Popular African-American Baby Names for Boys and Girls

African-American baby names are often modern invented names that use popular names in combinations. You will find two lists, one for the top girl names and one for the top boy names. Read through to find out more about their origin and meaning. Also, find out about their connection with the entertainment business and sports. Famous athletes and music celebrities are helping these African-American baby names to become even more popular. These are your very best choices!Popular African-american Baby Names For Girls

The Most Popular African-American Baby Names for Girls

  • Akilah: is a variation of the Arabic name Aaliyah. It means intelligent and logical.
  • Amani: is a variation of the Arabic name Imani, which means “faith.” Former football player Amani Toomer is the most well-known bearer of this name. He spent 13 seasons with the New York Giants.
  • Dazzline: is a variant spelling of dazzling that implies “luminous.” Sounds appropriate for a little angel.
  • Imani: a perfect African-American origin name, Imani is Kiswahili for “faith.”
  • Janita: another form of Juanita, the female version of the Spanish name Juan. Janita’s playful and vibrant sound makes it perfect for creating a friendly environment.
  • Jaquana: African-American baby names often derive from the combination of well-known names. Jaquana takes Anna and adds it to Jacqueline, creating a new beautiful name. It’s a confident and adventurous aura that can make your baby girl more goal-oriented.
  • Keneisha: this is another example of African-American baby names being a combination of popular English names. In this case, you have Ken and Aisha 2 in 1. Keneisha has at least a dozen of different variations; some of the most popular include Kaneesha, Kenysha, and Kinesha.
  • Laquisha: some African-American baby names can have a double meaning. For example, some baby name experts suggest that Laquisha derives from Leticia, which means happy. On the other hand, there are indications that the name comes from Queisha, which has an African-Bobangi origin. The popular La- prefix makes this cute girl’s name a bit more European, giving an elegant French touch.
  • Latoya: thanks to Michael Jackson’s sister Latoya, this name has been popular since the ’80s among African-American parents. As it has now been over-used, you might want to look for fresh alternatives inspired by show-biz and top talented musicians like Aaliyah or Destiny from the super group Destiny’s Child.
  • Makayla: another form of Michaela, the female version of Michael. Makayla means who is like God and has a Hebrew origin. Makayla is among the most popular African-American baby names as it currently stands in the no.69 spot on the baby name charts. The trends favor Makayla, which also includes the trendy girl name Kayla, so it’s safe to predict that it’s going straight into the top 50 of all US baby names for girls.
  • Roneisha: the popular -isha ending has done it again! Now combined with Rhonda, you get one of the most modern African-American baby names invented in the 20th century from the Welsh “rhon” which means spear or pike.
  • Shanika: the meaning of this English origin name is God is gracious. Celebrity baby name for actress Shanika Warren-Markland known for her role as Kerrys in the British crime movie
  • Shaquita: strongly linked with NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal as he is an undisputed role model for many young boys and girls. Shaquita is the female version of his name, which inspires every day thousands of kids to start playing sports with a dream of competing in the big leagues one day. Quita is, in fact, a name that derives from the Indoeuropean language. It also sounds like Chiquita, a widely used term from a Spanish father to his baby girl.

Popular African-american Baby Names For Boys

The Most Popular African-American Baby Names for Boys

  • Dantay: the true origin of Dantay is Latin and comes from either Dante or Donte. The meaning of Dantay is enduring as it comes from the Latin word durant. Dantay is a strong African-American baby name that will motivate your son for years.
  • Deshaun: African-American baby names can also be unisex. Deshaun is one of them, and it derives from the English name Shawn which means God is gracious. So if you add the prefix De-, you will have the son of Shawn. This makes it perfect for a father named Shawn or even Sean.
  • Deandre: modern invented African-American baby names are now rising in popularity. Deandre, the son of Andre, is currently trending in the top 500 baby names, with a strong indication that it will go even higher. The French origin of Deandre was also influenced by the Portuguese language. The root of this sophisticated boy’s name is Andrew which means manly and strong in Greek.
  • Jalen: thanks to Jalen Rose, a retired NBA basketball player who is now an ESPN sports analyst, this name has been associated with athlete names. If you have had enough of hearing Jason everywhere, now it’s your chance to ditch the old-fashioned name and use a fresh and trendy alternative that is now included in the top 500 popular baby names in the USA.
  • Jamarcus: another star of the sports fields, this time in a different game. Jamarcus Russell popularized this vivid name when he appeared in American football as a quarterback with a promising career. The name has an obvious connection with the St. Marcus, making it an ideal choice for African-American parents looking for a biblical name that doesn’t sound too boring.
  • Mychal: an innovative way to spell Michael, which means who is like God? Reminds you of many important figures for the African-American community like Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan (like these adorable Nike Airs in the photo below?)
  • Rashawn: it has the same origin as the name Deshaun that we saw earlier in this post. Derives from Shawn and has added the prefix Ra-. The illuminative meaning of Rashawn is shining light, making it a truly inspirational choice.
  • Treyvon: variation of Trevon, which in turn comes from the more popular name Trevor. This pretty boy’s name has Welsh origin and denotes the person who comes from a large village.
  • Quentin: the prefix La- strikes again, this time with the quirky name Quentin. This offbeat choice has a Latin origin and means fifth, which makes it perfect for baby boys born in May. I wouldn’t suggest reserving it for your 5th baby, though, as it would be too much!

