Say Happy Birthday

  • You can simply write over balloons with markers and decorate it with pictures or sticker etc. For a co-worker, create a bouquet with colourful balloons instead of flowers for their table.
  • Tuck in a handmade birthday bookmark with a personalised message wishing your friends and family, especially your dad or mom, inside a book by their favourite writer.
  • Use a small scrap book to collect and paste favourite yesteryear memories and make a design around these and write your wishes. You can make it funny for them with one line quotes such as things you told them or they told you.
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  • One of the ideas that people use is to create a collage of old pictures and gift it to them. For a co-worker you can try to collect message from everyone on a blank surface like that of a huge coffee mug and gift it to them. This clever idea is sure to make them smile.
  • Your local photo studio may offer a lot of services like printing pictures and messages on mugs, mouse pads, t-shirt, pillows and other surfaces. So use this opportunity to write your heart out and wish someone in a unique style.
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  • For a special someone, like a spouse or lover you can print an ad in your local paper and wish them a happy birthday with a loving message.
  • Be creative and write, sing out or print them a happy birthday message in another language.
  • When it comes to family, you can take them to the beach where you can surprise them by writing happy birthday on the sand with a heart around it or make it unique and design it with a small shells and rocks.

Creative Ways to Say Happy Birthday

  • You can make a video message for them. Or you can also add favourite pictures and old videos and edit it and put it to video.
  • For colleagues or friends, you can sing and record a happy birthday song sung in a funny manner or a funny video with happy video message and send it to them via message, email or fax. This is one of the clever ideas to make their big day memorable.
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  • Another unique idea is to surprise them with a happy birthday banner or poster hung in a place where they least expected.
  • You can place a cookie, pastry or cake with a icing wishing them happy birthday and placing it on a table for them to find it and them surprise them.
  • Be clever and make a treasure chest of sorts. Put a couple of small items or gifts in them. This doesn’t mean you have to add anything useful, you can add little funny toys or things that can make them laugh or cheer them up.
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  • Though writing a birthday poem is a traditional way of giving wishes, give it a unique twist by keeping it short, meaningful and funny.
  • Birthdays are about celebration, a day to look forward to because it is just about you, it is about making through another year of life after all the trials and tribulations of life. We all love receiving birthday wishes and presents even if we don’t really celebrate it. So wishing someone is a way of letting people know that they mean a lot to you and that’s why you cared to remember their big day. The truth is simple and creative ideas can go further than very expensive gifts, in letting people to know how much you value them.


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