Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

Is your friend’s birthday coming up and you have no idea what present to buy? For their birthdays, some people want lots of gifts, others may want a big surprise party, and still others prefer just to eat cake and ice cream, staying up all night playing board games with their buds. There are many different ways to make someone feel special on their birthday. When your friend has their time coming up and you want to let them know how much you care, there is no “one answer” that will work for everybody. It can take time to think about what will be the most meaningful wish to give your friend, and it takes getting to know your friend and what they care about. Here are 50 gift ideas to spark your creativity in what you can get your best friend for their happy birthday.

  • A Favorite Book. This gift can be stored on a shelf and enjoyed again and again.
  • A Favorite Movie. Get them their favorite movie that you know they still don’t have yet.
  • A Funny Card. Take the time to find just the right card for their sense of humor.
  • A Meaningful Letter. The written word can be very moving, so put your message of love on paper.
  • A Pet. Pick out someone for them to love, whether it’s a puppy, kitten or hamster.
  • Art Supplies. If they love to draw, update their supplies and get them a new sketchpad.
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  • Board Game. These gifts last for a lifetime and bring about laughter and community.
  • Bubble Bath Kit. A basket of lotions, soaps and sprays gives the best friend a chance to pamper themselves.
  • Camera. A good camera to help their photography fettish can be both practical and caring.
  • Cell Phone Plan. For the friend with the phone but without finances for a good plan.
  • Cell Phone. If you’ve got the money, update their old phone or get them a new one.


  • Choreograph a Dance. If you have talent, choreograph a dance in their honor to perform on their birthday.
  • Christmas Tree Decorations. Help them fill out their tree by giving them sweet or funny decorations.
  • Clothes. A new sweater, a dress, or a fancy coat can make your friend’s day.
  • Computer. Being able to send messages and do work on a new laptop is great.
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  • Coupon for Favorite Outing. Do they love bowling or mini golf? Give them a coupon for their favorite activity!
  • Day Out With Friends. Plan a day for all of their favorite people to get together and have fun.
  • Deck of Cards. They always get lost, so every card shark could always use more!
  • Favorite Music. Watch out for when that album from their favorite band comes out for their birthday.
  • Favorite TV Show Seasons. Find out their show obsessions and start their collection by buying them the first season.
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  • Favorite Video Game. Add to their collection with a new release or an old favorite they don’t have.
  • Fuzzy Socks. A favorite with girls, socks are a happy gift that can elicit squeals of delight.
  • Goody Basket. Who doesn’t love a decorated basket full of cookies, candy, fudge, coffee or popcorn?
  • Homemade Gift. If you can crochet, draw or make videos, use your skills to make a meaningful gift.
  • Instrument/Supplies. New piano music or a fancier violin can make their day.
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  • Ipod. Everybody wishes for up-to-date devices to hold their favorite music!
  • iTunes Gift Card. Let them pick out their own music by paying for $5, %10, $20 worth!
  • Jewelry. A watch, a necklace, a friendship bracelet or earrings are special and fancy.
  • Journals and Pencils. Every writer enjoys getting fresh utensils and a new notebook or journal.
  • Kindle or Nook. This nice gift opens up a world of opportunity for the book lover.
  • Magic Set. If they are interested in tricks and magic, give them something to work with.


  • Merchandise of Favorite Media. Do they love Duck Dynasty or Legend of Zelda? Find merchandise that declares their obsession!
  • Paintball or Laser Tag. Having fun in competition can be a great memory maker.
  • Perfume or Cologne. A nice gift like this is generally much appreciated.
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  • Pet Gifts. Pampering the beloved pet of your friend is another way to care for the friend.
  • Picture Frames. Something to hang on their wall to always remember you as their friend.
  • Purse or Wallet. Their old one getting shabby? Give them a chic personal item holder.
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  • Restaurant Gift Card. Find their favorite restaurant and give them a gift card for their next date.
  • Scrapbook. Put together a collage of you two as a way to capture the memories forever.
  • Shoes. Everyone can use another pair of shoes: high heels, flip flops or even slippers.

Gift Ideas for Friends

  • Silly Things. Who doesn’t laugh at getting a glow sword, a silly hat or massive stuffed banana?
  • Snacks Forever! How about a mass supply of their favorite treat, like Monsters, YooHoo or Twizzlers?
  • Spa Day. Nothing makes one feel quite as pampered as having hours of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments.
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  • Subscription. Whether it’s a hunting magazine or several months of Netflix, this is a long-lasting gift.
  • Take Them Shopping. They choose a day, you both shop and you pay for it.
  • Tickets to an Event. Sports, theater or concert tickets are sure to please the right person.
  • Treat Them. Treat them to a meal or dessert at their favorite restaurant or ice cream shack.
  • Video Game Console. Get them that Kinect or PS3 that they clamor about all the time.
  • What Makes Them Laugh? When you spot something that would make your friend laugh, don’t hesitate to get it.
  • Write a Song. Whether it’s silly or serious, a song or parody about them is a creative idea.

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