Father’s Day Wishes

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in the month of June every year. On this day all the children plan a surprise for their fathers and purchase a lovely gift to make them feel special. The children are really excited for this day and wait for a long time. It is because it is the day to make their fathers feel special and out of the world.

The day begins with wishing them a happy father's day and then making their day full of surprises. It is a great day to thank them for always supporting their children and giving them the best life which could be possible. Father’s day comes up with lots of soulful wishes and gifts for every father. Today every father feels on top of the world because of the wonderful messages received from their children along with the gifts too. This day is not only special for the kids but even for the fathers as they are too waiting for this day. This is a day to celebrate their unconditional love, trust of their children, bestowing their love with us and above all supporting through the thick and thin times of life. Therefore a father is a mentor, a supporter and the best friends of every child. If you want to make this day very special, here are a few exclusive Happy Father’s day wishes just for you.

  • On this special day I want to thank you Dad for being the best father in the world, for supporting me always and making me realize my strengths. Thank you for everything.
  • Love you Dad for being the best mentor and supporting me in whatever I do. Though I may not be the best daughter but you are a perfect father for me. Happy Fathers Day daddy.
  • Dear Dad, may God bestow upon you good health, lots of love and happiness that you can cherish always. You deserve much more for being the best father to your children. Love you very much.
  • Thank you is not enough for the love you have given me over the years, the wishes that you have fulfilled and the huge concern that is always in your eyes. Though very small to thank for everything so just wishing you a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.
  • Lots of love to the most wonderful and special dad on the earth as I could not get a better friend than you are to me. Happy Fathers Day!
  • You always stood by me at all times, you have made the world a better place. Happy Fathers Day!
  • Words cannot describe what you mean to me, you have made my life seem like a dream, you have made my life perfect. Happy Father’s Day Dad.
  • You were always by my side, and I will always be by your side. Happy Father’s Day to you.


  • Thank you for everything, you are the best dad a child could ask for.
  • You have seen me at my lowest, you have given me my highest. I love you daddy.
  • You always gave me hope, and you vowed never to stop, thank you for everything. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.
  • Dad you are my friend, you are the special person in my world. I love you.
  • Thank you for everything you have done, you are one in a million. Happy Father’s Day to you.
  • You are the best dad, I am thankful that it is you I had! Happy Fathers Day.
  • This day is not about ordinary people, It is about special people, It is about you! I love you daddy.
  • You have made me who I am, I am grateful for having you, I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day to you.
  • You are our pillar of hope, you have held this family together, we are happy to be your children. Today is your day.
  • No words can describe how much I cherish you! Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Wishes

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