Popular African-american Baby Names For Girls

100+ Best Black Names For Girls With Meaning

LakeishaMeaning: “Cassia tree” via Keesha and Keisha. Lakeisha and its variant forms are also rhyming variants of Leticia or from the combination of La- with Aisha (Arabic), “alive and well.” (African origin).
BainaMeaning: “One who is glittering with radiance.” (African origin).
AmariMeaning: “A strong and eternally lovely being who is family oriented.” (African origin).
DolaMeaning: “The crown brings honor.” (African origin).
NiaMeaning: “Lustrous; goal, purpose.” (African origin).
ShauntiaMeaning: “She walks with the sun.” (African origin).
UmiMeaning: “Servant.” (African origin).
AlunaMeaning: “Kenyan term, meaning come here.” (African origin).
ArogoMeaning: “One who nagged a lot during pregnancy.” (African origin).
KimyaMeaning: “Silent.” (African origin).
OmphileMeaning: “Gift from God, God gave.” (African origin).
OrmaMeaning: “Free Men.” (African origin).
AdammaMeaning: “Child of Beauty; Beautiful Girl.” (African origin).
AbanaMeaning: “This Biblical name means strong personality made with a stone.” (African origin).
NathifaMeaning: “Pure.” (African origin).
KeyaraMeaning: “Beautiful river.” (African origin).
KiangaMeaning: “Sunshine.” (African origin).
AtienoMeaning: “One who was born at night.” (African origin).
AloraMeaning: “My Dream.” (African origin).
AchiengMeaning: “One born during the daytime.” (African origin).
AluochMeaning: “One who was born during an overcast morning.” (African origin).
JinaMeaning: “Named child.” (African origin).
KenyaMeaning: “Striped one.” (African origin).
Abeba“African Amharic – Flower; Abeada and Abyda are variant transcriptions of the name.” (African origin).
AbscoMeaning: “One with an inventive mind.” (African origin).
BabettaMeaning: “Foreign woman.” (African origin).
JamalaMeaning: “Friendly, Well-mannered.” (African origin).
YumnaMeaning: “Good Fortune.” (African origin).
AkeyoMeaning: “One who was born during the harvest.” (African origin).
FaizahMeaning: “Victorious.” (African origin).
ThandolwethuMeaning: “Our love.” (African origin).
AdeolaMeaning: “Crown has wealth; Crown has honor.” (African origin).
KhariMeaning: “Queenly: Joyful Song: Born to rule and bring joy.” (African origin).
AngwengMeaning: “One who was born during the time of white ants.” (African origin).
AshaMeaning: “Hope.” (African origin).
AzizaMeaning: “One who is very precious.” (African origin).
AiyshaMeaning: “Powerful and complete.” (African origin).
KesiaMeaning: “Favorite.” (African origin).
AdabelleMeaning: “In Hebrew, it means adornment. In German, it means noble. In African, it means the oldest daughter..” (African origin).
EniolaMeaning: “Wealthy Person.” (African origin).

