Birthday Toasts and Speeches for Loved Ones

A birthday party is not complete without a few words from loved ones. The right words remain etched in minds for long. It is a perfect way to ensure that people that you love know that you really care coupled with a great gesture. How do you come up with the best toast at the birthday party without sounding lame and corny? The toast are also ideal for birthday cards for those that love being original. Browse our wonderful collection of genuine heartfelt  birthday toasts and speeches.

  • As you turn another year older, take comfort in the fact that there is no such thing as going downhill for overachievers like you. Instead, look forward to conquering the next level, whatever that may be. In the game of life, you are a winner. Happy birthday!
  • Today, you’ve earned another merit badge.
    It is hard won, as all the grey hair and wrinkles will attest.
    It is one that marks you as warrior, survivor and super-human
    for having bested life’s strange twists and turns.
    Happy birthday, and please don’t start a fire with those candles.
  • What started as a friendship has become one of the best things I wake up to. My first thoughts in the morning are about you: The last face I see in my sleep whether you are there or not is you. I realize in a moment’s thought that there is no me without you. Happy birthday dear!
  • Happy birthday to you for years to come, we’ll explore them together for a life filled with love, joy, and fun. Happy birthday, darling.
  • I offer these words on your special day: Never above or below you, but always beside you, my love. Happy birthday.
  • You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for being my friend. Happy birthday!


  • Good friends are hard to come by. You are worth more than you can ever imagine to me. Happy birthday!
  • They say that everyone needs pillars to survive. I found one great foundation in your friendship. Happy birthday!
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  • The more birthdays we share, the more I realize I made the right choice walking into your life. Happy birthday!
  • You are a blessing beyond measure. Let this birthday give you many returns. Happy birthday!
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  • I pray that this may be one among many birthdays. You deserve a full life thanks to the joy you bring to others! Happy birthday!
  • A fiend that sticks close through it all is a gem. You are such. Happy birthday!
  • Sentimental Birthday Toasts
  • I would never have asked for a greater gift this year. May you find what you have shared with others and more this year! Happy birthday friend.

turn-another-year-older-birthday-toast happy-birthday-dear-toast


  • It is rare to find people that add value to your life. Most people will take away from you. You have simply been valuable all through the time we have shared. Happy birthday!
  • You heart is true to the core. You have supported me through my dark times without flinching. I can ever ask for a better fiend. Happy birthday!
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  • This birthday is simply more chances for us to get what we did wrong right. It is a chance for us to grow in what we started and push each other to greater height. Am glad am doing this with you. Happy birthday!
  • May heaven smile upon you today! May all the angels stop to cheer your achievements! Happy birthday!
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  • Angels are sent to help us in time of need. I am lucky I got one on a fulltime basis. Happy birthday!
  • Words could not express how much you have been an inspiration in my life. A lifetime of birthday presents form me could never measure up!. Happy birthday!

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