Project Pen 365

Project Pen 365Project Pen 365 is an ongoing exercise of the graphic designer Antonis Makriyannis. The goal is to create 365 fast drawings – one for each day – of things or events that draw his attention, using a tablet and a pen. The software used is Adobe Ideas.

The best things in life are not things Jurassic Ark  I 'll be back Out of ideas

I find facebook #s really helpful. You-dont-have-to-speak-if-you-have-nothing-to-say

You don’t have to speak if you have nothing to say.


Splish splash.. running under the sun.


“Swimming” is my favourite kind exercise.


Mon Amour



Just the Basics

Just the basics

Got Multitasking

Got Multitasking

You-know-youre-old-when-your-birthday-cake-contributes-to-global-warmingYou know you’re old when your birthday cake contributes to global warming.

Living in a comma Boeing ??? Weekend

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