Popular African-american Baby Names For Girls

ZalikaMeaning: “Well-born.” (African origin).
AmadiMeaning: “Rejoice.” (African origin).
AblaMeaning: “African Akan – Girl born on Tuesday; Has an Arabic meaning as voluptuous.” (African origin).
AbenaMeaning: “African Akan – Girl born on Tuesday; Abana, Abeena, and Abeenah are variant spellings of the name Abena.” (African origin).
SafiaMeaning: “Friend; pure.” (African origin).
AshantiMeaning: “Tribe.” (African origin).
AmarachukwuMeaning: “African Igbo – God’s Grace; Mercy of God; God’s Favor; Divine Grace.” (African origin).
ApiyoMeaning: “First of the twins..” (African origin).
AmaMeaning: “Child born On Saturday; Old Norse – Eagle.” (African origin).
AudiMeaning: “The last daughter.” (African origin).
KaulaMeaning: “Buying.” (African origin).
AbaMeaning: “African Akan – Girl born on Thursday; Abah, Abba, and Abbah are variant spellings of the name Aba.” (African origin).
AmaMeaning: “Born on Saturday.” (African origin).
AdhraMeaning: “Apology; Virgin.” (African origin).
AhnikaMeaning: “Ruler of the House, Beautiful Ornament.” (African origin).
LesediMeaning: “A ray of light, a beam of light.” (African origin).
AthiamboMeaning: “Born in Late Evening.” (African origin).
AbrahaMeaning: “A girl who was born on Tuesday.” (African origin).
AditaMeaning: “One who belongs to the Sun.” (African origin).
KeeyaMeaning: “Garden Flower.” (African origin).
AkuaMeaning: “A child who is born on Thursday.” (African origin).
XolaniMeaning: “Please Forgive.” (African origin).
LelaMeaning: “Black beauty.” (African origin).
AyahMeaning: “A sparkling and twinkling human being.” (African origin).
BandeleMeaning: “Born Away From Home.” (African origin).
AkosuaMeaning: “Born on Sunday.” (African origin).
AdilaMeaning: “Arabic – Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A variant of name Adil.” (African origin).
AmahleMeaning: “The beautiful ones, The prettiest, The finest.” (African origin).
AdannaMeaning: “Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl.” (African origin).
AdilahMeaning: “Equal.” (African origin).
NiahMeaning: “Lustrous; goal, purpose.” (African origin).
AdhiamboMeaning: “daughter who is born after sunset.” (African origin).
AhantiMeaning: “warlike in the Twi language..” (African origin).
AyanaMeaning: “A pretty and scented flower.” (African origin).
AdjoaMeaning: “Born on a Monday; A daughter who is born on Monday.” (African origin).
SafiyahMeaning: “Friend; pure.” (African origin).
TeneMeaning: “Love.” (African origin).
AkelloMeaning: “Baby girl born after twins..” (African origin).
AdenikeMeaning: “The Crown is Loving; Affectionate; Crown has care; Wealth has Care; Crown is cherished.” (African origin).
NeemaMeaning: “Born in prosperity.” (African origin).
NalaMeaning: “Successful.” (African origin).
ZoMeaning: “Spiritual Leader.” (African origin).
AnikaMeaning: “Graceful young girl.” (African origin).
AyiraMeaning: “Chosen; Worthy of Respect; Exalted; Revered; A variant form of Augustus.” (African origin).
AphraMeaning: “It means a house made of dust.” (African origin).
NyahMeaning: “Lustrous; goal, purpose.” (African origin).
LuthandoAfrican name meaning Love and Adoration. (African origin).
AlikaMeaning: “Most beautiful.” (African origin).
AmareMeaning: “A person sent by God to love who is extremely handsome.” (African origin).
RahmaMeaning: “Compassion.” (African origin).
AnanaMeaning: “The fourth child who is blessed with a soft and gentle personality.” (African origin).
AmandlaMeaning: “A powerful Woman; Brave and Strong Woman.” (African origin).
LethaboMeaning: “Happiness, Rejoice.” (African origin).
AleiahMeaning: “Flower, the love of the outside.. my granddaughter.” (African origin).
AfiMeaning: “A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afia.” (African origin).
AwoMeaning: “Girl who is born on Thursday.” (African origin).
TarajiMeaning: “Hope, Faith.” (African origin).
AffricaMeaning: “From Africa.” (African origin).
AbibaMeaning: “The first child born after death of grandmother; Abeaba and Abeabah are the variant spellings of Abiba.” (African origin).
AshantiMeaning: “Name of an African Tribe.” (African origin).
AfiyaMeaning: “Swahili – Health; A variant spelling is Afya.” (African origin).


