Lovely Happy New Year Wishes for your Girlfriend

Browse our wonderful collection of New Year’s Messages for Girlfriend. You harbor a special feeling for that special woman who has been your inspiration and your reason for being. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reaffirm your commitment to your relationship as an old year ends and is replaced with a new one. It is a time to cleanse the past with a forgiving heart to refresh your partnership. If yours is a new relationship, New Year’s Eve is a time of hope for what may yet be. Take a look at this list and use them to inspire your creativity. Messages to a girlfriend should be personalized and customized so that your girlfriend will see the sincerity and passion that is in your heart.Lovely Happy New Year Wishes For Your Girlfriend

25 New Year’s Greetings for the Special Woman in your Life

  • You brought hope and happiness to my empty life. I hope your New Year is as special as you are.
  • As a New Year dawns, I am hoping that we will have a stronger relationship in the coming year. Here’s to a bigger, brighter year and many more to come.
  • Your smile is the brightest star in the sky tonight. I am fortunate to be spending New Year’s Eve with you as we contemplate our future together.
  • In my mind, I am seeing that glorious smile on your beautiful face as you welcome the New Year with your family. Happy New Year to all.
  • You have taught me the value of making someone smile and the special feeling one gets by standing beside someone special. Happy New Year!
  • My heart is all yours this New year’s Eve. Treasure it as only true love can. Happy New Year, my love.
  • I may be tough, but my heart is as fragile as the morning dewdrops on a winter morning. My happiness lies in being with you. Happy New Year.
  • We may have faced problems, but nothing too tough that our strong bonds could not weather. As a New Year replaces the old, let’s start over with the love we have for each other. Cheers to a great New Year for us.


  • Your beauty is beyond compare. Your heart is a treasure I will cherish forever. I love you. Happy New Year.
  • Your love has shown me that life is truly wonderful. As we face another New Year. I look forward to all the adventures and misadventures we will be sharing. Happy New Year, dearest one.
  • Ours is a true love story. May it endure the passage of time and grow stronger with every New Year’s Eve we share together.
  • As we prepare to greet another New Year, I can’t help but wonder why you stay with me. And then, I realize that our love for each other is strong and enduring, and nothing can come between us. Happy New Year!
  • Let me hold you tight tonight as the old passes into the new because this is our promise to each other: hearts beatings as one now and forever. Happy New Year, my love.
  • The years pass on as friends come and go. But you, my dear, is a forever thing. Happy New Year.
  • I have no regrets about the years we have spent together. You are a treasure that becomes more precious as the years go by.
  • We attach so much importance to New Year’s Eve when it is merely symbolic of the inevitable passing of the years. But it is in these celebrations that we find fresh hope and renewal of faith. May the coming year become the year of us.
  • Life is full of challenges, but what does not destroy us makes us stronger. Your love has surely given me superhuman strength. Happy New Year, dear.
  • New Year always comes with a promise of greater prosperity, peace, and goodwill to all. Here’s hoping that the New Year will bring us great abundance and togetherness.


  • You bring the happy to every Happy New Year’s celebration. I am so glad to have you.
    Let me wish you a Happy New Year in a most special way. I look forward to another New Year’s Eve of toasting to our happiness and to our future.
  • Happiness means having happy thoughts about the one you love. The thought of being with you tonight brings great joy to me. Happy New Year, my love, and my life.
  • There is no greater love than that which I have for you. You have charmed and captivated me with your kindness and intelligence. I am fortunate to be sharing another New Year’s Eve with you.
  • Let the fireworks begin. Tonight is a celebration of the love we have found in each other. Happy New Year!
  • I have grand plans for New Year’s Eve. But I have even grander plans for the rest of our lives together. Happy New Year to my one true love.
  • I am grateful that we found each other. We were meant to be as you can see. Let’s celebrate this enduring relationship this New Year’s Eve.


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