Apology Letter to Boyfriend – Samples and Tips for Sorry Letter

Arguments and disagreements happen when you’re in a committed relationship. It’s part of nurturing the relationship and experiencing personal growth for both of you. How you get over the hump determines how strong your relationship will become. Apologizing effectively is the first to clearing the air and setting the stage for reconciliation. Since a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not a business arrangement, you’re not under obligation to use the diplomacy card. But neither is there any room for malice, baseless recrimination and manipulation if you want reconciliation with your boyfriend. Drafting an apology letter is the right strategy because you get a chance to organize your thoughts and edit your presentation. A note of apology to your boyfriend will be emotion-laden regardless of whether you want to keep the relationship going or you want a break, so it’s important to think things through before sending him the message.

Apology Letter Sample: When you Want to Move the Relationship Forward

  • We have spent so much time together, learning about each other’s quirks, hangups, and obsessions. I have grown as an individual because you let me be myself. You supported me through my craziest moments. We promised each other that we would be equals in this relationship. I am not the boss of you, and neither are you the boss of me. That was working very well for us until the little green monster that resides inside me reared its ugly head. I am truly sorry for letting jealousy get the better of me. You have worked hard to get to where you are. You deserve all the accolades you are getting. You deserve a wonderful woman who has your back in good times and in bad. I was that woman. I still am. Please forgive me for behaving the way I did when I should have been more supportive. Please forgive me for laying on the sarcasm when I should have been heaping praise. Please forgive me for being fickle, and please forgive me for being a flawed human. Could we start over, please?
  • Please forgive me. I’m sorry for making you wait all those years for me, when I could’ve simply not.

• Please forgive me. I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt your love to me, because you couldn’t have loved me any better.  Please forgive me. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you loved me.

Apology Letter Sample: When Love Means you have to Say You’re Sorry

  • Maybe writing this on paper wasn’t the best choice, but I felt that I could not express these words while looking directly into your eyes. I know I have failed miserably as a girlfriend, and have not treated you the way you deserve. I am fully aware that everything up to this point has been my mistake, and I know that it has made you sad, probably not even wanting to see me again. And thing is, I understand, I truly do. Even I do not want to look myself in the mirror after all I’ve done. But my love for you is bigger than my sense of guilt, anger, and sadness combined. That is why I so desperately want you to take me back, so I can feel whole again because without you, my life seems empty. Please let me make it up to you and let me repent for all the things I’ve done. I love you.
  • Please forgive me. I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt your love to me, because you couldn’t have loved me any better.
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  • Please forgive me. I’m sorry for putting you second when you should’ve been first.
  • Please forgive me. I was selfish and I was ignorant to you and your feelings.

• Please forgive me. I’m sorry for putting you second when you should’ve been first.

I love you, more than what both of us know. I'm sure our love is stronger than the troubles that are a part of it. Give me a chance to do something that will help erase this incident from our life together.

Apology Letter Sample: When you Need a Break from Each Other

  • I have not been the best representation of me these last few months. I have been too emotional and too easily triggered by the stuff that we used to laugh at together. I know I have behaved atrociously at times, and for that, I apologize sincerely. You are a very sweet man who let me get away with a lot of things. You have tried to cheer me up on my darkest days and to lift me up when I wanted to wallow in self-pity. I, on the other hand, have not been as supportive as a woman should be for her man. I do not praise you enough. I don’t tell you I love you so often because I assume there will always be another time. You deserve better. As much as it pains me, I would like to call a time-out on our relationship. I need to go off the grid to get my head right. I need to find my moments of clarity as you do. This is not goodbye. I love you, and I am truly sorry for hurting you. Before we can take our relationship to the next level, we better make sure that we are who we want to each other. Please look at this as a time for self-examination. I hope you’ll be waiting for me on the other side.
  • Please forgive me. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you loved me.


Apology Letter Sample: When you are in a Stable Relationship, but you have Seriously Erred

  • We are adults with a high tolerance for each other’s eccentricities. This is the reason why we are still together after XX years and why we will still be together for many more years. Nonetheless, you did not deserve my sharp and very public rebuke of you. You shrugged it off, but I know you well enough now to see the hurt in your eyes. Please forgive me for being so monumentally callous. I was trying to be funny, but sarcasm overwhelmed wittiness. I was pandering for laughs, and I ended up being hurtful in the process. I apologize to you, and I intend to apologize to everyone in the group who heard my insensitive rant. You are probably going to brush this off as me being overly mushy because you’ve put up with so much more. But you deserve an apology for this and for all those times that I put my glibness ahead of your feelings. I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry.
  • I’m sorry I have a temper; I know you hated me for it.