AfiaMeaning: “A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afi.” (African origin).
ZaireMeaning: “River, From Zaire.” (African origin).
BadriyaMeaning: “One who is like the full Moon.” (African origin).
AvongaraMeaning: “To Tie.” (African origin).
JasiraMeaning: “Bold, Courageous.” (African origin).
AmondiMeaning: “Born at Dawn.” (African origin).
NiaraMeaning: “With utmost purpose.” (African origin).
AmogelangMeaning: “Accept, Receive.” (African origin).
AokoMeaning: “An evergreen blue tree; one who is outside.” (African origin).
AkiaMeaning: “First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pure.” (African origin).
NyaMeaning: “Lustrous; goal, purpose.” (African origin).
AyokaMeaning: “African Yoruban – One who Causes Joy all round; A variant of Ayo.” (African origin).
DeraMeaning: “Destiny.” (African origin).
AkinyiMeaning: “Born in the morning; Born during forenoon.” (African origin).
ZuriMeaning: “Beautiful.” (African origin).
MelokuhleMeaning: “Stand for what is right, One who represents good things.” (African origin).
AfraMeaning: “White.” (African origin).
AdwinMeaning: “An artist, creative person.” (African origin).
ShaniMeaning: “Crimson; a marvel, wondrous.” (African origin).
AdongoMeaning: “The second of twins..” (African origin).
AsabiMeaning: “Yoruban – One of Select Birth.” (African origin).
ArmaniMeaning: “From the house of Armand.” (African origin).
AwinoMeaning: “One who was born with the cord around..” (African origin).
KeondraMeaning: “Goddess.” (African origin).
AdaehMeaning: “Crowned, or chosen, or pinnacle of a peak.” (African origin).
AbuyaMeaning: “One who was born when the garden was overgrown..” (African origin).
AmaniMeaning: “Peace.” (African origin).
AdanneMeaning: “Being the mother’s daughter; A child who resembles her mother; A variant of name Adane.” (African origin).
AdanaMeaning: “Being the father’s daughter; A variant of name Adanna.” (African origin).
AddiahMeaning: “In Hebrew, it means ornament of God. In Swahili it means Gift from God.” (African origin).
AyannaMeaning: “A unique flower which is forever blooming.” (African origin).
AdebolaMeaning: “Honor is brought to her; She met honor.” (African origin).
AfuaMeaning: “A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afia.” (African origin).
AdwoaMeaning: “One born on a Monday..” (African origin).
AmurtaMeaning: “Beautiful; ambrosia, a veritable drink which gives immortality.” (African origin).
RethabileMeaning: “We are happy, Happy.” (African origin).
AkubaMeaning: “One who is born on Wednesday.” (African origin).
AnyangoMeaning: “One who was born during mid day.” (African origin).
AbionaMeaning: “One who is born during a journey.” (African origin).
EnzokuhleMeaning: “Expected to do great things, Do good.” (African origin).
SafiyaMeaning: “Friend; pure.” (African origin).
AmmaMeaning: “Born on Saturday.” (African origin).
KijanaMeaning: “Youth.” (African origin).
AshakiMeaning: “One who is beautiful.” (African origin).
SaidahMeaning: “Happy, Fortunate.” (African origin).
DalilaMeaning: “Delicate, gentle.” (African origin).
MandisaMeaning: “Sweet.” (African origin).
AbeniMeaning: “African Yoruban – We asked for her, now she is ours; Someone who is prayed for; A variant of name Abena.” (African origin).
JahzaraMeaning: “Blessed princess.” (African origin).
AchebeMeaning: “One who is protected by the Goddess.” (African origin).
HasinaMeaning: “Good; beautiful.” (African origin).
SadeMeaning: “Honor confers a crown.” (African origin).
AmneMeaning: “Swahili – Safe; Secure.” (African origin).
ZhuriMeaning: “Beautiful.” (African origin).
AkiaMeaning: “First Born.” (African origin).
AparaaMeaning: “The one who is unique, materialistic and matchless.” (African origin).
AsisMeaning: “Blessing; African – Of the sun; A variant spelling is Asiss.” (African origin).
AzanaMeaning: “Call to prayer; inspires everyone.” (African origin).

