Birthday Posts for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp is a creative medium for announcing your birthday and for sending birthday greetings to people in your social media circle. It’s important to remember friends and loved ones on their birthdays, and various social media channels have made it so much easier to send timely greetings. Remembering someone’s birthday shows that you care about their milestones and the things that hold some significance in their lives. The way you greet friends and loved ones on their birthdays will depend on the kind of relationship you have with them. Funny and witty greetings always go over well if you are close with the person while more formal and reverential greetings may be more appropriate in other cases. There are many ways to express what you feel, and technology makes these ways more fun! So here are our top wishes to use for WhatsApp status messages!

Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes for Someone Else

  • Today, a person that is very special to me, is now one year older. So I want to publically wish him/her a happy birthday!
  • My lovely friend. I truly wish you have the most memorable birthday in your life. Filled with loved ones and fun times! Happy birthday!
  • Today, I want to wish a happy birthday on the person that has stood by me all these years, and has helped define who I am. May your life be filled with memorable days like this one.
  • I’d like everyone to know, that the love of my life, is now officially 1 year older. Happy birthday, honey, I love you!
  • There are some people good enough, that you’d think that they are angels, sent by God to look after us. One of these has its birthday today, and I want to give him/her my best wishes.
  • Happy birthday to the most annoying, yet most adorable person on earth. My brother! May you become less irritating and actually find a way to live without breaking my nerves. I love you till the end of the world!
  • I have a huge announcement to make! I am officially the happiest parent in the world because today is my child’s birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful human on this side of the hemisphere. The world celebrates with you.
  • I’m ready to party. Happy Birthday, dearest! Name the time and place, and I’ll be there.
  • It’s not every day that we get to share special moments, but I’m declaring today National (name of celebrant) Day. You get to do anything your heart desires today. I hope that includes time with me.
  • May all the good things you have on your wish list become yours today. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to a magical person. No other words required.
  • I can’t let this day go by without a reminder that you are loved. Happiest of birthdays, my dear.


  • I didn’t need a Facebook reminder for this. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  • Every birthday should be filled with special moments that you will cherish until the next birthday comes. Hope you have a happy day.
  • A lifetime of bliss for the great adventurer that you are. Happy Birthday, and may your bucket list get shorter as that birthday number climbs higher.
  • It’s a new day. The dawn of another great year for an over-achiever like you. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  • Wishing you a day filled with smiles, laughter and all the chocolate cake you can eat. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Stay blessed, my friend.
  • The world is yours to conquer. Stick with the plan and you’ll soon have what you came for. Happy birthday to the most motivated person on this planet.
  • I am blessed by your presence. You deserve the world for all the kindness and compassion you show. Happy Birthday, my fabulous friend/husband/son/daughter/etc.
  • Happy Birthday, dude. I see ice cream cake in your immediate future.
  • Happy Birthday, you lovely diva. May the world yield to your magical smiles today so that you end up getting everything that your heart desires.
  • Have a birthday as awesome as you are with friends, family, and all the hangers-on who can smell birthday cake from a mile away. See you later.
  • You are such a fine person that the world should just hand over whatever it is you ask for. Sadly, that’s not the way the world works but have a happy birthday anyway.
  • You are the arc that completes the circle of my life. I look forward to your birthdays every year. Have a wonderful birthday today.
  • We are wishing you the best of everything as you turn XX today. It’s been a great ride and we hope you’re loving every minute of it. Happy Birthday!
  • So sad that I can’t spend your birthday with you. But, I’m wishing you the sunniest, happiest and sweetest day.
  • You are an inspiration to so many, yet your heart and soul are always filled with humility. If the world could have more of you, this would be a better place. Happy Birthday, champ.
  • Happy birthday to the person who will one day rule the world. You are beyond awesome.

So, instead of calling, or sending a birthday card, people will use apps like WhatsApp to send their wishes to friends and relatives. Plus, birthday cards are so boring and outdated, you can’t even use emojis! Or you just want everybody to know it’s your birthday so they send you wishes. So, if you are one of the people that are too bored to pick up a birthday card from the nearest bookstore, or you want everyone to know what an amazing of a day it is and want to use WhatsApp to fulfill your birthday needs, you’ve come to the right place!

Happy birthday note Whatsapp birthday card Happiest of birthdays

Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes for Yourself

  • This day could be made more special if you were to spend some time with me. It’s my birthday, and I would like laughter, music, and dancing. Join me for an impromptu party?
  • As of today, I have survived another year, carving my path into the jungle of life! So happy birthday to me!
  • If you ever wondered why the entire world is like a fairy tale today, it’s because it’s my birthday!
  • Getting old is boring, but at least the drinking part is fun every year! So happy birthday to me.
  • Yes, indeed it is my birthday! Thank you all for reminding me once again I am old!
  • Today, not only am I one year older, but I am also one year closer to achieving my dream. So huge thanks to everyone who supported me, and to the ones who wished me a happy birthday!
  • Every fun day has a name, so I officially declare this day MY day! Yes! It is a day dedicated to the celebration of the birth of the most handsome/beautiful person in the world. So happy MY day everyone!
  • I might be one year closer to my hair turning white, but at least I get to eat and drink all I want today! Because it’s my birthday!
  • I’m making it official. I’m XX today. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Riddle of the day: Who is celebrating a birthday today?


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