Top 100 Valentine’s Day Love Messages

Love cannot be measured in actions and words but when expressed in the right terms it can sure melt someone’s heart. Valentine's Day is the day which is celebrated all over the world as the day of love. It is the perfect day to communicate your deep feelings of passion and affection towards someone you have fallen for. Top 100 Valentine's Day Love Messages are the perfect expressions to help you convey your feelings of deep affection and passion towards that special person on Valentine's Day. Let your emotions follow and surprise your lover with some of the best Valentine’s Day Love Messages.

  • All my thoughts just lead to one name and that’s you.
  • Baby, show me what you feel and tell me how you will like to be loved.
  • Be my strength and walk with me always.
  • Be there as my guiding star to make my life as beautiful as you.
  • Be there to catch me when I fall.
  • Being loved by you has been the best thing that has happened to me so far.
  • Can wait no longer to make our dreams come true together.
  • Come with me and share my happiness and joys, my Valentine.


  • Days are dull and night seem so long on days when I am not with you.
  • Even after so many years, your touch still warms me up like it did when you came close for the first time.
  • Every day seems beautiful with you by my side.
  • From the moment you stepped into my life, fairy tale began.
  • Girl you rock my world.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to someone who has given me everything I always desired.
  • Have I touched your heart the way you have touched mine with your innocence?
  • Hope you have many friends to surround you but only one Valentine and that’s me.
  • I am eagerly waiting for the day when we will be wrapped in each other’s arms.
  • I am enjoying life more than ever now with you as my Valentine.
  • I am hoping that I am your Valentine now and forever.
  • I am madly and truly in love with you.
  • Gift me with your heart and I will treasure it always.

Gift me with your heart and I will treasure it always.

  • I can be anything you want me to become but in return I only want your love to be with me always.
  • I can no longer take this life for granted as I now have you.
  • I cannot wait to start my life with you.
  • I could endure death but I cannot live a life without you dear.
  • I could not have asked for a better gift from God than you my love.
  • I do not want to change anything in you ..Love the way you are.
  • I feel safe when I lie in your arms.
  • I have tied you to my heart and I will never let you go from here.
  • I know life will take a beautiful turn with you beside me.
  • I long to see you day and night.
  • I miss you even when I am in crowd.
  • I need someone like you to make my life worth living. Will you be my Valentine?
  • I swear..I will be there for you always, for better or worse, for happiness or sorrow…
  • I want to climb on top of a mountain and shout out “I love You” for you from there.
  • All I need is your love to survive.

All I need is your love to survive.

  • I want to lose myself in your arms forever.
  • I want you to be beside me now and forever.
  • I want you to be my valentine, now and forever.
  • I want you to wrap me in your warm arms till eternity.
  • I will always need you my love.
  • I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.
  • I will never ask for more than love from you.
  • I would like to come more close to you this Valentine day.
  • I would like to mention on this Valentine’s Day that you are most special to me.
  • If life is a song then you have filled it up with the melody of love and compose it with tunes of happiness and immense joy.
  • If loving you is a crime then I am ready to face any kind of punishment for doing it.
  • It’s a happy feeling to face each day with you by my side.
  • It’s your first look that killed me and I am still under your spell.
  • It’s your thought that crosses my mind when I close my eyes and think about love.
  • Knowing that such a lovely Valentine is there to care for me always fills up me with happiness.
  • Let me be the one who catches all your tears and remove all your fears.
  • Let me give you a shoulder to rest your head when in need of peace.
  • Life will lose its purpose If there comes a day when I have to live without you.
  • Listen to my heart, it beats only for you.
  • Loads of Hugs and Kisses to the person who has filled up my life with happiness.
  • Look into my eyes and see the ocean of love waiting for you.
  • Losing your love will mean losing everything.
  • Loving you is all I want to do.


  • Make me your cushion when you want to sleep.
  • My love will always be there no matter where you go and what you do.
  • My Valentine, you still turn the fire on.
  • No matter where I go your love will always be with me.
  • Nothing ever remains constant but you can be sure about one thing that my love will always be the same for you.
  • Open up your heart this Valentine’ Day and tell me how you feel about our relationship.
  • Our love will pave the way for us if the road ahead is difficult.
  • People say – “Life is not a bed of roses” but honestly I have seen no thorns in my life from the time you have come into it.
  • Sending warm wishes to the best lover and friend in the world on this special day.
  • Thank you for being the most wonderful Valentine.
  • The star-filled night sky also looks dull in front of your beauty, my love.
  • There are no words to describe how much you mean to me.
  • There is nothing beautiful than the smile of my lover. Keep smiling my love
  • There is nothing on this earth that I would not do to make you happy.
  • There’s nothing in the world I cannot do if you are with me.
  • There’s nothing more than your love that I seek.
  • To see you smiling and to give you love is my greatest wish.
  • Want to be with you to love you all my life.
  • Want to feel the touch of your hands and the warm kiss of your lips.
  • Want to feel what it is like to be in heaven when I lie with you.
  • Want to hold you to never let you go away from me.
  • Want to stay wrapped up in your arms forever.
  • Want to take all your pain and give you immense happiness, my Valentine.
  • When I need someone to care about me, I find you to be always there for me.
  • When sadness fills my heart, its your presence that comforts me.
  • When you put your hands around me, I feel on top of the world.
  • Will do whatever it takes to spend the entire lifetime with you.
  • will love you more with every passing second of my life.
  • Will u mind, If I hold you tight and come close to you?
  • Winning your heart has been my greatest achievement.
  • Wish I could bring away all the stars in the sky to shine on you always.
  • With every passing second, my love for you grows and gets stronger.
  • You are my angel, making every bit of my life beautiful each day.
  • You are my biggest crush since date and now I want you to be my lover. Will you be mine on this Valentine’s Day?
  • You are the answers to all my prayers.
  • You are the reason I believe in love.
  • You are the perfect Valentine that I always dreamt of.
  • You brighten up my life with your smile.
  • You give me wings to fly and I feel free with you my Valentine.
  • You have been all over me like a spell and I am drowning deep into this magical charm.
  • You will always find me near when you need someone to love you.


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