Popular African-american Baby Names For Boys

100+ Best Black Names For Boys With Meaning

AbdiMeaning: “Originated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave.” (African origin).
DakaraiMeaning: “One providing happiness.” (African origin).
FarhaniMeaning: “A delightful feeling of joy.” (African origin).
AbdalahMeaning: “the Servant of god.” (African origin).
AfolabiMeaning: “Child of high status; Born rich and with luxury.” (African origin).
AbdulmateenMeaning: “Servant of the Firm; Strong.” (African origin).
GithinjiMeaning: “A butcher.” (African origin).
LubanziMeaning: “Wide and deep or broad.” (African origin).
AbdulraheemMeaning: “Servant of the Most Compassionate.” (African origin).
AbdalalaMeaning: “the Slave of the High.” (African origin).
BikoMeaning: “He who is a son of a God.” (African origin).
AshantiMeaning: “African Tribe Name.” (African origin).
EssienMeaning: “a name used for a sixth-born child.” (African origin).
DenzelMeaning: “The wild one who is very gentle.” (African origin).
AbdulkhaaliqMeaning: “Servant of the Creator.” (African origin).
AuniMeaning: “African Swahili – Help; Assist.” (African origin).
FolamiMeaning: “Honor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkle.” (African origin).
DakariMeaning: “Filled with joy.” (African origin).
AguMeaning: “African -Leopard; One who has Agility and Strength of Leopard.” (African origin).
EkeneMeaning: “The one who receives a lot of praise.” (African origin).
ZyaireMeaning: “River.” (African origin).
AbboMeaning: “A Condiment (Mudama Origin).” (African origin).
DeograciaMeaning: “A God; a child of destiny.” (African origin).
ChidhatmaMeaning: “The real God.” (African origin).
KamauMeaning: “Quiet Warrior.” (African origin).
ChikeluMeaning: “Created by God.” (African origin).
AdebowaleMeaning: “Return of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waiting.” (African origin).
RohoMeaning: “Soul.” (African origin).
CamarsaMeaning: “One who is born to teach; a born teacher or preacher.” (African origin).
ChagaMeaning: “A Goat; the one having a dominant personality.” (African origin).
SafariMeaning: “Journey, Expedition.” (African origin).
AsanteMeaning: “Thank You; one who can experience good things.” (African origin).
AkuchiMeaning: “Ibgo African: Wealth from God.” (African origin).
ChecheMeaning: “A small thing.” (African origin).
YaroMeaning: “Son.” (African origin).
EzeMeaning: “A person who is a King.” (African origin).
ChiedozieMeaning: “Planned by God.” (African origin).
AdielMeaning: “Hebrew – an ornament of God; Arabic – Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil.” (African origin).
DeandreMeaning: “A helmet; strong individual.” (African origin).
EtemaadMeaning: “faith or trust in African.” (African origin).
DubakuMeaning: “Eleventh Born Child; very fortunate.” (African origin).
GhadhanfarMeaning: “The ruler or the king of Jungle, lion.” (African origin).
AkhyarMeaning: “Good Excellence.” (African origin).
DavionMeaning: “A potential and powerful being.” (African origin).
GicicioMeaning: “Mirror.” (African origin).
AdjatayMeaning: “Prince.” (African origin).
BelloMeaning: “Helper.” (African origin).
AmareMeaning: “A person sent by God to love who is extremely handsome.” (African origin).
DawitMeaning: “One who has a lovely heart.” (African origin).
FeruziMeaning: “Turquoise.” (African origin).
GatimuMeaning: “A spear.” (African origin).
AtuMeaning: “Ghanian name for a Boy born on Saturday.” (African origin).
AasirMeaning: “One with a captivating and fascinating personality.” (African origin).
KwameMeaning: “Born on Saturday.” (African origin).
 Meaning: “.” (African origin).
AbulmughayyisMeaning: “The father of one who saves others.” (African origin).
GacokiMeaning: “He returns.” (African origin).
AfeMeaning: “A Boy who is born on Friday.” (African origin).
BakariMeaning: “A promising and lovely human being.” (African origin).
BanjiMeaning: “Second Born of Twins.” (African origin).
BandileMeaning: “They have multiplied and prospered.” (African origin).

Popular African-american Baby Names For Boys

TafariMeaning: “He who inspires awe.” (African origin).
DukaMeaning: “All; free detailed and determined person.” (African origin).
MelokuhleMeaning: “Stand for what is right, One who represents good things.” (African origin).
BandileMeaning: “They have multiplied and prospered.” (African origin).
ChachaMeaning: “A strong man.” (African origin).
ChibuzoMeaning: “God is leading the way.” (African origin).
GakereMeaning: “Small muscle, muscular.” (African origin).
GakuruMeaning: “Elderly one.” (African origin).
BarasaMeaning: “Kenyan term meaning meeting site.” (African origin).
SekouMeaning: “Wise, educated.” (African origin).
AbdulrazaaqMeaning: “Servant of the Maintainer; Provider.” (African origin).
BitonMeaning: “Born After Long Wait.” (African origin).
AbdulwaahidMeaning: “Servant of the One.” (African origin).
EnzokuhleMeaning: “Expected to do great things, Do good.” (African origin).
ChiamakaMeaning: “A guardian spirit.” (African origin).
TatendaMeaning: “Thank you.” (African origin).
AfricaMeaning: “Pleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold).” (African origin).
EmeneMeaning: “Don’t do harm; Do not hurt.” (African origin).
ChilembaMeaning: “Turban.” (African origin).
AchebeMeaning: “One who is protected by the Goddess.” (African origin).
AkiaMeaning: “First Born.” (African origin).
ChikodiMeaning: “It is in the hands of God; It is up to God.” (African origin).
AmbarMeaning: “Ambergris.” (African origin).
DarweshiMeaning: “Holy.” (African origin).
AddoMeaning: “Happy; Ornament; King of the path (African).” (African origin).
DaquanMeaning: “A combination name; hope.” (African origin).
AjaniMeaning: “One who fights for a possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajahni.” (African origin).
FadhiliMeaning: “Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.” (African origin).
SekaniMeaning: “Joy.” (African origin).
GambaMeaning: “Tortoise which lives in the water places.” (African origin).
DaktariMeaning: “A healer.” (African origin).
AbdouMeaning: “Great ability to focus on each work; variant of name Abdo.” (African origin).
EkundayoMeaning: “The one who turns sorrows to joys.” (African origin).
ChikereMeaning: “God has created.” (African origin).
FemiMeaning: “One who loves.” (African origin).
AmaraMeaning: “Immortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or Bitter.” (African origin).
DionMeaning: “One who came from Zeus.” (African origin).
AsanteMeaning: “Thank You.” (African origin).
AmmaMeaning: “Mother; God-like.” (African origin).
DavuMeaning: “Starting of a new age.” (African origin).
DadaMeaning: “One with curly hair.” (African origin).
FahmeebMeaning: “One who understands.” (African origin).
GhanapriyaMeaning: “A nem that originates from the country Ghana.” (African origin).
AndweleMeaning: “God Brought Me.” (African origin).
LuthandoMeaning: “Love and Adoration.” (African origin).
BarakaMeaning: “Blessings, Abundance.” (African origin).
BerkoMeaning: “Son firstborn.” (African origin).
AdwinMeaning: “An artist, creative person.” (African origin).
AbeekuMeaning: “Born on Wednesday.” (African origin).
KwesiMeaning: “Born on Sunday.” (African origin).
ChitunduMeaning: “Birds nest.” (African origin).
GazaliMeaning: “Someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.” (African origin).
LubanziMeaning: “Wide and deep or broad.” (African origin).
AdricMeaning: “one who is a blessed ruler.” (African origin).
FehedMeaning: “Lynx; Panther; From Kikuyu.” (African origin).
AlakeMeaning: “One To Be Honored.” (African origin).
DeonMeaning: “A mighty and all-powerful God.” (African origin).
JafaruMeaning: “Rivulet, stream.” (African origin).
AyanMeaning: “Arabic – Time, Era; Sanskrit – Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu – God’s Gift; Persian – Inspiration.” (African origin).
ChegeMeaning: “A Kikuyu people of Kenya.” (African origin).
AbuchiMeaning: “A Nobel God or the nobility of a God.” (African origin).
KaziMeaning: “Work.” (African origin).
BokamosoMeaning: “Future.” (African origin).
DabirMeaning: “A brilliant teacher.” (African origin).
AjalaMeaning: ” Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.” (African origin).
CamarMeaning: “He who is a teacher.” (African origin).
AjakaMeaning: “An Oyo emperor who was twice on the throne. His father was Oranyan.” (African origin).
AframMeaning: “A River In Ghana, Africa.” (African origin).
DumeMeaning: “Resembling a bull; one who is very strong and confident.” (African origin).
FirashMeaning: “Perceptiveness, Ingenuity.” (African origin).


SabitiMeaning: “Born on Sunday.” (African origin).
BoboMeaning: “Born on Tuesday.” (African origin).
AbdulsaboorMeaning: “Servant of the Patient.” (African origin).
CaymanMeaning: “He who is like an alligator.” (African origin).
AkachiMeaning: “Ibgo African: The hand of God.” (African origin).
DembeMeaning: “A peace-loving individual.” (African origin).
EnzokuhleMeaning: “Expected to do great things, Do good.” (African origin).
AbdullateefMeaning: “One who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the Subtle.” (African origin).
ChimaMeaning: “God knows everything.” (African origin).
KuronMeaning: “Thanks.” (African origin).
AbioyeMeaning: “The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola.” (African origin).
DubemMeaning: “The Lord is my shepherd.” (African origin).
GitongaMeaning: “Wealthy one.” (African origin).
AkujiMeaning: “Dead And Awake.” (African origin).
BirungiMeaning: “Bringer of Good Things.” (African origin).
AbdulkareemMeaning: “Generous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of Allah.” (African origin).
AbeerMeaning: “Variant of Abir; Fragrance.” (African origin).
GikuyuMeaning: “Founder of the Agikuyu nation.” (African origin).
BelayMeaning: “One who is above everyone; Superior.” (African origin).
LuthandoMeaning: “Love and Adoration.” (African origin).
AlemMeaning: “one who knows everything.” (African origin).
AnaneMeaning: “Fourth Son;.” (African origin).
ElonMeaning: “God loves the individual.” (African origin).
DeontayMeaning: “One who belongs to Zeus.” (African origin).
OmariMeaning: “God the highest.” (African origin).
ChiumboMeaning: “Little.” (African origin).
GathiiMeaning: “Traveler, wanderer.” (African origin).
SiyabongaMeaning: “We are thankful or grateful.” (African origin).
BarkeMeaning: “Blessings; occupational name for tanner of leather.” (African origin).
ZaireMeaning: “River, From Zaire.” (African origin).
DamisiMeaning: “Cheerful personality.” (African origin).
AhantiMeaning: “warlike in the Twi language.” (African origin).
EnamMeaning: “god’s gift.” (African origin).
ChidubemMeaning: “The one repaired by the Almighty.” (African origin).
GatheeMeaning: “Elderly one.” (African origin).
FynnMeaning: “River Ofinn; Old Norse – Finn; Celtic – White, Fair; A variant of name Finn.” (African origin).
AyzizeMeaning: “Let it Come.” (African origin).
MelokuhleMeaning: “Stand for what is right, One who represents good things.” (African origin).
GateteMeaning: “Kenyan form for milk gourd.” (African origin).
LethaboMeaning: “Happiness, Rejoice.” (African origin).
AdisaMeaning: “Clear Spoken Person – African.” (African origin).
JabariMeaning: “Valiant.” (African origin).
DeonteMeaning: “A traveler who has an outstanding personality.” (African origin).
DayoMeaning: “Arrival of joy.” (African origin).
GhanaMeaning: “A name of the country in Africa.” (African origin).
GodanaMeaning: “Male Child.” (African origin).
JuniorMeaning: “The Young, Child; Derived from the word iunior meaning younger.” (African origin).
AbdalalimMeaning: “the Servant of the All-knowing.” (African origin).
ChikeMeaning: “A talented individual.” (African origin).
EbeleMeaning: “mercy or kindness.” (African origin).
AbiolaMeaning: “(Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first days.” (African origin).
AbdulrahmaanMeaning: “Servant of the Mercifully Gracious.” (African origin).
IgeMeaning: “Born by Breech.” (African origin).
BarackMeaning: “Blessed.” (African origin).
AdomMeaning: “Help from Go; (Akan Origin).” (African origin).
KofiMeaning: “Born on Friday.” (African origin).
YerodinMeaning: “Studious.” (African origin).
KeiMeaning: “Sandy, White.” (African origin).
AmadiMeaning: “Name of Prophet Muhammad; a happy free man who is destined to die at birth.” (African origin).
AjahniMeaning: “African :One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajani.” (African origin).
CamaraMeaning: “Teacher.” (African origin).
BarakMeaning: “Lightning; blessing; grain farm.” (African origin).
GoganaMeaning: “It is one of the variations of the name Godana and means male child.” (African origin).
BomaniMeaning: “African Swahili – Great Warrior.” (African origin).
AyandaMeaning: “One who is always increasing.” (African origin).
MphoMeaning: “Gift.” (African origin).
AdeMeaning: “Crown, Royal, Peak; Hebrew – Man.” (African origin).
AjaniMeaning: “He Who Wins the Struggle.” (African origin).
AbskoMeaning: “Power and strength.” (African origin).
FirhunMeaning: “The name of a leader who protested for West African independence.” (African origin).
LethaboMeaning: “Happiness, Rejoice.” (African origin).
EegaMeaning: “palm bird who loves to fly.” (African origin).
TedrosMeaning: “Gift of God.” (African origin).
ZyairMeaning: “River.” (African origin).


AtoMeaning: “Ghanaian – Who Born on Saturday.” (African origin).
BastMeaning: “Egyptian – Fire, Heat; As per their myth a goddess of fertility and the sun who was considered a protector of Lower Egypt.” (African origin).
ErmiasMeaning: “God will rise.” (African origin).
FirashMeaning: “Perceptiveness, Ingenuity.” (African origin).
AdetokunboMeaning: “A Nigerian name of Yoruba descent. Ade means ‘crown.” (African origin).
DeionMeaning: “An all amazing God; perfect.” (African origin).
AmariMeaning: “Unknown.” (African origin).
ChibuezeMeaning: “Where God is the King.” (African origin).
DielloMeaning: “A bold an powerful person.” (African origin).
AbduMeaning: “Worshipper of God.” (African origin).
KaziMeaning: “Work.” (African origin).
GeteyeMeaning: “My master.” (African origin).
AmariiMeaning: “Given by God.” (African origin).
FeyeMeaning: “The beginning.” (African origin).
Abdul muizMeaning: “The name is originated as an African name that means servant of the giver of glory and almighty.” (African origin).
DialloMeaning: “A strong and bold person.” (African origin).
AshantiMeaning: “African Tribe Name.” (African origin).
CarrizoaMeaning: “A swamp or a wetland of life.” (African origin).
GichingaMeaning: “A firebrand.” (African origin).
DemarcoMeaning: “A demanding person; one who is of the mark.” (African origin).
KwasiMeaning: “Born on Sunday.” (African origin).
ClevonMeaning: “One who hails from the cliff; One who lives in the cliff.” (African origin).
AdebenMeaning: “12th Born Child – African Akan.” (African origin).
ChiMeaning: “The one who looks like God.” (African origin).
KayongaMeaning: “Ash.” (African origin).
OluwatosinMeaning: “The Lord is worthy to be served.” (African origin).
DumiMeaning: “One who inspires others; they are powerful.” (African origin).
AbdultawaabMeaning: “Servant of the Forgiver.” (African origin).
BemMeaning: “African Tiv – Peace; A variant of the name Behm.” (African origin).
BayoMeaning: “to find joy.” (African origin).
GenetMeaning: “Refers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.” (African origin).
ChimalsiMeaning: “A proud man.” (African origin).
GimbyaMeaning: “Gimbya is a female name and means Princess.” (African origin).
UpendoMeaning: “Love.” (African origin).
BuruMeaning: “A man who is like a bull.” (African origin).
AbdulwahaabMeaning: “Servant of the Giver.” (African origin).
DakaraiMeaning: “Rejoice.” (African origin).
ChimeluMeaning: “God has created them.” (African origin).
FarijiMeaning: “He brings comfort.” (African origin).
AbdulraoufMeaning: “Servant of the Most Merciful.” (African origin).
ChidiMeaning: “Strongest God.” (African origin).
AbdallaMeaning: “Servant Of God; Servant of Allah.” (African origin).
ChiazamMeaning: “Answer sent from God.” (African origin).
AbediMeaning: “Worshipper.” (African origin).
BashMeaning: “Forerunner, strike hard and violently.” (African origin).
ChidikeMeaning: “The one guided by the God.” (African origin).
AdemolaMeaning: “Crown is Added to My Wealth.” (African origin).
DemondMeaning: “The one who is born out of a man.” (African origin).
AmariMeaning: “A strong and eternally lovely being who is family oriented.” (African origin).


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